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Chapter 7: The Balance

Epilogue: Five years in the future:

Norm Spellman knew he wasn't the most attractive of guys on the planet Pandora, but Bebe saw something in him and to his utter surprise and delight she had agreed to marry him several years ago and today they were celebrating the birth of their child, a son whom they named Jacob (Jake) Maxwell Spellman.

Several other miracles had occurred since that day five years ago, Jake and Neytiri had welcomed the birth of their daughter, whom they named after Neytiri's deceased sister Sylwanin. She was now almost four years old now and Neytiri was soon to have another child in just a few short months.

Two celebrations were in order this day at their beloved Hometree, which seemed to have grown to almost twice its size since they had found the massive tree almost five years ago.

Pandora seemed to Jake to have become even more lush and beautiful ever since Eywa had returned to them healthy and strong days after the sickness in the water had been removed and everything seemed to have returned to normal for the forest and for the Na'vi.

Later that day, Jake and Neytiri could hear the Samson helicopter land not far from Hometree as they ran to welcome their friends Norm, Bebe, Max, their new son, Jake, and a few avatar drivers from the program. Neytiri immediately took the baby from Bebe and snuggled her under her chin. Her daughter Sylwanin jumped up and down wanting to see the new baby.

Human children were so small in Neytiri's massive arms and hands but the few children were used to the Na'vi, growing up with them since the school had been re-opened for human and Na'vi children; it had been a wonderful idea and the school worked to continue the human and Na'vi connections both within and outside the avatar program.

Also jumping out of the Samson helicopter still unsure and awkward in his avatar body was Parker Selfridge. Jake found it only fitting that Parker be given an avatar body so he could 'relate' to the Na'vi and his new home. He still remembered the screams and utter rejection of the idea from Parker, but he just smiled at him and told him he had no choice in the matter, and after spending nearly five years in a military detention, he resigned himself to his new 'prison' for what it was, a way for him to walk again, considering the use of his legs had never returned.

After everyone was seated at the fire pits, Mo'at raised her arms to get everyone's attention so she could speak. "Welcome to all our friends and family. Eywa has been very kind and generous to us my children. Now we give thanks for her continued blessings to all her children tonight and in the future. Thank you Eywa for keeping us safe from harm, and safe from our enemies who would harm us, and now we sing your praises to you tonight."

The clan then sang several songs to Eywa as Mo'at blessed little Jake and welcomed him to the clan as their newest family member.

The celebration lasted several hours and even Parker could not help but be moved by these very proud and unassuming people, but then he realized someone was watching him and flirting with him. He couldn't believe it at first, but he had seen her before through the avatar program and despite his earlier hatred of these people, he found her very attractive and he could not help the way his heart rate sped up when she smiled at him and ducked her head to hide her face. Then he thought, why not try and be friends with her; but the concept was foreign to him, he hated to admit it, but he found himself standing up and going to sit beside her.

Jake smiled at this new development, but as he looked around the home fires and realized Pandora would always be a place for miracles, he smiled again and turned to his beautiful mate and daughter. Neytiri did not want to give up little Jake all evening as she stroked his cheek and smiled at his little body, strong arms and powerful legs.

"He will be a strong warrior, Jhake," Neytiri declared as she stroked his head.

"Yes he will," he stated as he watched the play of emotions on her face. "You want a son, don't you?" It was a statement not a question; he knew his woman so well.

"Yes, but a daughter would be fine too," she replied as she finally turned to look at him. "It's nothing I think about a lot if that is what you mean Jhake."

"That's not what I meant; it's just … I want you to be happy, Neytiri."

"I'm very happy Jhake; you know that, don't you?" She smiled at him.

"Yes, I know, but what if … the new baby is a girl?"

"Jhake, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, I will love her or him; it doesn't matter," she said and leaned into his side and snuggled under his chin.

He sighed and stroked her hair as he watched little Jake contentedly fall asleep in his woman's arms.

Soon it was time to go, as Norm, Max, Parker, little Jake, and the avatar drivers took off in the Samson helicopter. Jake promised they would come to visit at the base in the few days. Neytiri watched the helicopter until it had faded away in the distance.

Jake watched his woman with a slight frown on his face.


Several months later, Neytiri was in labor about to deliver their child and Jake was worried just as before when their daughter had been born over four years ago. Sylwanin and Jake waited by the fire pits and he could hear Neytiri in labor. It had been nearly six hours since the pain had started, but their child would arrive when he was ready.

Mo'at and the birthing Mother were there for Neytiri so he wasn't worried not really, but he had prayed to Eywa for months for a son, and even though Neytiri had denied it, he knew her thoughts, her wants and her needs and if he were honest with himself, he too wanted a son. Now that he had a chance to think about it, Neytiri probably picked up on his thoughts and feelings and even after all their years together, their bond still amazed and surprised him.

Soon enough though, their child, a boy made his way into the world, and he was beautiful, perfect in every way, just like their daughter had been. He had complete 'Na'vi' features, including four fingers on his hands and his toes just like his daughter. Jake had wondered about that, if his children would have five fingers and toes like him, but they were both perfect in his eyes.

Jake and Sylwanin both sat quietly beside Neytiri and watched the new baby suckle at his mother's breast. Jake was so full of so many emotions right now, he could not speak, but Sylwanin did not seem to have that problem.

"Father, he is beautiful; what is his name?" Sylwanin wanted to know.

Neytiri and Jake stared at each other speechless.

"I know a name," Sylwanin spoke up when her parents were silent.

"What is it, daughter?" Neytiri asked her.

"My grandfather?"

"Eytukan?" Jake answers her with a question.

"Yes, father."

"It is perfect, Jhake," Neytiri smiled at her family.

"Perfect," Jake said as he hugged his daughter close and took hold of Neytiri's hand.

Jake knew what he had been fighting for all those years ago, but sitting here with his family beside him smiling and laughing with him, he knew everything had fallen into place.

Everything was in balance.


And just a few short days later:

Jake, Neytiri, their children, Norm, Bebe and their son were all at the river swimming and having a wonderful afternoon when suddenly a voice from above spoke to them.

"Do not be afraid, we come in peace," the voice said in perfect Na'vi.

The end?


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