Hello everyone! Here's my first Fan fiction for Riviera: The Promised Land (and also my first fanfic on my profile). Constructive reviews after reading will be greatly appreciated. Here now is the prologue of The Dark Wings: Beginning of the End of Days.

Dark Wings: Beginning of the End of Days Prologue:

The Dark Prophesy

At a library in Asgard, a woman clad in crimson red robes was searching for something in the forbidden Section. She methodically searched all of the books inside the section, though normally it's not allowed to do so by normal denizens in Asgard. However, this woman was one of the Six Magi the proxies of the gods. So she is allowed to peruse all of the books there whenever she wishes.

The Magi's name was: Marie.

Marie continued searching while muttering to herself: "Where is it?" Asgard's continued existence is at stake. If she doesn't find the book, Asgard will be overrun by demons from Hel. But finding the book was next to impossible in this section…

However in a few more minutes…

"Found it!"

Marie took out from the shelf: A thick, worn out book that by the looks of its already withered cover made it appear like it will not last much longer. However, magic here in Asgard prevented its destruction.

Marie began to peruse the pages for the part that she's looking for. When she found it, her eyes widened in shock at what she read:

The Gods, aided by The Seven Magi, and the Grim Angels

Sealed a very destructive force in the Sacred Garden.

However the seal will only last for a thousand years before it will weaken.

Within the darkness of its depths,

An ancient evil will arise

To destroy all that everyone knew

However, an Angel, helped by a sprite,

Will destroy the creature once and for all.

And bring peace to the Sacred Garden and the Domain of the Gods.

However, the angel and his ally will face

Numerous challenges. And as time will pass.

They will have to make an important decision.

One that will determine the fate of Asgard and Riviera for

Future generations to come.

One mistake in their quest will risk it all.

Their friends will be taken and subjugated in front of their eyes.

But if they want to save them, they will have to continue,

To march on their destiny.

The Angel has already faced several adversaries in his quest for peace.

Aided by the one he has set his heart.

By their love,

They will save the two worlds.

She continued to read. Shock evident in her face as she contemplated on what she read. She wondered on who's the angel prophesy mentioned. "I wonder…"

She was still contemplating on what she said when a soldier came in and said: "Madam… the demons have arrived at Heaven's Gate."

"Thank you for informing me… Tell the others that I will be there soon."

"Yes madam."

The soldier went back to his post and Marie looked at the window facing Riviera and said: "Ein… where are you…"

A/N: Small chapter for prologue in order to fill everyone in on what's happening… I promise that Ein & the others will be shown in the next chapter. I'm not gonna say what's gonna happen to the other girls (Only one of them was mentioned in the prophesy) but I promise all will be revealed soon enough.

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