"How about a nice smile?"

"I am smiling."

"That's not a smile: This is."

" … where'd you get that picture?"

"Oh, this? Don't think about taking it away, Miss—this shot of you has the best smile I've seen so far."


"Now that I think about it, I'm offended that this two-dimensional thing has that smile."

"If I … smile better than that, will you give the photo back?"



"But get working on it, though; I'm pretty hard to please."


Tifa kissed the deep furrow in the other's brow. "Do you sleep like this, too?"

" … I don't know; I just sleep."

"Well," the former replied, brushing stray wisps of hair from Lightning's face, "when you're with me, that's not going to work."

Blinking, the latter allowed her to raise the blankets above their shoulders, adjusting her head on the pillow as a finger pushed against the strained area and massaged it. Tifa moved her body closer and absentmindedly toyed with her long locks before she placed her arm around her counterpart—a smile tugged on her lips when a tense protest did not come about, and her fingers settled on the thrumming pulse of her wrist, curling into the radiating warmth of her palm.

Lightning returned the invitation.

"I can already tell it won't."


" … I'm not eating that."


"I'm not."

Sighing, Tifa wiped her hands on the nearby napkin and turned towards the other, shaking her head when she was greeted to a very defiant—as usual—Lightning glaring skeptically at the mass of food on her plate. She poured water into two nearby cups and settled them on the table near the both of them, coerced to flash a small smile at the rest of the teammates to ensure everything was all right. After she returned back to the problem on hand, she grabbed her fork and knife and leaned over to her counterpart's dish—she worked the utensils quickly at the course, finally managing to cut the breakfast into appropriate sizes for the obstinate female to eat, the latter still crossing her arms against her chest as her head turned to the side in refusal.

The martial artist huffed. "Please: It's not that bad."

Said being kept her silence.

"It's just pancakes," the brunette stated, popping a piece into her mouth in order for possible mollification. "See? It tastes great."


Her lips tugged downwards. "Come on: They're not awful; Cloud did a good job making them—you'll hurt his feelings if you don't take a bite."

Lightning arched her brow.

"That's why I'm not eating them."