A Tale Of Two Brawlers Although If You Ask Some People, It Would Be Three

Pit is walking through the Smash land when he comes across a place called the Bridge of Eldin.

Being a professional Brawler, when Pit notices someone on the bridge, he can't refrain from a fight.

He notches an arrow and launches it, hitting his target directly.

Pit runs forward to see whom it is, but before his very eyes, she changes form, almost as if she had become something different.

"What kind of black magic is this?" He asked in amazement.

The woman was silent. She identified him as the person who had shot the arrow at her.

She drew her knives and threw them at him.

"Whoa!" Pit cried, ducking, not having enough time to draw his shield.

The woman ran (at amazing speed, he had to admit) and launched a jumping kick on him.

Quickly, he rolled out of her way, drawing his hunting knives.

"Yah!" Pit screamed, attacking the woman with his knives.

The woman quickly recovered, speedily coming right up to him and rapidly punching him. The combo ended with a final punch that knocked him back several feet.

"Who are you?" He asked incredulously. "Are you some monster of Medusa's creation?"

She ignored his questions altogether, drawing knives again. But Pit knew what to expect this time.

He notched an arrow and got her square in the chest – or so he thought.

The very second the arrow was to hit her, she moved out of the way, almost as if she had teleported.

Which, of course, she had. She was now behind him, and with several speedy punches and one powerful kick, she knocked him to the ground.

She drew knives once again.

"No. I am finished. You win; now please spare my life." The angel pleaded.

All of a sudden there was a shimmering light, and when Pit looked up, the woman who had appeared to be a ninja was gone, replaced instead with a beautiful maiden.

"Who are you," He asked in awe. He didn't expect an answer. But he got one.

"Princess Zelda of Hyrule."

"So you are no fiend?"

"No more than you are. Why did you attack me?"

Pit straightened himself. "I am a Brawler. It is what I do."

Zelda eyed him. "Next time, I would be more careful about launching an unprovoked attack."

And as she started to cross the bridge, walking away from Pit, she added, "Because not all Brawlers may be as merciful as Sheik was with you."

Instead of letting her walk away, like a normal Brawler would have, Pit ran after her, asking, "Who is Sheik?"