Chapter Seventeen:

Alex sighed happily as she opened the door to her apartment and stepped inside. She dropped her purse and keys onto the table just to the right of the door as Olivia followed her inside and quickly closed the door after her. "I am so glad that's over," she murmured as she wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck.

"Me too," Olivia replied honestly, although for a different reason. Now that she and Alex were home, they could 'celebrate' the successful completion of their weeklong bet. At least, that was what Olivia was hoping for. The detective looked at the face of the woman in her arms, trying to discern whether she would be able to get lucky or not. True, Alex was wearing an incredibly sexy corset ensemble, but maybe the ADA was tired after an entire seven days of nonstop sex? The average person would be... Olivia knew that if it was anyone else, she might want to take a night off as well, but something about Alex always made her body say yes even though her muscles were tired and screamed no. If Alex offered the opportunity, she would jump on it.

"Hey, Alex, do you want to take a shower with me?" Olivia asked cautiously, figuring the request could be taken either way.

Alex shook her head. "No thanks." Olivia's face fell until she added, "because hopefully you're going to ravish me, and it would be a waste to take the shower beforehand..." She gave Olivia a saucy wink as the detective immediately perked up.

"I am? You're not -"

"I'm fine," Alex insisted, pressing a kiss to Olivia's neck before tilting up to give the same treatment to her lips. "I didn't put on this corset for nothing! The only thing that got me through the evening was knowing how much you were going to enjoy my costume at the end of it."

The detective grinned. Knowing her advances were welcome, she reached underneath Alex's billowy white shirt to cup two proud breasts through the material of her corset, which pushed them up and out far more than usual. "I am already enjoying the costume..." she said, enjoying the feel of Alex's nipples pressing against the fabric and into her palms.

"Good," Alex murmured, her body swaying slightly under Olivia's hands as the brunette massaged her through the corset.

"Mmm," Olivia hummed appreciatively as she continued to play with Alex's breasts. "I really, really, really like this part of the costume."

Alex laughed and leaned forward to capture Olivia's lips in a light, teasing kiss that was full of promises. "I thought you might."

Olivia let her hands drop from the mounds she'd been playing with to trace the body of the corset, luxuriating in the textures of lace and satin under her fingertips as she skimmed over Alex's stomach. "I want to see," she murmured as she hooked her fingers under the hem of Alex's billowy shirt.

Alex obligingly lifted her arms and allowed Olivia to lift the white top off over her head. Once the shirt was off her body she took a step back to give her lover a better view. "You like."

Olivia nodded slowly. "I definitely like. Does the rest of the outfit match?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," Alex teased as she stepped back in to Olivia and wrapped her arms around the detective's neck.

Olivia chuckled softly as she leaned in to kiss Alex's smiling lips. She wasted no time deepening the kiss and thrusting her tongue between open, welcoming lips to stroke and dance and duel with Alex's. She kissed the blonde hungrily, her need skyrocketing with each brush of tongues and with every shared, panted breath.

"Mmm," Alex purred when their string of kisses broke and she leaned her forehead against Olivia's.

Olivia smiled and gave Alex a quick, chaste kiss before she ran her hands around the blonde's sides in search of her skirt's zipper. She found it hidden on Alex's left hip and wasted no time opening it so the small black skirt could fall to the ground.

Her eyes widened as she took in the gorgeous sight of Alex's legs, completely encased in red stockings that clipped to her corset, and matching red panties. "Hmmm. Very nice, Ms. Cabot," Olivia purred, running her hands up along the silky material before using her detective skills to 'investigate' the rapidly growing dark spot at the front of the ADA's underwear. She only allowed herself a quick, soft graze of the material before reaching around to cup Alex's backside, pleasantly surprised by the feel of bare flesh in her hands. "It's even a thong," she said happily, reminding herself to buy Abbie dinner or something. "Carmichael thinks of everything."

Alex made an annoyed sound in the back of her throat. "Don't say her name when we're about to have sex, Liv. I want you to be thinking about me..."

"How can I possibly think about anyone but you when you're wearing this?" Olivia asked, her eyes popping out of her head as she pulled back a little to admire the entire ensemble.

That soothed Alex's hurt feelings, and she smiled at the obvious pleasure on her lover's face. She winked, pulling Olivia close to re-establish their full body contact. "I'm glad you like it. So, are you going to be the pirate captain while I play the disobedient wench?"

"Hmmm, I dunno. You fulfilled your end of the bargain tonight and completed Carmichael's dare fair and square. You were a really good sport." Olivia pressed several kisses to Alex's soft lips, each one a few seconds longer than the last. "Since you were so great about the whole thing, and since you came up with this awesome bet, I'll let you pick what you wanna do tonight..."

Alex nipped Olivia's full lower lip, gently capturing it between her teeth and tugging before taking Olivia's mouth in another kiss. Kissing her detective was the most wonderful thing in the entire world... although the kisses didn't necessarily have to stay confined to her mouth... "Hmmm. Maybe our friend from earlier this week can make a reappearance?" she suggested, sighing happily as Olivia continued to knead her cheeks from behind.

It took Olivia's lust-addled brain a moment to figure out what Alex was talking about, but when she did, her eyes lit up. "I like that idea..."

"I thought you might," she murmured as she slid her hands over Olivia's stomach, moving higher and higher up the brunette's torso in slow, teasing sweeps until she was able to gather Olivia's breasts in her hands.

Olivia moaned softly as Alex's thumbs brushed over her nipples and she automatically slid her hands back down around Alex's hips to grasp her ass and pull her in closer. "Mmm," she murmured as she kissed Alex hungrily, her hands on the blonde's cheeks alternating between light, teasing touches and firm, kneading grabs.

Alex gave herself over to Olivia, her body swaying, rocking, lifting at the direction of the demanding hands on her ass, her own hands mimicking Olivia's so that when the brunette's fingers danced lightly over her cheeks she brushed her thumbs over hard, pebbled nipples and when strong, needy fingers dug into muscle she grasped the mounds in her hands and massaged them just as firmly. Their kisses deepened with the increasing fervor of their hands until they were both left gasping for breath and feeling more than a little lightheaded.

"Bed?" Alex murmured, punctuating her question by giving the breasts in her hands a firm squeeze.

Olivia nodded and let Alex lead them down the hall to the bedroom as she focused on the heavenly sight of Alex in her little outfit. They stopped beside the bed and Olivia lifted her fingers to trace the swell of Alex's breast where corset and skin met, taking a moment to truly savor what Alex had done for her. "You are amazing," she murmured as she dipped a finger between the blonde's uplifted breasts.

"I try," Alex quipped, nuzzling Olivia's throat. "You wanna go get it?"

Immediately understanding what Alex was talking about, Olivia reluctantly let go of the gorgeous breasts that her girlfriend had on enticing display and turned to rummage in the drawer of their nightstand. She gasped, then let out a very girly and undignified squeak when Alex pinched her ass through the material of her jeans. "Ow! Alex..." she chastised, straightening back up and turning around with her prize clutched in one hand.

Alex attempted to defend herself, holding up her hands in a mock gesture of submission. "Hey, you put it out there. I couldn't look and not touch..."

"Well, how about you take a turn looking and not touching for a change while I get out of these clothes?" Olivia suggested, gently pushing Alex back onto the bed with one hand and giving her the black silicone toy to hold, complete with harness. Settling into a comfortable position with her knees folded neatly to one side, Alex watched Olivia cross her arms and lift the hem of her shirt.

Enjoying the obvious effect that her little display had on her girlfriend, Olivia slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders – first one, then the other. Alex's already large blue eyes opened even wider. Finally, she reached around between her shoulder blades, thrusting her chest forward to give Alex the best possible view, and unsnapped the clasp, letting her bra fall to the floor and revealing her breasts to Alex's hungry gaze.

Immediately, the ADA held out her hands and tried to get up from the bed, but Olivia forced her back with a gentle push to her shoulder. "Nope. No touching yet," Olivia ordered, reaching down to undo the button of her pants and sliding her tight jeans over generously curved hips. Alex wetted her parched lips with the tip of her tongue. All of the moisture in her body seemed to be headed south, and she was getting impatient. The way Olivia shimmied her way out of the constricting denim was especially delicious, as was the accompanying motion of her breasts.

"Now?" Alex asked once Olivia successfully kicked her jeans off. She wanted to touch, to run her hands over the gorgeous olive toned skin revealed to her. "Please?"

Olivia looked up at the raw need in Alex's voice. "Okay," she murmured as she held her hands out to help Alex up off of the bed. She watched, waiting for the blonde's body to mold to her own, anticipating the sensual feel of satin and lace against her naked skin. She was expecting all of this. What she got, however, was something entirely different.

Alex stood before her naked lover and let her smoky blue eyes traverse the older woman's form from head to toe and back again, letting her eyes caress every soft, welcoming curve, every hard, defined plane of muscle. She watched Olivia shift under her gaze, almost looking as if she were going to move. "Shh," she murmured as she reached out with both of her hands, index and middle fingers extended to trace the width of the brunette's shoulders. "You said I could touch," she reminded Olivia softly as she ran her fingers over the brunette's clavicles and down the gentle, sloping plane of her chest.

Two fingers became four as she traced the outer swell of Olivia's breasts, over, around and under until she was able to lift them in her hands, almost as if she were judging their weight. She looked Olivia in the eye and lowered her head to the brunette's right breast, a tremor of excitement rolling through her as she watched Olivia's eyes darken. Finally, she opened her mouth and surrounded the already hardened nipple with her lips.

Olivia whimpered at the blissful sensation of Alex's warm mouth and tongue curling around her, sucking one moment, grazing with her teeth the next. Pulling away slightly, the ADA aimed a cool stream of air directly at the peak she had just been teasing, making the detective's breath catch in her chest. "Ummmm," she groaned, threading her fingers through Alex's hair and pulling her head closer. "More."

Alex smiled to herself, working her way across Olivia's chest to bestow her other breast with equal attention. The soft nips and kisses that she left on her lover's upper torso seemed sporadic, but Alex had a plan. The ADA knew that if she drove Olivia crazy enough, she would start to get impatient. Eventually, after Alex had teased her to the brink of her sanity, the frustrated cop would pin her down, don the harness with its black silicone extension, and take matters into her own hands.

"Alex," Olivia pleaded, frustrated with the blonde's maddeningly slow pace. Alex had been subtly teasing her all evening with her sexy outfit and flirtatious comments, and she was starting to get impatient. "I want you."

"That's nice," Alex cooed, stroking Olivia's cheek and pretending not to care. Then, she dipped her head and returned to her task, kissing circles around and under Olivia's gorgeous breasts, using her hand on whichever one her mouth did not occupy. Occasionally, her fingers slipped down Olivia's abdomen in a teasing line, offering her promises of the pleasure to come, but she always stopped short of her goal.

"Alex," the detective repeated, more firmly this time.


"Hand me the strap-on. You're having too much fun torturing me."

Alex looked up and smiled innocently. "But I'm not done yet," she informed her as she ran her right hand down to stroke slowly up and down the inside of Olivia's thigh.

Olivia backed away from the teasing touch and held out her hand. "Alex." Her voices was firm, her gaze steady and serious as she looked down at the toy in Alex's hand and then back into the blonde's mischievous blue eyes.

'Oh yeah,' Alex thought happily to herself before she offered up a dramatic sigh as she handed it over, laying the length of the shaft across Olivia's open hand. "Fine."

Olivia took the toy and ran the head of it down the valley between Alex's breasts, her own pulse jumping in her veins as she watched Alex's nipples constrict in anticipation. "Lie back on the bed," she instructed as she began fitting the harness to her hips. When she was done she looked up to find Alex reclined back on the pile of pillows at the head of the bed and watching her intently. She smiled as she climbed onto the bed, sliding up between Alex's spread legs until she was able to dip her hips down to rub her new appendage through Alex's folds.

Now that she was the one being teased, Alex found her patience wearing thin. "Liv," she pleaded, pressing her hips down and trying to push herself onto the shaft of the toy, "please?"

Olivia seemed perfectly content to take her time, enjoying Alex's flushed skin and the small sounds of unsatisfied need that the prosecutor made whenever she grazed over a particularly sensitive spot. "Please what?"

Unwilling to let Olivia have the upper hand, Alex curled both of her legs around her lover's hips, clearly demonstrating what she wanted. Feeling Alex's thighs wrapped snugly around her made Olivia's heart pound and her throat go dry as more moisture pooled south, soaking the strap between her legs. She swallowed thickly. With a low sigh, she ended the fight and gave Alex what she had been begging for, entering her with a deep thrust that was not particularly gentle, but hit all of the right places.

Alex clutched at the muscles of her detective's shoulders, feeling them move under her hands as Olivia's hips fell into a steady, quick rhythm, swirling in a circle on every downstroke and making both of them shiver. "So… good," she moaned as she began rocking her hips up to meet Olivia's thrusts, the movement causing the head of the dildo to rub against that special spot inside of her that unerringly reduced her to gasps and unintelligible whimpers.

Olivia licked her lips and arched her back up so she could lean down to take one of Alex's nipples between her lips, sucking hard against the nub as she rolled her hips forward, lessening the pressure of her mouth against the nipple as she canted her hips back. She raked her teeth over the sensitive tip and nipped gently at its base as she thrust in deep and forcefully rolled her hips against Alex, driving herself into the blonde's swollen, throbbing clit.

"Oh God, Liv," Alex whimpered as she slid her hands down the detective's strong back. She grabbed Olivia's ass and pulled the brunette down into her harder as she rocked her own hips up, the combined movement driving the toy buried so gloriously deep inside her even deeper.

"So good," Olivia moaned as she released the nipple she had been teasing to claim Alex's mouth in a hot, desperate kiss.

Realizing that her lover was just as desperate as she was, Alex tightened her grip, using her legs, her thighs, her hands... anything to pull Olivia deeper. She imitated this action with her mouth, sucking the tip of Olivia's tongue and swirling around it with her own until both of them wanted to scream. Each time Olivia pistoned her hips forward, Alex's moans got a little louder, a little sweeter. The attorney writhed under the pressure of Olivia's body, the edges of the toy scraping against the most amazing places inside of her.

Olivia was completely lost in all the sensations. Being with Alex was... indescribable. Better than anything else in the universe. She didn't know how other people made it through life without experiencing this. She felt herself teetering on the edge, the quick, rough circles quickly pushing her past any semblance of control, but she held herself back, wanting Alex to be right there with her. "Together. With me, Love," she managed to force out as her pelvis continued to roll against Alex's, "I want to feel you come around me." She emphasized the request by biting down on the tender flesh of Alex's earlobe.

Alex let go with a deep, strangled cry, bringing her hands up to wrap around Olivia's torso and holding on, feeling like she would fall off the edge of the world if she didn't keep her grip. Olivia was a heartbeat behind her, clutching at Alex with equal intensity as she felt the room shake. But she couldn't seem to stop moving above Alex, couldn't resist milking the sensation for all it was worth as Alex's tight inner muscles clutched at her, trying to keep her inside for as long as possible.

When their contracting muscles eased Olivia moved to rest more of her weight onto Alex, delighting in the feeling of her lover's slightly sweaty heated skin against her own. The fact that the move also took some of the stress off her burning shoulders was another plus. "I love you," she murmured as she leaned in to kiss Alex slowly, tenderly.

Alex grinned and ran her hands back down to grasp Olivia's ass playfully. "I love you too, Liv," she purred.

Olivia moaned softly and leaned in to rest her forehead against Alex's shoulder. "You are everything in the world to me, you know that, right?"

Alex bit her lip and nodded. "I do," she whispered. "And the feeling is mutual."

"Good," Olivia smiled and nipped playfully at Alex's shoulder. "I'd hate to be in this alone."

"You're not," Alex assured her as she stroked her hands up and down Olivia's strong back, enjoying the weight of her lover atop her. Enjoying it, that is, until she felt Olivia wince slightly above her. "What is it, Baby?"

"Nothing," Olivia murmured as she shifted her weight from her left side to her right and back again. "Just, my shoulders are starting to hurt from holding myself up."

"I can fix that," Alex replied as she shifted herself under Olivia, indicating with the tilt of her hips and a press of her hand that she wished for the brunette to roll over onto her back. Olivia obliged immediately and they completed the move seamlessly, Alex shifting her body right along with Olivia so that the toy that had been buried inside her remained in place as they switched positions. "Better?" she asked as she balanced herself atop Olivia's hips to get more comfortable.

"Much," Olivia moaned as she watched Alex's hands immediately began kneading and massaging her breasts. "Oh God," she gasped as she watched Alex's thumbs brushed over her already erect nipples.

Alex's hands cupped her breasts as her thumbs continued to tease the straining points, her hips rocking slowly, not letting the dildo pull out of her yet, but shifting both of their pelvises with a slow, stirring motion. "I'm not finished with you yet."

Olivia gasped. She had been hoping for another encounter with Alex tonight, but she had expected to take the attorney from behind or on her knees. This variation, however, was infinitely better for her sore body and felt just as good. Besides, she got to watch Alex give her a free show. "Mmm. You're so beautiful," she confessed breathlessly, enjoying the pink flush that covered Alex's cheeks and crept down her throat. "I love watching you like this."

"You don't get to be a pillow queen, Detective," Alex said. "You can lie back and enjoy, but I still expect you to use those skilled hips of yours to help me out a little." Olivia was more than happy to oblige. With a quick upward thrust, she drove the head of the fake cock even deeper in to her quivering lover, making Alex's breath hitch and her breasts bob invitingly.

With a determined smile, Olivia started a rhythm, gripping Alex's hips and trying to guide her.

But Alex was having none of it.

This position was called Fem Superior for a reason, and she was going to set her own tempo. Refusing to let her pushy lover take control, she began riding her detective at a slow, steady pulse, ignoring Olivia's attempts to make her go faster. When they finally settled into Alex's rhythm, Olivia nearly sobbed into the open air of the bedroom because it felt so. damn. good.

"Mmm," Alex moaned softly as she pushed down and held still for a moment before pushing herself back up. She rolled her hips back as she rose before rocking them forward on the down stroke.

"Oh God," Olivia whimpered as the new sensations Alex's movements caused hit her. She tightened her grip on Alex's waist and began rocking in a slow, sideways, circular pattern with each of her thrusts, determined to give Alex as much pleasure as the ADA was giving her.

Alex groaned and leaned forward to rest her weight on her arms, a low growl of pleasure rumbling in her chest as Olivia's hands moved from her hips to cradle and fondle her dangling breasts. "So good," she gasped as the detective's strong hands covered her, rough callused thumbs brushing over her sensitized, straining nipples in time with their rocking hips.

Their tempo against each other remained slow and gentle as they rode their rapidly building climaxes higher and higher, slowly, tortuously higher with each thrust. The room around them disappeared as the staggering white heat grew hotter and hotter, spreading, radiating outward through their bodies until the climax they had been both seeking, and yet simultaneously avoiding, found them. Their smooth, fluid movements became clumsy and erratic as they fell over the edge together for the second time that evening.

"Alex," Olivia whimpered as she pushed herself up into her lover and held herself there, back bowed and hips extended, desperate to keep that direct, physical connection with her trembling lover.

"God, Liv," Alex moaned as she, too, held herself against her lover, the desire, the need to be connected so strong that when Olivia's hips lowered, she followed. When the last, racking spasm left her exhausted and weak, she remained where she landed – on top of Olivia, cradled against the detective chest.

After a time, the harsh realities of biology made their presence known and it was with a grimace and a groan at the rough, almost grating feeling of the toy being removed that they finally separated. Olivia quickly extricated herself from the harness and tossed it into the open bedside drawer as Alex reached down for the blankets and they settled back down together in much the same position they were before.

"Hi..." Olivia whispered, stroking the soft strands of hair at the base of Alex's throat.

The prosecutor smiled and kissed the tip of Olivia's nose. "Hello to you too, handsome."

"So, I guess you learned not to make any more bets you can't win, huh, Cabot?" Olivia teased, giving her lover a tired but satisfied grin in the semi darkness. Lights from the busy nighttime street outside filtered in through the window, but not enough to disturb their rest.

"I don't know," Alex drawled, pinching one of Olivia's softening nipples until it became a hard, sore point again. The detective groaned, partially in pleasure and partially in pain. "I pretty much got what I wanted. No one I know would complain after a week of amazing, non-stop sex with Olivia Benson."

Olivia blushed. "Yeah, well, you're the only one that gets to know what that's like," she said, a little embarrassed.

"Lucky me." Alex tucked herself against Olivia's cooling body, pulling the covers over them and kissing her softly on the mouth. When she pulled away, she felt Olivia's lips stir into a gentle smile.

"Ready to get some rest?" Olivia asked.

Alex nodded and nuzzled Olivia's shoulder, finding a comfortable spot to rest her head. "You set the alarm?"

"Mmhmm. Sweet dreams, Baby."

"I don't need sweet dreams. I already had the most amazing night..." Alex's eyes remained closed, but her next words were thoughtful. "I would rather use my rest as plotting time. I have to figure out a way to pay Abbie Carmichael back for that sea shanty..."

Olivia's eyes shot open in horror, but she tried not to let her body stiffen. Maybe a warning call to Carmichael was in order tomorrow morning. She did owe her for picking Alex's outfit, after all...

But Alex's plans for revenge were Abbie's problem. Olivia had gotten what she wanted. She had won the bet and gotten to bed the most beautiful woman in the world – multiple times. All was right in Olivia Benson's world. Not just right. Pretty damn perfect.

The End

For now... ;D