Chapter 1 Prologue

In the beginning, all there was was darkness.. The only thing beside darkness was light. There was a sphere of white light in the middle of the universe. Inside that light was a being, he slept dormant since time began. But in the few moments of existance, he awoke. His name was Arceus and he was the creator of the universe. The sphere expanded than shattered, hot gases spilt out and raw heat fueled these gases.

Millions of years passed and planets formed from the directed gasses. Asteroids were pulled in by gravity and they eventually formed rocky planets. Arceus looked at what he had done and he smiled. He took the Dragon Plate and formed Latias and Latios, Arceus's guardians. He decided to populate some planets with species he called humans. They came on the planet and they formed bonds and partnerships with other creatures he called Pokemon.

Over the course over thousands of years, he realised that these humans were doing bad things to his creation. They were destroying the forests and replacing them with steel buildings and they didn't care. They polluted the air and eventually turned the planet into a waste land. He wiped them out immediately and he recrafted those now dead planets into bountiful and thriving ones. He populated that planet and he sent Latias and Latios down to these planets so spread the word of his existince.

"Tell the Pokemon of me and tell them that I love them," they nodded and took several plates from him. "Once you do, spread the water, grass and fire plates on the ground so their elements can be created." They spread the plates and the three basic elements were formed. Arceus then took the dragon plate again and created a being called Rayquaza. He dubbed the newly formed Pokemon as king of the dragons and he sent him down to Sky Stairs to rule the sky and everything that lives in its domain. He created Shaymin to spread flowers among the land and to promote thankfulness. He took the psychic plate and formed Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie and Mew.

"Mew, decend on the planet and form more species to populate that and several other worlds," Mew nodded. "The other three, promote what you represent and spread it among the lands." He sat back for a hundred years and watched the universe develop and florish. He finally noticed a problem in one of the planets and it wasn't good either. He noticed an absence of time and spacein certain spots. Frowning, he took the dragoplate once more and fomed Palkia and Dialga, rulers of time and space.

"Go check out what is down there and report back to me," he commanded The duo nodded and then proceeded down to the planet to check it out. They surveyed the ground for a hundred years and then finally reported back to him. By the time they came back, Arceus created something he caled The Hall of Origin. Palkia and Dialga bowed."It is done my liege," Palkia said.


"There seems to be a problem with time and space. We have watched the land for a hundred years and saw that it swallowed anything in its path. There seems to be an absence of time and space in those areas," Dialga explained

That deeply disturbed Arceus, he tried over and over to try to purge the problem to no avail.

"Can you reverse it?" He asked.

"No, despite our best efforts, we couldn't keep a hold over time and space. We are deeply sorry."

"How do we exactly get rid of the problem?" Palkia asked.

Arceus sighed in defeat, "I don't really even know how to slow it down, much less stop it. We should let it spread until it dies out." Dialga nodded and he backed away.

A decade later, the problem died out with the planet getting destroyed from the inside. Arceus's heart wrenched as he saw the planet implode and he saw to the creation of the same planet. All of the Pokemon that died were reincarnated. He formed Darkrai from the Dark Plate.

"You are the master of death and nightmare, see to it that you send them to where they need to go." Darkrai nodded and flew off. Arceus created Celebi and Cresselia from their respective plates.

"Celebi, you have the power to travel through time, when the souls pass judgment, see to it that they get scattered through the timeline." Celebi nodded and did his bidding.

"Cresselia, you must be the voice in the darkness of death, when the souls pass judgment, ask them some questions. Since you are psychic, erase the memories of them and consult Celebi, she will take them to where they need to go."

She nodded and flew off, pleased to do what he told her.

Lastly, he created Ho-Oh, Lugia, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, the elemental birds and the elemental dogs. He told them to have mastery over their element and he then spread them around the planet. He told Ho-Oh and Lugia to keep watch over them and stop them if they get out of hand. They did his bidding, greatly pleasing Arceus.

He only had one last act, he made copies of thirteen vital plates, turned them into stones and sent them down to the planet. He also created copies of those stones and turned those into crystals. He was exhausted at what he had done and drifted into a thousand year sleep. When he wakes up, he will find that it won't be the same ever again.

There is an impenetrable darkness so dark that any light held to it would be swallowed up ,in that darkness, there was a light, a light strong enough to make it day but there was still darkness. This was the world, full of Pokemon who wish to do harm to others. But for every bad one there is always a good one, that's why they formed rescue teams. A voice emanated from somewhere from within the darkness and this is what it said.

Welcome! Before you are whisked to a new world that awaits you I have to ask you a few questions, answer them truthfully if you will.

How do your friends view you?

I-I don't know they like me I guess... I can't remember very well... but my guess it they trust me with all their life, I c-cant remember


Yes I feel like my memories are slipping...

Do you have yourself to blame?

N-No I don't

Next question, are you capable of taking challenges, if you fail do you get angry

Yeah I'm capable but when I fail, I don't get angry right away... but when I keep failing I tend to get angry, it's just natural...

Do you just storm off seething in anger or do you not?

I don't unless I mean it, and if I hated the challenge well... that's a different story and I rather not tell it...

If you wished just for one thing, what would it be and why?

World peace, because I-I don't like it when other people fight, it makes me feel out of place here...

I am so close in analyzing your aura... just one more question... are you prepared for what lies ahead

Yes, I believe so, if I wasn't prepared it would be harder to survive... and I wouldn't like it

O.k. I have analyzed your aura.

My aura what is it?

It is your life energy... it surrounds you... personalizes you, defines you, makes you who you are. Every being has a different color, different shades of colors, different personalities. Your aura is hard to identify for some matter...yours is Bright orange... the reason is because you are usually calm but when people threaten you, you tend to get on the wrong side of yourself and attack, after that you calm down and grasp the situation

You also tend to jump into an exploration prepared, you take extra caution to things around you and therefore your aura is bright orange

You won't remember of this conversation, or your past life. Now go... good luck and don't back down from a challenge.

And with that the light faded into the darkness once more.

I don't know why, but I loved this intro. Did you?