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"What is this?" asked Artemis, pointing to yet another machine. It was all very curious as the numerous machines beeped and whirred around him.

"That one is to monitor your brain activities, what part of the brain is being used and to what capacity it is being used to." answered Foaly.

"Astounding," Artemis hummed in appreciation "Just think of all the possible discoveries that could be made if we simply had one of these."

"Not on your life, human." Trouble emphasized his words by pointing a finger in Artemis's direction.

"Now if you're done with your questions, and you're done making threats, we have some business to attend to." Holly interrupted.

"Of course, Holly." replied Artemis as Trouble grunted in agreement. After having heard the news of Artemis's sudden new powers, and the panic in Foaly's voice as he told said news, Trouble was quick to put a team together. Holly, who had the most experience in working with Fowl and was also the first to have heard the news, was a definite must. And with the urgency of the situation, Foaly even made a personal visit despite rarely ever leaving Haven. There were also several other fairies around the manor who were keeping watch, most of them having been here before during the Fowl siege and gold exchange. They were all once again collected at Fowl manor, but now under completely different circumstances. Funny how things could change over time.

"Alright, here you go," said Foaly as he trotted up to Artemis, various equipment in hand. "I'm just going to hook these up. Two are going to be stuck to your temple and one to your forehead. Like I said, these will monitor your brain. These will be stuck to your chest, back and arm. Along with monitoring your brain, I will also be checking your heart and your flow of magic, that is, if you have any. Let's hope not."

Artemis wanted to disagree with Foaly on that last opinion, but decided better of it, so he asked a different question instead.

"Why do you need to check magic flow?"

"Magic, somewhat similar to blood, flows through the body, and like blood, it can clot up, develop incorrectly, and so on and so forth. We need to make sure it's working right. The last thing we need is the equivalent of a magical heart attack. It's a situation none of us want to handle."

"May I ask what happens?" asked Artemis, who couldn't help but be curious.

"Trust me, you'd rather not know."

Artemis decided that it would be a better choice than to argue with Foaly at that moment, so instead he complied by taking his suit coat off and unbuttoning his shirt. Foaly was quick to hook everything up, eager to discover the results. Soon enough, the room began to be filled with beeps and whirrs as each machine came to life.

It was a long few minutes of relative silence before the sudden sharp intake of breath from Foaly caused everyone to look his way.

"What?" asked three different voices.

"It's… it's…"

"Foaly," said Artemis "Please do tell us what the problem might be. I'd like to know as soon as possible if I am to die from some magically clogged arteries."

Holly gave Artemis a look, not sure if the dark haired boy had been joking or was indeed quite serious.

"Let me just check one more thing." Foaly made his to Artemis's side. "The thing is, all magical creatures are sensitive to magic and one of things we can do is sense magic in others. You need only the barest hint of magic possible to do this and even new borns are capable of using this ability. This test will confirm everything."

Foaly quickly removed all wires that were attached to Artemis. His palm turned the faintest shade of blue as he placed it against Artemis's chest, right over the heart. After only 20 or so seconds, Foaly pulled back.

"Well that proves it. Congratulations Fowl, you're magical."

Trouble winced as if he was in pain at those words while Artemis suddenly took on a rather smug expression, delighted by the news and rather amused by the joke.

"How do you think this happened?" asked Holly. "I was here just a few weeks. Checked him completely and not a drop of magic in sight."

"Is it possible for more humans to discover magic like him?" asked Trouble. His eyes narrowed to glare suspiciously at Artemis as the 14 year old moved to put his shirt and coat on.

"My guess is that this is a onetime thing from having stolen fairy magic and no, we won't be having more humans suddenly developing magic overnight."

"You simply have an entire community of magical humans in existence that you were never aware of." Artemis was quick to reply.

Foaly's lower lip stuck out in irritation. "Yes, and there's that too." He mumbled dryly.

"Alright," snapped Trouble "I demand to know how it's possible that a bunch of… of… Mudmen got a hold of magic and remained undiscovered for so many years. And how did Fowl get magic?"

Foaly sighed, shifting from one hoof to another, looking rather uncomfortable with his current position. "As you know, Artemis had stolen magic out of the Time Stream awhile back, and even more recently lost the very magic he had stolen. Now my guess, though I remind you is only a guess, is that Artemis's magic appeared right after the disappearance of the stolen magic. With the possibility of magical humans, there could be a gene that allows the ability for magic, depending on how far back the wizarding community goes, that Artemis might have. With the stolen magic, it may have triggered Artemis to start producing his own magic rather than depending on this unknown and foreign magic."

"But if Artemis began to make his own magic because it was triggered from having stolen the Time Stream magic, how is it possible that I didn't feel any of it left in him?" asked Holly "The only way he could not have any magic at all would be if he was dead or just didn't have magic."

"Yes, well," interrupted Artemis "Although Foaly has conceived a rather well thought out and highly logical theory about my sudden discovery of magic, I believe my own theory might be slightly closer to the actual truth and better answers your own question, Holly.

"My own theory follows rather closely with Foaly's, but I am quite certain that my ability to create magic did not occur until after the old magic had disappeared. With how long I have been in possession of that magic, I believe my body must have grown quite accustom to it. With its sudden absence, my body must have felt a need to replace what had once been there, setting off a trigger in my brain that suddenly allows me to create my own magic. As for how I am able to create magic, I am in an agreement with Foaly that it must be a genetic trait passed down from one generation to the next. Possibly a recessive trait since from what I have learned is that two magical parents are more likely to produce a magical child while it is still possible that two non magical parents have a magical child, though at a much less likely rate. It's extremely possible that someone further back on the family tree must have been a witch or wizard, and that trait had simply been passed down to me. I will have to learn more about this subject once I am at the school for it's quite possible that they would have an archive of past wizards."

"Wait, wait, wait… You're going to attend a school? For magical humans?" asked Trouble, a look of slight horror on his face.

"Indeed. I hardly need my magic running amok though I'm certain I would have learned how to control it eventually. This will simple help accelerate the process if I am being educated by someone with experience. Furthermore, I am quite curious to discover more about a society that seems to have eluded all of us for such a long time."

"It would be a good chance for us to learn more about magical humans if he was to go…" mumbled Foaly as he rubbed at his goatee.

"…and maybe make some friends who are actually his age. That might stop him from getting into more trouble then he already does." Holly added.

"Or he could simply use his new ability to cause further havoc on the fairy people!" snapped Trouble.

"Commander, you seem to have forgotten the fact that I have helped the fairy people on numerous occasions. Must you still feel the need to doubt me?"

Trouble's lack of reply was more than enough to answer the question.

"Well regardless of what you might think Commander, I will be attending the school and as you have believed I was a nuisance before, I will only become more so if you attempt to stop me." Artemis lowered his head as he sent a stony glare to the fairy "Do not trifle with me for I will only make you regret it."

Despite the years of experience that Trouble has had dealing with Artemis, he still couldn't stop his himself from shivering, knowing that Fowl was more than capable of following through with his threat.

"So when does the term start?" asked Holly, dissipating the tense mood between Artemis and Trouble.

"September 1, though I will be in London to meet someone and purchase my school supplies two days from now. I am to meet them at a place known as the Leaky Cauldron."

"Do you think we could send a fairy to tag along? Just to see what these wizards are like." asked Foaly.

Artemis's lips pressed into a thin line as all expression on his face went blank. "I have no qualms in revealing the discoveries that I make, but I am highly opposed to simply allowing you to waltz in and spy on them."

"And how are you any different?" snapped Trouble.

"I was invited. In fact, though you may continue to deny it, I am one of them; a wizard."

"No, you're just a little crook who got lucky after stealing something that clearly wasn't his."

Artemis's eyes blazed and three of the ceiling lights suddenly burst, showering glass everywhere and causing Foaly to squeak in surprise.

"Enough!" yelled Holly as she stepped between the two. "Artemis has done enough for the People that we can grant him his wish. Besides, he's right. This is for him to choose since he is the wizard, not us. We wouldn't even know about magical humans if it weren't for him, so Trouble, you need to step down."

"Captain Short! How dare you speak to a higher ranking officer in such a way. I refuse.."

"I'm not talking to you as a fellow officer, I'm telling you as a friend. So I will repeat myself once more Touble, step down."

There was a tense moment of silence as Holly and Trouble stared at each other, a silent battle being fought between the two. Eventually, Trouble cleared his throat.

"Very well. I will be heading to the shuttle now. Pack your things quickly for we are leaving in 15 minutes." Trouble made a quick about-turn on his feet before heading out the door without another word.

Holly sighed in relief. At the feel of a hand on her shoulder, she turned to see Artemis looking down at her.

"Thank you." She could tell from his tone that he was sincere about his words.

"It's fine," Holly replied as she gave a careless shrug. "I was only speaking the truth. For once, this is for you and you only. We really shouldn't have any part in this."

"And I too was telling the truth. I am willing to help the People with collecting information about these wizard and witches."

Holly's lips pulled up into a soft smile as she stared into the mismatched eyes that were an exact reflection of her own.

"Thanks. And despite what everyone else says, you're a good friend." Artemis's face couldn't help but color at Holly's words.

"Now if you two BFFs wouldn't mind, could you help me get all this equipment down to the shuttle?" asked Foaly. The three of them quickly got to work moving all the equipment, accompanied by the occasional warnings of 'Be careful with that!' from Foaly and grunts of annoyance from Holly.

"By the way," Holly said as they made their way out the front doors of the manor "Where's Butler? I thought he would have come crashing into the room after Trouble yelling at you and the lights exploding."

Artemis chuckled.

"Myles was present during the time of my discovery about being a wizard. He had shared his findings with Beckett and both have been putting themselves in continues amounts of danger trying to get their own magic to work. Butler is currently with Juliet in an attempt to subdue the two. He didn't feel the need to be at my side when he knew you would be there. He believes you to be extremely capable and holds you in high respect."

Holly smiled. "Tell the big guy I feel the same."




It was surprising to Artemis how much the Fowl family had changed over the years. When he was a child, family dinners were almost unheard of as Artemis would always take his meals in his office as he sat before the computer screen, while his father was busy with underground business and his mother organizing yet another event or donation. Now family dinners were almost as common as having the sun rise each and every morning.

This particular dinner was relatively normal as Artemis Sr. and Angeline discussed upcoming trips while Beckett played with his food, his twin brother laughing when a particularly large glob of mashed something was flung half way across the table.

Artemis, who had always been more on the quite side during meals compared to the rest of his family, was near silent tonight. Noticing his son's behavior, Artemis Sr. decided to comment on it.

"Is everything alright, Arty? You're being extremely quite tonight. Something on your mind?"

Artemis looked up to meet his father's gaze. He sighed.

"Father, I have something to tell you. I do not wish to hide this from you, and though you might find this hard to believe, I am actually a wizard."

The response that followed was a sharp gasp from Angeline followed by silence. Myles, who had been tugging at the spoon that Beckett was holding, let go in his surprise, letting the spoon fling towards Beckett's face along with its contents. The glob hit Beckett in the right eye with a loud splat followed by the word "Ow…"

Artemis Sr. was rather surprised by his eldest son's words and was uncertain as to how he should respond.

"Alright," he replied a little hesitantly "How will this effect anything?"

"I will be leaving Bartleby's, for I have already learned everything they could possibly offer and will be attending a school for magic starting September. I hope you approve Father."

Artemis Sr. smiled.

"Arty, of course I approve. You have already done more than enough to make me proud as a father, and if it is your wish to leave Bartleby's, so be it. I know you are intelligent and will be successful at whatever you wish to do. I don't know much about this… magic school, but if you've decided to go, then I will trust your judgment on it."

Artemis felt a tightening in his chest at his father's words.

"Thank you Father. That means a lot to me."

"Anything for you, Son."

"Well," said Angeline as she finally came out of her shocked stupor as she reached over to help clean food off of Beckett's face who had been rubbing at his eye with the sleeve of his shirt. "I'm a bit surprised that you told your Father already, but I guess he was going to find out eventually anyway. Timmy, I'm glad you approve. Arty is actually going to fly to London in a couple of days to get his school supplies. He's a little behind on the curriculum since he's starting late, but since he won't be needing to return to Bartleby's for the rest of the school year, he'll have plenty of time to study."

Artemis looked up in surprise at his mother. "I won't have to return? With only six weeks left, I thought I would at least finish the school year."

"Oh, I don't think that's necessary," said Angeline "Because like you said, there really isn't much for you to learn from them. After all, you seem to be teaching them more then they seem to be teaching you."Artemis knew that his mother was referring to the incident that occurred at school just a few days ago. "And this just gives you an extra six weeks of studying. Of course, you could return if you like, though I'm guessing you won't."

"You are correct in your assumptions, Mother. It does seem to be a waste of time."

"So that's just over three months for you to study," Artemis Sr. thought aloud. "And how much do you need to catch up on?"

"Three years worth."

"That's a lot… I know you're a smart boy Arty, but are you sure you will be able to learn that much in just three months?"

Artemis nodded his head, a look of confidence on his face.

"I'm certain that I will be more then prepared by the time term starts. In fact, I plan to take my studies even further and learn some of the even more advance subjects."

"Can I watch?" asked a curious Myles as Beckett happily chirped "Me too! Me too!" alongside him.

"We will see dear," said Mrs. Fowl as she brushed back a lock of Myles's blond hair before smiling at her eldest son "Only if Arty approves and the magic isn't dangerous."




Artemis waved to his family as he prepared to board the private Fowl jet. His parents waved happily at him while Myles sulked, having been expecting to accompany Artemis as he tended to his errands in the wizarding world.

"Make sure you get everything you need." Angeline called after her son "And be ready to show us everything when you get back!"

"And get me magic candy!" yelled Beckett.

Artemis nodded his head in agreement before getting onto the jet. It wasn't uncommon for Artemis to travel, even more so when he was simply flying over to London, but with what he was planning to do that day, his family had decided to personally send him off.

"You ready to go?" asked Juliet. She and Butler, who was currently sitting in the cock pit, were accompanying Artemis as Mr. and Mrs. Fowl decided to take the twins for the day. The Butler siblings deserved a break from the twins after all the chaos that Myles and Beckett had been causing over the last few days not to mention they felt safer for Arty to have extra protection while visiting a practically unknown world.

Artemis smiled at Juliet's words, more than ready to already be landing in London.

"Yes, let's go."