Jesse looked around the gym from the balcony and sighed. There was barely any food, people were getting agitated, and those Duel Ghouls were still out there. He really couldn't believe how childish a few of those students were getting. Of course, it was the Obelisk Blues who started it all. Spoilt rich kids…

Jesse groaned and ran his hand through his hair. He glanced around once more and his eyes landed on Jaden. Jaden was still caring for Blair; he barely left her side. Jesse knew that it was because Blair was still injured, but he couldn't help but feel jealous. He wondered what would happen If he got hurt. Would Jaden help him like he was helping Blair?

"Probably not…" Jesse muttered dejectedly. He had only known Jaden for a few months anyway. He must have known Blair for well over a year. Of course he would treat her better…

"Talking to yourself, Jess?" a voice asked with a chuckle.

Jesse squeaked and jumped nearly a foot in the air. He reached for his hidden pistol, switched the safety off, and whipped around to see Jaden just laughing to himself. Jesse glared half-heartedly at him.

"Don't do that, Jaden. You scared the livin' daylights outta me," Jesse snapped. "Don't sneak up on anyone, especially with those Duel Ghouls around. I nearly shot ya!"

"Sorry, bro, you just looked lonely," Jaden said, coming to stand next to Jesse. He leaned on the railing and said, "Though I see why you were up here. It's a perfect spot to see everything."

"Yeah. It's also a great spot to think…" Jesse said, moving instead to sit against the wall, legs crossed.

"What were you thinking about?" Jaden asked with an oblivious smile, sitting next to Jesse.

'You' "Nothin' important," Jesse said with a smile. "Just trying to think up a strategy to get outta here…"

"Come up with anything?" Jaden asked, clearly strapped for solutions.

"Not a thing. Sorry, Jay," Jesse said reluctantly.

"No one else has come up with anything else either," Jaden said with a defeated sigh. "Jess… I'm starting to lose hope here. I know I need to stay strong for everyone else… But I'm just worn out…"

"Then rest, Jay. You deserve it," Jesse said, patting Jaden on the back. "You had one heck of a duel against Ms. Vontain. Take a nap and get some of your strength back."

"But, those ghouls could get us at any second…" Jaden argued.

"Jay, it's thinkin' like that that's wearing you out!" Jesse said, shaking Jaden a little. "If you wanna look strong for everyone else, then you need feel strong too. And the best way to do that is to rest and get your energy back!"

"Jess…" Jaden breathed, looking at his friend in shock. "I guess you're right… But, what about Blair?"

"She'll be fine while you take a nap," Jesse said, biting back the growl in his voice. He really did not want to talk about Blair. Jesse sighed and put a hand on Jaden's head and pulled him down so that he was resting on Jesse's lap. Jaden blinked in surprise and looked up at Jesse. "Just take a nap, Jay. Lord knows you need it."

Jaden nodded and closed his eyes, instantly asleep. Jesse smiled and gently ran his hands through Jaden's hair. How long had be wished he would be able to do this? Too long, Jesse decided. He would never have though that it took a school over run by Duel Ghouls in a different dimension to allow him to be this close to Jaden. Jesse just sighed and tilted his head back until it hit the wall softly. Maybe a quick nap wouldn't be so bad…

Jesse shook his head and groaned to himself. He had to stay awake in case the Ghouls got in. Great, now he was sounding like Jaden. Still, he didn't have to duel Ms. Vontain. Jesse could afford to stay awake a little longer. At least long enough for Jaden to get his well deserved rest. Jesse nodded to himself and continued his small ministrations on Jaden's head. On an impulse from a half sleeping mind, Jesse leaned closer to Jaden. He tiled Jaden a little so that he was more on his back. He slowly leaned closer and gently pressed his lips against Jaden's.

Jesse jolted slightly when he realized what he was doing. He was kissing his best friend… Jaden… And it didn't feel wrong. But, Jesse knew what he was getting himself into. He pulled away and gazed at Jaden sadly. He felt the emptiness in the pit of his stomach and sighed. He gently lifts Jaden up and placed him on the ground. Jesse stood and turned his back to Jaden and walked away, head hung.

"It really is a shame when the person you love doesn't love you back…" Jesse whispered to himself.

just some fluff i wrote whilst watching YGO GX, Season 3. there'll be a bunch of these.

it's fluff, pure Spiritshipping fluff.