The team was jostled awake a few hours later and they soon found themselves at the front entrance to the volcano.

"Alright, let's go over the plan shall we?" Liz prompted

"This is very simple. We go into the dungeon, get the crystal and get out so we don't stir attention from the Absol rumored to be around here. We try to avoid contact with Abora at all costs but that doesn't mean she will follow us. The dungeon ends fifteen floors up which in all reality, doesn't cover much ground in the volcano. We all know the risks of emerging out in the night so let's try to not let that happen." There were collective nods of agreement around the team. Satisfied, Lea led the team into the warm interior of Mt. Ember.

To say that it was warm was an understatement. The inside was so warm that they had to protect Sam from the heat as his faceplate was starting to steam up. A Heat-Lock Orb was used to keep Sam cool for the rest of the dungeon.

"We should be coming up to the entrance soon." The small path that they walked on gave way to a small room with a smaller path at the end. Without hesitation, the team hurried on into the dungeon.

The actual dungeon was even hotter than the path before mainly because there was pools of white hot magma were some of the walls should've been. Their first foe greeted them with a flamethrower. Lea sidestepped it and returned the favor by a weaker flamethrower that attempted to sear the Slugma but ultimately failed because it just added to the slug's size and power.

Liz took over by throwing the Slugma into a wall, cracking it and knocking the foe out.

"Nice," Lea quipped and then headed down a path into a room with stairs. They climbed up them to the second floor.

The pools of magma got bigger and spots of it seeped into the room slowly. Lea picked the path closer to them and walked down it, hoping to find the stairs. They didn't find it but they did pocket a Reviver Seed just in case. A rouge Slugma charged from behind Niada who then solved the foe problem by giving it a Bubblebeam. Lea looked around, the lava was somehow coming toward them rather quickly. Liz took the team down a path and hoped for the best that stairs will be nearby. It was, much to the team's delight.

"Thank Arceus," Mikka breathed as they climbed the stairs.

The third floor was surprisingly boring without the harmful lava closing in or even being there. They took an opportunity to catch their breath in one of the corners of the room.

"Space has shifted," the Gardevoir said before continuing on. Lea and his team started to follow her in hope that they would get out very soon. They found a One-Room Orb much to Liz's delight and quickly pocketed it in her personal bag. Before Sam could question what she grabbed, she pressed on.

Lea, something is very wrong with this volcano. I can't understand what it is but my best guess would be that it is a major anomaly that shouldn't even be here. After the war, dungeons recycled themselves, cleaning the anomalies within but this was untouched by it. Liz quipped silently.

And I agree. A bout of silence followed when they climbed up several more floors.

The ninth floor had a bit of difficulty after the three earlier floors that they traversed. Lea grunted as he was pushed back, nearly touching the lava in the side of the room. A desperate attempt using Flame Wheel followed. In his desperation, he missed the target but rebounded off the wall and headed back to the Macargo. He hit it, sending it into the lava and using it as a springboard.

Liz was disgorging giant boulders from the walls and hurling it at a horde of Slugma. It broke sending the pieces everywhere until they were caught by a psychic rift and rebounded at the foes. Four were downed until Liz felt the exhaustion creep into her bones.

"Niada, deal with the two remaining." She nodded and blew explosive bubbles at the Slugmas, knocking one out. The second was squashed by what looked like a ball of flame coming from the ceiling.

"HA! And that's what happens when you piss me off," Lea gloated.

"We need to get to the stairs; there is a rest point soon after that." Two exits were blocked by instability from the walls when Liz ripped the boulders out. They went through the only remaining path which took a while to get out of.

The room had no more paths.

"Why us!" Liz shouted, pulling out the One Room orb that she got earlier. She struck it at the ground and it broke making the walls crumble around them. Once the rumbling ceased, all the walls were gone save for the rocks that once blocked the path. The stairs were just past the rocks much to Liz's dismay.

"Liz, if you didn't rip those rocks out, we would've been stuck there longer than we would've liked." Lea softly said. She gave the faintest of smiles before indicating that Lea should lead on. He obliged and walked up the stone stairs to the tenth floor.

The stairs seemed to love them that floor because they were right next to them. Without any urgency, they strolled up them.

"Woah," Sam quipped, his words echoing off the walls. It was significantly colder in here than it was in the rest of the dungeon much to the Aron's relief.

"We can stay here for as long as we like but I would love to get moving very soon." Lea grunted. He wasn't very happy when he found out that one of their own was sitting down in the side of one of the walls. Sam groaned getting up and he rejoined his companions before setting out.

The first floor of Mid Mt. Ember was very short. They found a Big Apple and a Sleep seed before finding the stairs at an adjacent room. That room was guarded by a Torkal which was easily dispatched with help from Niada.

The second floor took a while to get out of because they nearly lost their way several times because the passageways criss-crossed each other with the rooms at each end.

"Another empty room?" Niada stated incredulously while Liz nodded.

"This is harder than I thought, we need to backtrack," Liz mused. Lea led the team down the path they just came through. They took a left at the first path they saw and it paid off. Eagerly, they climbed up the stone stairs, happy to be off that confusing floor.

The third floor was pretty simple because it was short. They ended up in a long room with several foe guarded items. Lea got busy issuing commands.

"Niada, you take that sleeping Slugma. Sam and Mikka, you will double team that Magmar while Liz and I shall obliterate that Snubull." Nods of agreement followed and they sprung into action.

Niada quickly startled and took out the Slugma with a single Bubble attack. She smiled and scooped up a Foe-Seal Orb that it was resting against.

Sam rushed headlong into his target, stunning it before it could counterattack while Mikka roasted it with ember at a safe distance. Sam smirked as the foe tried to get up from the impressive melee attack and he then headbutted it to submission. He smirked, grabbing the Reviver Seed that it was holding and rejoined Niada.

Lea made sure of stunning the Snubull before Liz took it out with an overpowered Psychic.

"Always make sure the foe won't escape before engaging," Liz quipped, taking a Foe-Seal Orb and putting it in her bag. Noticing that most of the team was gathered, Lea flagged them down and walked up the stairs to the fourth floor.

"Wah!" Lea yelped as his foot nearly touched the magma on the floor. "Nobody ever told me that this was going to happen right now!" There was only one choice for the path and it was across the magma. "Do we have a Pure Seed?"

Liz rummaged through her bag, "Yeah but this is the only one left. Who should I give it to?" Bravely, Niada stepped forward.

"I can handle a bit of heat, besides, when I enter the staircase all of you are taken with me." Without any more dawdling, Liz handed the seed over and Niada ate it. She instantly disappeared to the room with the stairs. Soon, the rest of the team found themselves on the final floor.

This floor was easier compared to the last one because the stairs were easily in reach. They walked up it and found themselves in another path.

Taking the opportunity, the team decided to rest and eat a few apples to curb their hunger. After the ten minute break, they headed down the path to even more paths. They decided to split up and Lea gave all of them Rollcall Orbs just in case they found their way out.

After Lea set off on his own path, the rest of the team did the same and it was a little while before the orb was even used. Lea, Liz, Niada, and Sam found themselves inside a giant cavern with bubbling lava at the bottom. A wooden bridge spanned a small gap somehow surviving the intense heat inside the chamber. After the bridge, another small path was there and they were ready to find the Ember Crystal.

A shadow slunk to one of the walls behind the team, it snickered and continued to follow them.

Once the leader stepped into the final room he was surprised. First off, the room was small and it was hardly impressive for a powerful artifact of almost godly power. It was in a small indent on the back wall and it definitely screamed trap. It was not so, Lea grabbed the crystal, feeling the warmth in his small hands and he undid the clasp that kept the golden chain from coming in two. He fitted it around his neck and turned around so his team could see. Once he did that, the crystal glowed around him and the team and they were transported out of the dungeon. A second before the transportation occurred, the shadow leapt, snarling at their attempts to escape. It missed and was sent headlong into the wall, the team long gone.

Up on the top of the mysterious Dark Tower, a figure was hunched over what seemed like a lifeless husk of a Magnazone. The figure muttered to himself and proceeded to tap a few keys on a computer next to him.

Activate Program #1? The prompt flashed, he smirked and hit the "Y" key. Once he pressed it, a shudder went through the room and two red eyes flashed into existence. The husk slowly got up and analyzed its surroundings.

"Can you move?" The figure asked, stress pouring down his words from constant hard work and sleepless nights.

"Affirmative," came the slow and somewhat distorted response. "Internal systems loading… loading… complete. Current location: Dark Tower, Amaria. Master command voice authorization required."

"I am your master, you will obey me at all times." The figure said. The robotic Magnezone paused until authorization was complete. The figure than tapped a few more keys and looked at the screen. "Internal systems seem clear and free of anything bad, why don't we get started right away?" He crackled as his minion followed him straight to the throne room. He knocked on the door and it was followed by a somewhat angry "Come." Nervously, he stepped in and what he saw kinda surprised him. Abora stood, shaking with fear as the king was threatening to relieve her of command.

"You tried to stop them but it didn't work! One more mishap and I will turn you and my whole army into Shadow Pokemon! Go, you are dismissed." Without any other word, the Absol turned and walked out the door, still frightened by the king's wrath. His demeanor changed to a calm one.

"What do you want?"

"Sir, I am pleased to inform that our little project is finally complete."

Mewtwo smiled when the rest of the Legendaries arrived around the golden and silver table that was used for so many decisions. Once the rest of them arrived, he began to speak.

"Many years ago, the Great One, happy to watch over the world, slept. He sent the one who made us as a placeholder for Him. This system of one asleep and one awake kept the balance over the world as one didn't inherit too much power." Mewtwo memorized these lines by heart as he was required to speak them every so often. "Today the cycle reset and I am very pleased to reintroduce you to the Mother Herself and one of my namesakes, Mew!" As he gestured, a pillar of light shone down and a small, pink, levitating kitten emerged. She was garbed in the usual clothing, a white tunic with gold, silver and pink gems speckled around them. It was crafted to her specific size and shape. She spoke with a soft, powerful voice that carried centuries of wisdom and strength.

"Those of the council who have seen me before are still surprised to see me." She goggled and flew down to greet Mewtwo. "Hello brother, it has been a long time. As for the rest of you, keep doing your duties and watch over those who inhabit it. I will take a place amongst your ranks so if there is no objection, I will join you from this moment on." Silence entered and stayed in the room. Nobody wanted to object because her splendor was too great to be denied. The Mother continued in a stern and strained voice. "I have heard of the Great Shadow War and the ones after, I have heard of the uprisings in Saniah but most of all, I have heard of the Tower. We are powerless to stop him now, we can only watch as the events unfold and a new danger is born that can and will render the world inhabitable forever more. It is way too far in the future to stop it now." Nobody had anything to say after Mew's revelation and the room slowly filtered out. Mewtwo turned to Mew.

"Was this true?"

"You know that I am bound to Arceus so I cannot lie. That revelation was no exception."

"So there is no way to stop it?"

There was a slight pause in the room "None at al, it will destroy the world in a thousand years."

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