Title: The Bet

Fandom: L&O: SVU

Pairing: Alex/Olivia

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: They belong to Dick Wolf, not me. *sad face*

Rating: MA +++ (Basically a collection of smut scenes, because 1821 and Rae are perverts)

Dedication: For Emerald Eyes and Rae's Mistress... Oh, and Sez, because she is good at sharing her toys with others. XP

AN: I had so much fun collaborating with Clomle44 that 1821 and I decided to do it as well. I am having a blast working with so many other great writers! I do hope you appreciate the results. - Rae


The Bet


Chapter One:

"No way." Olivia Benson, detective first grade, narrowed her eyes at the prospect of another battle with her infamous ADA. True, this battle was a little different than most of their work arguments, but she still wanted to win. "I totally could give you more than you could give me."

Alexandra Cabot, ADA extraordinaire, whose off-hand comment had started the argument while she was looking for a tube of lipstick in her purse (Olivia had kissed it off), looked up and narrowed her own eyes. "I don't think so," she said. Now that Olivia had turned her joke into a challenge, there was no way she was going to back down. Alexandra Cabot never ran away from a good argument. "I stand by what I said. I bet I could give you so many orgasms that you would be too tired to return the favor; but, as I am a sporting woman, I shall amend my claim to the following: I bet I can give you more orgasms during the course of the next week than you can give me."

This time, Olivia's eyes grew large. "No way," she repeated. "While you sit around on your pretty ass all day filing motions and telling us about the warrants you can't get for us, I'm out on the street chasing down perps. There's a reason I don't wear heels to work, you know. If anyone gets tired first, it's usually you." While Olivia was definitely in shape, and Alex very much admired Olivia's shape, she was still not willing to surrender.

"Please," Alex scoffed. "You might occasionally chase down a perp or two, but you spend just as much time scarfing down donuts or some other type of junk food. Whereas I eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and," she waved a finger in the air dramatically, "and, I run five miles every day. Except Tuesday."

Olivia frowned, she still hadn't figured out the whole Tuesday thing. "Is there a point to all that, Counselor?"

"Yes," Alex nodded, crossing her arms over her chest and smirking. "While stamina is important for a sprint, I'm talking about the TOTAL number of orgasms over the course of a week. Not one night, but a week. Seven days of sex. As such, stamina will be important, but not nearly as important as cunning, wit, and creativity."

The detective smirked back, not giving an inch. Alex was looking smug right now, sure of her victory, but Olivia was certain that would change by the end of the week. "I'll take your bet! And if you lose, you have to... um..." Olivia searched her mind for something that Alex absolutely hated to do. "You have to wash, dry, and sort all the laundry for once! I always get stuck doing it." It was true. Alex avoided laundry like the plague and Olivia usually ended up doing it for both of them.

For a moment, Alex seemed doubtful. There was already a lot of laundry piled in their hamper, and she didn't want to be the one to do it. However, she wasn't going to chicken out. "And when I win, you have to go up to Elliot and tell him that you absolutely love his chili dogs and want to have a cookout with his family as soon as possible."

Olivia made a disgusted face. Elliot's chili dogs were horrible, and she would do just about anything to avoid eating one. She had never admitted this to her partner, but through the years, she had become very talented at dodging the offered food. "Well, I won't have to eat them, because I'm not going to lose! But compared to your losing punishment, mine is way too horrible. I have to think of something better..."

"Don't hurt yourself there, Detective," Alex drawled playfully as Olivia fell into a pensive silence.

"Shut up," Olivia grumbled as she frantically tried to come up with something different. "Okay, how about this? When I win, you have to ... you have to ..."

"Complete a thought?"

Olivia scowled. "No."

"That's too bad. I am rather good at it, you know."

"Can you just give me a minute to think?"

Alex looked at her watch. "Okay, time starts now."

"Hey, Amelia Bedelia - can it. I'm thinking here," Olivia grumbled. She didn't know what to do. Coming up with bad and/or embarrassing dares wasn't really her specialty. That was more of Abbie Carmichael's thing. "How about," she looked up at Alex with a faint smile tweaking her lips, "the loser has to do whatever Abbie decides?"

Alex arched a brow questioningly. "I'm not going to agree to that without some stipulations on it."

"Like what?"

"Well, first of all," Alex held up one finger. "Whatever Abbie comes up with has to be legal."

"Duh," Olivia chided.

Alex laughed. "You underestimate her devious little mind, Liv. Oh! And if she insists on being there when the loser pays up, there is no nudity allowed, either in public OR in private. I am not getting naked anywhere in her vicinity."

"I'm okay with that," Olivia agreed, not too keen on the idea of sharing a naked Alex with a perpetually horny Abbie. "Anything else?"

"Just one thing..." Without warning, Olivia pounced. The detective crushed her lips to Alex's, gripping her wrists and pinning her backwards against the edge of her desk. The attorney responded immediately, growling low in the back of her throat and trying to take control of the kiss, but Olivia wouldn't give an inch. Neither of them cared that they were in Alex's office. Both of them wanted to win, but even more urgently, both wanted to feel each other's skin.

Determined to win this round, Olivia trailed a fiery line of kisses down Alex's throat, pausing to suckle a vulnerable spot behind her ear and nip the edge of her jaw. Alex trembled, realizing that she was helpless to stop the onslaught of pleasure. Even the bet couldn't turn things around now... Wait, the bet! She couldn't let Olivia win so easily. There was a dare from Abbie at stake. For a moment, the sensation of Olivia's hands gripping her waist as she settled her hips between Alex's legs distracted her. Both of them were aware of the way the attorney's skirt was riding several inches higher on her thighs.

"I want you," Olivia murmured, aware just how much the sound of her voice affected the attorney. "... but I am so going to win this round."

Alex caught her lips in another kiss, enjoying the taste that was uniquely Olivia. Her arms wrapped around Olivia's neck, fingers gliding over the material of her smooth leather jacket. Since she didn't have bed sheets to clutch, this was the next best thing. Hooking one leg around her detective's calf, she pulled her closer, increasing the pressure. "Mmm. I don't think so," she said as she nibbled at the corner of Olivia's mouth, tugging on her lower lip. Kissing Olivia Benson had to be the most wonderful activity in the world – excluding what usually came after.

Olivia slid her hand up the inside of Alex's thigh and gasped audibly when her fingertips brushed over the lacy edge of a thigh-high stocking. "My, my, my Counselor," she purred as she traced the line of skin where stocking and thigh met. "You're dressed to impress."

Alex smiled and moved to nip at Olivia's throat, effectively distracting the brunette as she slipped the detective's belt open and quickly undid her trousers.

"Hello," Olivia smiled as Alex's lips worked at her neck and the blonde's hand dipped further under her clothing.

"Mmm, hi," Alex chuckled as she cupped the brunette through her underwear, her breath hitching in her throat at the heat she could feel emanating from her lover's core.

Not to be outdone, Olivia slipped her hand higher up Alex's leg to run a teasing fingertip over the ADA's sex. "Alex, Baby," Olivia purred as she moved to toy with the thin elastic edge of the blonde's panties, "this is the best fucking bet ever," she murmured as she slipped a questing finger around the thin barrier to dip into slick wet heat.

Alex gasped, her eyelids lowering as Olivia stroked her, gliding over wet, yielding flesh with long, languorous strokes that made her head spin. "Jesus," she gasped, her hips bucking against the teasing stimulation. She was helpless to resist. However, she was not so helpless that she couldn't respond in kind. Her own hand was busy working under Olivia's slacks, pushing aside the detective's underwear and gasping at the amount of wetness she found. Obviously, she was not the only one affected by their heated banter and equally heated kisses.

"Mmm." Olivia suddenly realized that Alex wasn't going to let her have this victory so easily. "So gorgeous," she murmured, kissing along the slender column of the attorney's throat, her fingers circling, circling, circling Alex's tip without – quite – giving her relief. "I can't get enough of you."

Alex's pelvis continued rocking against Olivia's hand. The vibrations of Olivia's voice against her skin were driving her wild. She braced herself against her desk, clutching at the edge with the white fingers of her free hand. The other was still working furiously in Olivia's pants, slowly easing a finger into clinging warmth.

"You feel so good..." The ADA whimpered, enjoying the feel of Olivia shuddering under her fingertips. Unfortunately, she couldn't ignore the steadily stroking hand between her legs. "Fuck, Liv," she moaned softly as she felt the brunette nip at her neck.

"That's it," Olivia murmured, tightening the circular motion of her fingers against the blonde's point and pressing more firmly onto the sensitive bundle of nerves beginning to pulse under her fingertips. "God, you're beautiful," she murmured as she began to trail her kisses back up Alex's neck.

"Fuck," Alex gasped, her hips bucking hard as the touch against her sped up. She wanted to give herself over to the sensations her lover's knowing touch was eliciting within her, she wanted to close her eyes and surrender to her rapidly growing need, but she also wanted to win. And that meant she couldn't give in and focus on her own pleasure, she also had to be concerned with Olivia's. And this posed quite the problem for the ADA.

Olivia could tell by the tightening of Alex's jaw that she was close, so close to falling over the edge. "Let go for me, Alex," she encouraged, pushing up against the blonde's clit and pinning the throbbing bundle between her fingertip and Alex's pelvic bone.

Alex groaned and gritted her teeth, stars flashing in front of her eyes from the detective's firmer touch. "Fuck," she muttered as she fought back her own orgasm, focusing not on the warmth spreading through her body, but instead on the movement of her fingers, curling them deep inside her lover and massaging the ribbed spongy patch of muscle at the front of Olivia's channel.

The knowing touch threw Olivia in to overdrive. She had been so focused on Alex's pleasure that she hardly noticed her own steadily rising, but feeling Alex quivering under her touch, the coaxing fingers curling inside of her, was just too much. She nipped the vulnerable skin at the base of Alex's neck, but couldn't decide what to do with her other hand. At first, she snuck it underneath Alex's blouse, untucking the garment from her skirt and pinching a protruding nipple. Alex arched into the touch, but didn't stop moving her fingers inside of Olivia. Not only was she having difficulty choosing between both gorgeous breasts, but part of her wanted to hold Alex's wrist against the desk.

Alex sighed happily at the new stimulation, but missed the weight of Olivia's body against hers. The fingers of her free hand, which had been combing through Olivia's hair, moved down to massage the chorded muscles of the detective's back through her shirt before sliding lower and wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer. Neither woman was sure which of them came first, but when their mouths met in another fierce battle of a kiss, both of them were consumed by pulsing, shuddering waves of pleasure.

Olivia gasped, her hips still rocking against Alex's hand to milk out the final spasms as she buried her face in Alex's warm shoulder, making small contented noises in the back of her throat. "That wasn't..." she panted, "... how I - pictured that going..."

"One to one, Detective," Alex said, trying to control her voice. "If that was your best shot, you're not going to stand a chance at winning this bet."

"That wasn't my best," Olivia assured her lover, smiling at the sight of the blonde's usually flawless alabaster skin flushed with the after effects of their coupling. "But, you have to admit that it certainly made the end of our lunch rather exciting."

Alex's brow furrowed as she processed what Olivia had said. "Oh fuck," she groaned, glancing down at her watch. "Shit! Fuck!" she swore as she hurried to straighten her clothes.

Olivia stepped away from her now frantic lover and frowned. "What?"

"I'm due in Petrovsky's courtroom in ten minutes," Alex replied tersely, reaching down the front of her skirt to readjust her panties before moving to tuck-in her shirt and close up the zipper on her skirt. "Fuck," she cursed as she ran a hand through her hair, managing to make the strands that had survived their encounter perfectly coiffed into an adorably mussed mess, and scanned her desk for the files she needed.

The detective snorted. "Well, have fun," she said, giving Alex's exposed backside a light slap as the attorney bent down to pick up her briefcase. She hadn't lost the bet yet, and she had an entire week to up her total. "What kind of case is it?" she asked, adjusting her own clothes as she watched Alex try to compose herself.

"Would you believe exhibitionism?" Alex muttered sarcastically, resisting the temptation to bang her head against the wall.


"Ms. Cabot, so nice of you to finally join us." The Honorable Lena Petrovsky stared at the blonde prosecutor over her glasses as she hurried in to the courtroom. "Another minute and the People would have been in contempt."

"The People were uncharacteristically delayed, Your Honor," Alex said tersely, making one last attempt to straighten her messy hair. Unfortunately, it did not help. If anything, the fussing only made it worse.

"Were the People also caught in a freak tornado?" Petrovsky questioned dryly.

"I'm... I'm sorry," Alex stumbled. "I don't understand, Your Honor."

"Ms. Cabot, you know how much I value professionalism," Petrovsky lectured, her voice growing sterner as she struggled to control her rising amusement. The brash ADA looked freshly fucked and completely out-of-sorts. It was too much to ignore – she HAD to give the blonde a hard time.

"Yes," Alex started to reply, but was cut off by a wave of the Judge's hand.

"Ms. Cabot," Petrovsky had to fight to keep from laughing, "that wasn't a question."

"Sorry, Your Honor." Alex looked down, abashed.

The Defense Attorney, Lorna Scarry, was less amused. Although she usually defended Wall Street tycoons from the White Collar prosecutors, the overlapping nature of this particular case had thrown her into the ring with Alex Cabot and SVU. "Your Honor, Ms. Cabot has delayed this case already, and my client has a right to a speedy trial-"

"This isn't a trial, Ms. Scarry, it's a bail hearing. Are the People ready to proceed?" Petrovsky asked, fighting back a smile as Alex attempted to smooth the wrinkles in her skirt.

"Yes, Your Honor."

"Good. Now, why don't you explain why you're here, Ms. Scarry? I don't usually see you in my court room for crimes of this nature." Alex tried not to look miffed at not being asked to speak first, but ignored the slight, figuring she probably deserved it. Besides, she didn't want to speak up and worsen her already perilous predicament.

"My client was arrested because the NYPD is trying to blackmail him in to releasing financial records concerning his company, which would be devastating to the interests of his stockholders-"

"Mr. Halverston is currently resisting requests to hand over his financial records," Alex interrupted smoothly, "but that's not why we're here today. He also seems to enjoy paying prostitutes to service him in public locations. That's clearly an SVU case, and the people are asking for bail to be set at $100,000."

"Isn't that a little excessive?" Petrovsky asked with a gleam in her eye.

Alex smiled tightly. "It's not like he can't afford it. Besides, maybe it will make him think twice before exposing Manhattan's children to his, erm, after-hours pastimes?"

"Does the defense have a response to that?" Petrovsky asked dryly. She had fifty riding on Cabot to win this battle in the judge's pool and she didn't see any harm in provoking Scarry a little.

Scarry flashed a look over at Alex, scowling at the arrogant ADA. "Yes we do, Your Honor," she replied, pausing for a moment to organize her argument.

Petrovsky sat back in her chair and tented her fingers in front of her chin, an amused twinkle in her eye. "Well... what is it, Counselor?"

Lorna coughed into her elbow, choking out something amidst the noise that sounded a little like 'hypocrite'. Alex rolled her eyes and pretended not to notice. "Do you need a lozenge, Ms. Scarry?"

"No thank you, Your Honor. I apologize. As I was saying, my client did not specifically intend for any passersby to catch him in the act. It can hardly be a crime worthy of $100,000 bail if there was no intent. I'm sure Ms. Cabot would agree that it was simply the fantasy that inspired his admittedly poor decision."

"Decisions, plural," Alex corrected, narrowing her eyes threateningly at Lorna Scarry. "This was not his first offense. At least three separate people caught your client in flagrante delicto on separate occasions. Beyond that, hiring the services of a prostitute is indisputably illegal. But," she tossed out casually, "we might be willing to consider a plea if your client changes his mind about disclosing those financial records..."

Scarry glared at her. "You can't possibly be serious about putting my client away with rapists and murderers for something that didn't harm anyone. You deal with violent crimes every day, Ms. Cabot. This case never would have shown up as a blip on your radar if your Detectives weren't trying to get their paws on his company's financial records."

"I would argue that walking in on Mr. Halverston," Alex paused to glance at the overweight, middle-aged executive who was, unfortunately, beginning to go bald, "is not a victimless crime. Article 245.00, New York State law. He was clearly exposed to the general public, and-"

"This isn't a trial, Ms. Cabot, it's only a bail hearing," Petrovsky said flatly. "Bail is set at $50,000, simply because of the defendant's ample assets. The court is sure that he will have no trouble paying ten percent of this total. Next case, please." The judge banged her gavel once. "Oh, and Ms. Cabot, if I may have a moment of your time?"

"Of course, Your Honor," Alex replied smoothly, turning to set the file she was holding down on her table and quickly approaching the bench. "Is there a problem, Judge?"

Petrovsky smiled. Literally smiled from ear to ear as she looked over the woman before her. "Not at the moment," she stated calmly. "But we will have a problem should you ever appear before my court again looking like Detective Benson just gave you the best orgasm of your life."

Years of practice was the only thing that kept Alex from showing how truly surprised she was by the Judge's statement. She hadn't realized that her relationship with Olivia was that well known. "I see. Of course," she smoothed her hands over the front of her skirt. "I do apologize, Your Honor."

Petrovsky let out a sharp bark of laughter. "No denial? How very unlike you, Ms. Cabot."

Alex paused for a moment, weighing her response before deciding that since Petrovsky seemed to be in a playful mood she might as well go all-in. "Well, it certainly wasn't the 'best orgasm of my life' by any stretch of the imagination," she winked, "but I shall do my best to maintain an appropriate appearance for court from now on."

Petrovsky chuckled and shook her head in amusement as she waved the young ADA off. "See that you do, Counselor. See that you do." For some reason, she suspected that although it hadn't been the "best orgasm of her life", it was still a pretty high number on the Richter scale for Alex. "I enjoyed your avant garde hairstyle today, Ms. Cabot," she called out cheekily after the quickly retreating attorney, laughing when she reached up a hand to straighten her hopelessly disheveled hair.

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