As Of Yet

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Clare P.O.V

I arrived at school and Oliver immediately came over and kissed me, I smiled when we pulled back,

"Someone's happy to see me." I said, Oliver smirked and held my hand

"I was wondering if maybe we could go on another date." He said, I smiled

"I'll have to see if I can pencil you in." I said before letting go of his hand and walking off, I turned the corner and walked straight into Eli. I bent down and picked his books up for him, he looked really nervous, I handed him his books.

"So, how are you?" I asked, Eli looked at me

"I've been better." He deadpanned,

"Me too, I was wondering if maybe we could try and be friends again." I said,

"I guess," He said, he walked past me, "See you friend." He said, I watched him walk away, I had to admit I missed him,

"Clare." I turned my head and saw Bianca walking over to me

"Hi." I said brightly, we hugged and started walking towards my locker

"How are you and Oliver doing?" She asked, I smiled and unlocked my locker

"We're going great he's so sweet and..." I started but couldn't finish, no matter what I tried to think of I could only say he's nice.

"Well, it's just the beginning of the relationship so you don't know him much." She said, I smiled

"Yeah." I said, the bell rang

"Science." Bianca said, I nodded in agreement

"Ready?" I asked, she nodded, and we walked to Science.

At lunch I sat with Oliver,

"Want to go sit with Fitz and Bianca?" I asked him, Oliver looked over at Fitz and shook his head

"No Fitz is a jerk." He said,

"What do you mean?" I asked,

"Fitz doesn't like me that much so he told me to stay away from you otherwise he's beat the crap out of me." Oliver explained, my blood boiled, how dare Fitz say that to Oliver, I stood and marched over to Fitz

"What?" He asked, I glared at him

"What do you think gives you the right to say that to Oliver?" I asked, Fitz looked confused

"What did I say?" He asked, I groaned

"You told him to stay away from me otherwise you'd hurt him." I said, Fitz glared,

"No I told him of he hurt you I'd beat him up." He said, I couldn't believe he's going to change the story

"I'm supposed to believe you?" I asked, Fitz looked shocked that I wasn't taking his side

"Come on Clare you barely know the guy what's to say he won't hurt you?" He asked, I shook my head disbelievingly

"Just stay away from me and Oliver and never talk to me again." I said and walked back to Oliver.

Fitz P.O.V

I can't believe she believed him and not me! I've never lied to her pr given her a reason to think that I would. I hit my head against my locker; I turned my head and saw Oliver walk over to me

"What do you want?" I demanded to the smaller boy.

"Thanks for giving me the ammo to get you gone from Clare's life." He said simply before walking off, I glared at him as he walked away. Cocky bastard, I hate him.

Last day of the year

Clare P.O.V

I kissed Oliver on the lips as we heard the last bell ring meaning it was the summer break, next year we'll be seniors. We held hands as we left the school; we walked past Fitz, Owen and Bianca. Fitz looked really hurt and depressed, Bianca and Owen both just looked pissed off that I had hurt Fitz. I looked ahead; it hurt too much to look at them. Oliver opened the car door for me and I slid in.

We walked through the front door of his house and went to his room

"Are your parent's home?" I asked looking around his room,

"No, they're out of town." He said as he shut the door. I nodded and went and sat next to him on the bed, he smirked and kissed me, I kissed back he moved his hands to my waist and started to try and lift my shirt off, I pulled back, he looked frustrated

"Why not?"He demanded,

"I don't want to." I said,

"You're not a virgin are you?" He asked, I shook my head

"No but..." I was cut off with him kissing me again and pushing me down on the bed, I tried to pull back but he was stronger and bigger than me

"Stop!" I yelled, Oliver kissed me again, he trapped me underneath his arms and pulled my shirt off and took my bra off, I squirmed under his grasp, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, I was trying to scream but no sound would come out, I could hardly breathe. He hiked up my skirt and pulled down my underwear, I kept hitting him and begging him to stop but he ignored me and crushed his lips to mine and before I knew it he was thrusting into me, I tried to push him off me but he was so much more bigger than me, I started crying and gave up fighting knowing this wasn't going to stop until he wanted to. About an hour later and lay down and pulled me closer to him, I tried to get him away from me,

"Clare." He growled I stopped fighting and lay next to him; I shut my eyes and quietly cried. I should have listened to Fitz.

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