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Italics are Neah's direct thoughts.

He didn't understand.

He didn't understand at all.

This was uncommon; he usually could grasp something quite easily. But this... ?


This was frustrating him.

The 14th Noah, young traitor Neah, was absolutely perplexed with his current situation.

It didn't hurt.

His entire family said that coming into contact with the innocence was terrible. They said it burned, it stung, it was complete agony.

But him?

Coming into contact with the 'dreaded' material couldn't have been more than mildly uncomfortable. Not that he wanted to be around it for a long period of time. The mild irritation would slowly escalate to a dull, throbbing headache that often wouldn't go away for hours.

And that was exactly what was happening now.

Neah leaned back in the chair he was strapped to, dark lashes closing over canary yellow eyes. His coal black hair fell over the seven stigmata on his forehead. He no longer had the patience to listen to this man's rambling lecture.

Damn, what he would've given for Cross to be there. As irritatingly philosophical and drunk the younger man could be, it would be a great comfort.

The thought brought a thin smile to his lips.

This, of course, aroused suspicion from the million people around him.


All right, that was an exaggeration. There couldn't be more than fifty men around him. But even that seemed like too great a number for just a single captive Noah.

Or was it... ?

Twenty-five simply because he was a Noah... Ten because he was living in his nephew's mind... And fifteen because they were just paranoid about him getting away? No, that just didn't add up.

Sure, he was a Noah. He was guilty of staking it out in Allen Walker's mind. And yes, anyone could see that these people were paranoid.

But fifty or more people?

No, that was just ridicu-


Oh, the interrogator asked him a question.

Something like why he was smiling.

Neah rolled his head to one side, one yellow eye opening a bit to look at the man across from him. His smile had already twitched into the small frown he had been wearing earlier.

He sighed and slumped uncharacteristically down in the chair prison, eye shutting again. It wasn't really the questions that were getting to him, it was the general on either side of him. It was a little much; a blaring light shining at his eyes, an idiot questioning and lecturing him, people watching his every move, innocence that had been too close for too long...

For the first time in a long time, he was actually getting violent thoughts.

Though, that could've just been the persistent headache that was now making it's way past his lidded eyes.

Just focus on something else! Anything!

Ah, if only that was an easy thing to-

The headache escalated suddenly, making the young man hiss quietly in pain. He opened his eyes just a bit, hands gripping the armrests of the chair as he realized that the two generals had gotten too close for comfort. The Noah slouched in his seat further, giving a small aggravated growl.

Back off for God's sake!

He had to bite back the string of curses that gnawed at his mind and begged to be let out.


Not yet.

I won't give in to these people.

Neah let out a long, aggravated sigh, his eyes shutting tightly against the harsh light ahead of him. His head throbbed painfully, the steady pulse now creeping down to the edge of his skull.

God, it hurts...

Maybe I should ju-



Neah gripped the armrests painfully tight, his raven hair clinging to his forehead with the sweat now beading on his face. His breath was starting to hitch slightly with the dull, gripping pain.

He could almost feel smugness radiating from the man in front of him.

The mocking, useless words of how the poor Noah was in so much pain rang vaguely in his ears. He went on with his taunting for a good few minutes before Neah cut him off with a deep, dark glare.

"Shut up. Just shut up."

The Noah was startled by his own viciously snarling voice but didn't fight the sudden anger that clutched his being. His yellow eyes darkened to a molten amber color.

"You have no idea how much agony I could put you through. No idea how much suffering I could force you to endure so just be quiet."

Every man in the room looked at one another, a silent understanding going between them all. Then, they abruptly up and left him there.

Neah's head tipped to one side, eyes shutting again.

He supposed that they thought that being in complete solitude would constitute as torture to him.

The Noah let a long smile run over his lips when they were gone.

"Hah... This is exactly what I wanted in the first place..."

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