Chapter 1

Trapped in a lake of endless darkness, Wake felt his chances of escaping this nightmare slip away with every single type of the keys on the ancient typewriter. Wake knew by continuing writing there may be some hope, hope of returning to Alice, hopes of a normal life, a chance anything to escape the darkness. All Wake knew was to write and not lose hope, if he did he would be lost in the darkness forever, lost to the cold dark depths of Cauldron lake for every imprisoned in cabin.

- Alice

She was the only thought that kept Wake going, the only thing he could imagine. The touch of her smooth skin, the sunlight dancing through her golden hair, her smile, her laugh. All Wake wanted to do was to hold her in his arms again, tell her how much he loved her, how he treasured every moment with her and how he would never let her go again.

- Focus Wake

Alan had to remind himself of this time and time again, if he lost focus from the story there was a chance the darkness would reach out with it's icy hands and take Wake's mind again, as long as he stayed focus and wrote the story, there was a chance, a little bit of light amongst the shadows, something to guide him in the dark.

Wake removed another page of the new manuscript from the typewriter and placed it next to him on the desk. Quickly Wake picked up the next piece and placed it into the type writer and frantically continued to write. The story was only just beginning, but Wake could feel the story grow and take shape just like before.

- " Alice dragged herself out of the icy water of Cauldron Lake, gasping for air , she began looking round for any signs of life ' Alan' she began to call his name, each time the calls for her husband became more and more frantic, ' Alan... ALAN, WHERE ARE YOU ! ' Alice stood up and looked around she couldn't se him anywhere, one thing Alice hated besides the darkness was being alone. Alice began to make her way back up to the cabin, maybe Alan was there, maybe he was sleeping and didn't hear her, maybe this was all a dream. Alice couldn't understand what was going on. "

Tears began to fall down Wake's face, it pained him to write about Alice like this, to know she was cold and alone, in that cabin, this cabin, where the nightmare had begun. Wake stopped typing and wiped away the tears, and sighed a heavy breathe, Alice was safe that was all that mattered to Wake. He had traded places with her, she was safe from the darkness and now he was it's prisoner, he new he would find his way back. Wake stared at the paper in the typewriter and knew no matter how painful this became he had to continue. Wake sighed another heavy breath and continued to type.

- " Once Alice finally reached the cabin, she carefully opened the door and stepped inside. ' Alan sweetie, are you in here ?' , there was no response, Alice began to look round the cabin, she searched everywhere downstairs, there was no sign of him. Alice went back out on to the porch and looked across to the bridge to see if she could see the car, thinking Alan had gone into town, but it was too foggy to see. Alice went back inside and went upstairs, maybe he was resting or even better, writing again, that was the point of this whole trip in the first place to get Alan writing again. Alice entered the study it was empty, next she went into the bedroom, again it was empty. Suddenly Alice caught sight of herself in the mirror she was dripping wet and freezing cold. She quickly dried herself off with a towel and put on a fresh change of clothes. Alice quickly ran downstairs and picked up the phone and dialled 911, the phone rang for a few seconds when a female voice answered, " Hello, Bright Falls Police department, Sheriff Breaker speaking how may I help?."

Wake pulled out the page and placed it with the others on the completed pile. Wake stood up and walked to the window, there was nothing out there but the black, cold lifeless darkness staring back at him, Wake knew not even the Clicker could help him now, All he had was his writing, Wake was finally understanding what was meant by the saying, the pen is mightier than the sword. With his words he could shape whole worlds, new life and so much more but all he needed now was a way out a way back home and this story was the only way. Wake leaned against the window, closed his eyes and sighed.

- Alice