Chapter 3

Wake strained to see in the bright light. Suddenly everything became clear, Wake was lying on a bed, but it wasn't the bed in the cabin at Cauldron Lake but instead he was back in his bedroom in his apartment in New York. Wake sat up and looked around the room, everything was as it should be. He rose from the bed and approached the window, and drew open the curtains outside he could hear the familiar sounds of the city below.

- Same as usual

Wake looked out the window for a few minutes taking in the familiarity of the apartment. The room felt so bright and warm in comparison to the cold darkness of the cabin in Cauldron Lake. Wake turned away from the window and headed out the room

The smell of fresh coffee caught Wake's attention, he headed into the kitchen to pour himself a fresh mug. Once Wake had gotten his coffee he headed into the living room sat down and switched on the TV.

Static filled the TV screen creating a loud hissing sound in Wake's ears. He changed the channel but every single one resulted in the same out come. Just as Wake was about to give up an image flickered onto the screen, it was dark at first and hard to make out. But then he heard a familiar sound, a chilling sound. It was the sound of keys being hit on an ancient typewriter. As Wake sat there listening to the sound the image became clear.

Wake was greeted with a familiar sight, it was of the cabin. Sat at the desk was Wake himself frantically typing away, mumbling to himself. Wake just started and listened trying to figure out what the other version of himself was saying. Then again Wake began to panic, this had happened before, he had seen himself constantly typing the story on various TV's around Bright Falls from when he was under the Darkness' influence.

- No, no, not again this can't be happening again.

All of a sudden Wake's train of thought was cut off by the sound of a familiar voice, a welcoming and warm voice. Alice's voice.

- Alan, glad to see you finally awake.

Wake got up from the chair went over to Alice and held her tight in his arms.

- Alan, what's going on ?

Alice sounded worried, by the way he had reacted to her. The last thing Wake wanted to do was scare the woman he loved.

- Nothing Alice, I'm just glad to see you after so long.

The puzzled look on Alice face made Wake realise the lack of thought he had put into choosing his words. Alice just smiled and laughed at his puzzled look. Oh how he loved that soft laugh of hers, and her delicate smile.

- Sounds like someone's still a little sleepy, here let me make you a drink

Alice began to reheat the pot of coffee, whilst Wake just stood there watching her. Each step she took each move she made, he wanted to remember every single moment. Alice handed him some coffee and headed into the living room.

- Oh good you put the weather on, it looks like it's gonna be a great for the trip.

Wake quickly turned to face the TV and saw it was functioning normally. Where had the other image gone, the one with him trapped in his prison in the cabin mumbling away to the darkness. The last word of Alice's sentence stuck in Wake's mind so much.

- Alice, trip what trip ?

Wake just stood there motionless as Alice approached him wrapped herself back in his arms and smiled her smile that Wake loved so much. He loved the feeling of being back with her, back in their apartment and feeling the warmth of her in his arms.

- Alan don't tell me you forgot about our trip to Bright Falls remember ?

Wake froze, he knew all of this was to good to be true, he wasn't back home, he was still trapped. Wake's eyes darted towards the TV. The image of the cabin was back, but this time the TV Wake was staring back at him with a with a look of terror. Wake began to feel cold, he couldn't move he just stood and watched as he saw the world outside the windows fade to black and the apartment began to break away into the darkness. Everything was going dark except for the TV screen which flickered with the image of his doppelgänger. Wake was becoming more and more angry, he felt like he was home, back with Alice, and all it really was, was the Darkness toying with him messing with his mind and emotions trying to get his guard down. Wake picked up the mug and hurled it at the TV. As the mug made contact everything went dark.