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Prologue: Awakening

There was no sound at the Tree of Souls, as the Omaticaya sat silently holding tightly to each other's hands watching and waiting for Jake Sully to waken from his final transformation. Mo'at continued to silently pray over Jake as Neytiri stroked his cheek anxiously waiting for him to open his eyes.

Jake Sully was in a place he had never seen before. The bright light and tunnel vision were there as before when he experienced the human!Avatar link, but instead of awakening as before, he found himself looking down at Neytiri below and he could see his human body and his Avatar body wanting desperately to come back, but he had no control over his body. Suddenly, he felt a strange pull and he could feel himself enter his Avatar body and is soul rejoiced and he struggled to open his eyes, but he felt groggy, disoriented and unable to speak.

"Jhake, can you hear me?" Neytiri asked when he hadn't said anything.

He found the strength when he heard her voice and then he opened his eyes and tried to focus his eyesight, but then Neytiri's beautiful face came into his view as his eyesight cleared, then he smiled, and taking a deep breath, he said. "I see you."

She returned his smile overjoyed he was speaking. "I see you."

Mo'at was relieved as she raised her arms in prayer and praised Eywa indicating that the ritual was a complete success. The Omaticaya continued to pray to Eywa for her goodness and for sparing them the human's invasion and imminent destruction of their planet, thanks to Jake Sully, their Toruk Makto.

After the prayer, Jake arose from his birthplace at the Tree of Souls with Neytiri's help and everyone cheered, happy to see Jake standing straight and tall now transformed forever as one of them.

Jake turned to Mo'at. "I'd like to say something if I may?" Jake asked permission, although he was weak, he wanted to say something.

"You may speak, Jakesully," Mo'at replied.

"Thank you." Jake stood up a little straighter, but held tightly to Neytiri's hand. He stared at her for a moment and gave her his now familiar smile as if she knew what he was thinking.

Jake used all of his lessons to speak in the Na'vi tongue, suddenly realizing he had gained a larger vocabulary with the transformation. Smiling to himself, he gathered his thoughts hoping the new words would be enough.

In the Na'vi tongue, he spoke to his brothers and sisters. "I stand before you humbled by your acceptance and your faith in me. We have won the battle my people, but the war will go on."

Everyone glanced at each other, as a few mumbles were heard with that statement.

Jake continued. "I know the humans, they will not give up, but we will be ready for them if and when they return. We must not let down our guard in any way. We are a strong people and just like before, we will send them away. Eywa is with us my people, but now we will celebrate our victory, our faith and our joy at being alive."

Mo'at added to Jake's sentiment. "Jakesully is right my people; go now let is rejoice because Eywa answered our prayers and sent us Toruk Makto." She instructed them. "Now, we celebrate for the balance of life has been restored, our world is at peace, the humans are gone, and the sorrow is no more."

Neytiri smiled as she took Jake's hand and they descended from his 'birthing place' and moved through the crowd of well-wishers, ready to celebrate, rejoice and praise Eywa for her help.

Soon though, the dancing and good cheer began to wear on Jake, but to be honest, he wanted to be alone with his ... mate, his wife? He was still at a loss as to what she was to him, but he supposed 'mate' suited him fine and he was happy with their status. The Na'vi did not put labels on relationships; you were mated for life and that was that.

She turned to him then, but she could see he was deep in thought. "What are you thinking Jhake?"

He took her hand. "About us, about everything that has happened; I'm very happy, Neytiri, but ..."

"But what?"

"I never thought I would say this, but I miss my brother … Tsu'tey."

She sighed, understanding. "I miss him too."

He shook his head remembering the battle. "So many lives lost all because of the humans and their lust for ..." He didn't finish.

"What did they want Jhake; I never understood."

"A rock, Neytiri."

"A rock, but I don't understand."

"The humans believed that this rock would restore their mother Earth to the way it was many, many years ago, but the deposits were located directly below home tree; that is why they destroyed it, to get us to move, to leave, so they could gain complete access to it."

"They destroyed our home tree for a rock?" She asked not understanding the human's lust for power.

"Yes, we had no choice but to stop them, Neytiri, because once they gained access to that rock, more of them would have come until nothing would be left of our world, not only the rock but everything we hold dear would be lost. It may not have happened right away, but our world would cease to exist and the Na'vi would be no more."

Jake wanted to say more about the humans with their diseases and medicines, but he was amazed an epidemic hadn't occurred before now, and he knew Grace was responsible for that not happening. She was a meticulous scientist protecting the Na'vi whenever she could, but now that she was gone, there was no telling if the humans would return bringing diseases and bigger and more powerful weapons, but they still had Norm and Dr. Patel and a few others to help them. He prayed to Eywa that the humans would never come back, but then a thought occurred to him, devastating his happiness. He frowned not liking that train of thought, but he decided to talk to Norm and Dr. Patel about it, because it worried him, truly worried him and made him think he may not belong here after all.

"We did the right thing, Jhake," she said as she watched the play of emotions on his face wondering what he was thinking.

"I know," he sighed and hung his head.

"You are tired; are you ready to go now; these celebrations will go on all night."

"I can't leave; isn't this party for me?" He smiled at her.

"Yes, but we have a lot to celebrate tonight," she said and smiled as she stood up to leave. "Coming?" she asked with a flirtatious smile.

No way would Jake pass this up. "Lead the way."

They said their goodnights to the clan, smiled and waved to them; the party continued without them long into the night.



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