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Quick note:

Mitchie, in this story has the thick, wavy, black hair that Demi had. (I like that color on her best, her new hairs like eh…) and she dresses like Sonny does on SWAC. I know it's confusing, but that's how I picture Mitchie, like bubbly and fun. So like skirts, dresses, girly stuff. But that doesn't mean she wears it all the time lol. UPDATE: DEMI DIED HER HAIR BLACK AGAIN! SQUEEEEE! Okay, I'm done now..

Alex, in this story has the shoulder length black hair that Selena had on WOWP. (I like that hair on her best idk why but her short hair suits her I think, IMO.) She dresses like she would on WOWP too. Mostly because her attitude is like IDGAF lol.

And everyone else, well they can look however you want them to. You can picture Miley in overalls with a black tooth for all I care. LOL JK. But anyway let your imagination run free…

Ok, sorry for boring you, but that was important for the story… Enjoy… or not?


I awoke to the sound of tiny footsteps in the hall.




I smiled to myself. Mitchie is trying to wake me up again, we'll see about that.

The footsteps stilled and I heard my door creak open.




The bed shifted under her weight. One…Two…Three

"AHHHHHHHH!" I yelled and tackled her to the ground. Her face held a shocked expression. "SCORE! ALEX 100, MITCHIE 0. IN YO FACE!"

"THE FUCK..? Alex, you made me spill my Lucky Charms..." She pouted. Damn her! Why does she have to be so cute? She's interfering with my coolness!

"Oh… that's why we're wet… and here I just thought you were happy to see me." I smirked.

"Ha-Ha, stop Alex you're killing me here." She said sarcastically.

I picked up a gold lucky charm off the floor. "Hey Mitchie," I asked.


I opened my underwear in the front, making sure she could see. I dropped the lucky charm in and released it with a snap.

"Wanna help me find my pot of gold?"


I stumbled to the shower, feeling rejected. Again.

Why oh why can't Mitchie like me? Why does she have to like that dickhole Shane Gray? I mean shouldn't he be gay or something?

I peeled back the shower curtain, shrugged out of my clothes and welcomed the steamy-ness of the shower. Is that even a word? Oh well… fuck that, I'm Alex Russo, I'll make up words whenever I damn feel like it.

I opened my eyes in the spray of the water and noticed something hanging on the shower head.

Mitchie's bra.

Fuuuuuuuck. So much for a hot shower, I thought as I reached for the dial.

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