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Summary: Fitz and Clare grew up next door to eachother for years; they were best friends along with Owen and Bianca. Clare and Fitz shared their first kiss together and lost their virginities to eachother, but when they were 14 Clare's dead left her and her mum for his secretary, Clare became friends with Alli, Jenna, Adam and Eli leaving Fitz, Owen and Bianca in the dark.

Clare P.O.V

First day of 11th grade, just 2 more years until I'm out of this hell hole, I dressed and went downstairs and found my mother yet again passed out on the couch clutching a bottle of vodka. I sighed and waled over to her grabbing the blanket that had slipped to the ground and laid it over her. I took the bottle out of her fingers and walked into the kitchen and made scrambled eggs and ate, I placed her breakfast on the coffee table in front of her and placed a Tylenol and a glass of orange juice for her. Even almost 2 years after my dad left she still hasn't gotten over it and moved on. I know it's a little hard considering she loves him with all of her heart and everything but he doesn't love us so that should help her get over him. I placed a kiss on her forehead and grabbed my jacket and bag and car keys. For the past year I had been working at the Dot and at a music store saving up money to buy a car, it's my baby who I've dubbed 'The Baron', I was walking over to my baby, I stopped when I saw Fitz leaving his house smoking on a cigarette. I turned my gaze from him before he noticed; I haven't spoken to him since the ninth grade. He looked sad; I quickly shook that though out of my head so I didn't begin to care again. I know that's kind of bitchy but we've moved on, he smokes, drinks, does drugs and has turned himself along with Owen and Bianca into the school bullies. I got into my car and drove to school.

FITZ p.o.v

My stupid alarm woke me up. I hit it repeatedly until I had pressed the stop button. I slowly sat up in bed.

"Mark!" My mum yelled.

"I'm up!" I yelled back. I could smell breakfast downstairs. I quickly grabbed my clothes and took a shower in the bathroom. I walked downstairs and saw my dad sitting at the table reading the newspaper in his suit sipping his coffee. My mum was at the stove cooking bacon.

"Smells great mum." I commented. She turned to me and smiled, she walked over to me and kissed my forehead

"Anything for my darling boy." She said. I rolled my eyes, I hated it when she did that.

"How are you getting to school Mark?" Asked my dad. I sighed, he really enjoyed lecturing me on my bad behaviour.

"Owen's going to drive me." I answered sitting down across from him, my mum came and placed my breakfast in front of me.

"Not now Joseph." She said walking over to him and placing his breakfast in front of him

"Is it a hassle for Owen?" he asked me, I rolled my eyes

"I don't know." I said truthfully.

"Well, maybe if you didn't drink and drive you wouldn't have gotten your licence suspended." He said, I shoved a large amount of bacon into my mouth because I knew it would piss him off. He put the newspaper on the table beside his plate of food. I looked at him and chewed the bacon. My mum looked at me warningly.

"Mark." My dad growled. I finally swallowed and looked at him

"Sorry dad." I said taking a sip of my orange juice. After breakfast I grabbed my bag and said goodbye to my parents and kissed my mum on the cheek and went outside to wait for Owen. I decided to have a smoke while I waited. After a few minutes I heard the door next door slam shut. I couldn't help but watch Clare exit her house and head towards her car. I quickly turned away. Sometimes I wish we could go back to being friends but the damage is way too much to fix now. I watched her drive away down the street.

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