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From Dragons to Magic

Chapter One

Berk was known for its horrible weather. Torrential downpours, blizzards, and ice storms were unfortunately not occasional, and temperatures would normally be hovering just above zero. The Vikings of Berk were not strangers to chilly weather, even during the summer. Only a few nights a year had starry, cloudless skies, when fires were not built out of necessity, but for the simple pleasure of it. Young Vikings loved listening to stories that the older, more battle-scarred Vikings would tell, and where better to tell stories than around a fire?

Lately, it seemed that these "battle-scarred" Vikings were getting younger. At least, that was how it looked. The most frequent stories were told by six certain Viking teens, and it was always the same story. The tale of Toothless and the Green Death was still a favorite amongst the young ones, who never seemed grow tired of it.

But tonight, there wasn't a whisper about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his Night Fury. No, tonight, the young Vikings were hearing one of Berk's oldest legends, one that had been told again and again, generation after generation.

"I'm sure you guys have all seen it. The little tiny island, right off the coast of Berk."

The small group of children looked up at the young storyteller, their eyes wide. A bold boy with dark hair lifted his chin and said "Yeah? What of it?"

"And your parents have told you at least once not to go there. Right?"

There was a collective nod.

"Did you guys ever ask yourselves why?" after a short silence, the storyteller went on, "I mean, it looks harmless enough. Hardly any trees, not far from shore… what could be so bad about it?"

A young boy with sandy blond hair gulped and pulled a small Terrible Terror into his lap.

"All you can see on that island is a big, black, boulder," the storyteller paused to straighten his helmet before going on, "Well, it's not a boulder. It's a cave. It's been there for decades, my dad told me it was there when his dad was a kid, too."

The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes. "A cave? Is that all? Just some boring old cave?"

"Shh, I'm getting there. Anyway, no one's been in that cave for years now. No one dares approach it," the storyteller suddenly looked around, his eyes darting back and forth. He looked back at the kids again before leaning towards them, his voice dropping to a whisper, "Because a hundred years ago, a man went in and never came out."

The little blond boy clutched his Terrible Terror against his chest, his lower lip quivering.

"They sent a search party after him, but they never came back either. No one knows why. All we know is that if you go into that cave, you aren't coming back. Legend says that the cave leads to the belly of a monster, and that as soon as you step into it, you get swallowed whole."

The kid's Terrible Terror was beginning to look very uncomfortable in the small boy's grasp.

"The last time anyone went to that island was fifty years ago. They say he'd been hoping to find a good fishing spot. While wandering the island, he started to hear voices. As he slowly walked towards the cave, he started to feel sick, like he needed to stay away. But the voices grew louder and louder, and the guy was curious. When he got closer to the cave, the voices turned into something else. The voices became…" the storyteller's whispering became even quieter, and all the kids leaned closer to him, "SCREAMING!"

The kids screeched and scrambled away from him before turning to run, only two see two dark shapes burst from the bushes, causing a handful of them to tumble backwards.

The two dark shapes howled in laughter and cast aside the branches they were holding. The storyteller stood up, laughing as well.

"Not funny, Tuffnut!" the small dark-haired boy yelled at the young "storyteller". He glared at the two "dark shapes" before stomping off.

The rest of the kids quickly followed suit, leaving the three older Vikings by themselves.

"Oh man! Did you see the looks on their faces?" Tuffnut laughed again, "But Ruff, you weren't scary at all. It was Snotlout who really freaked them out."

"Are you kidding me?" Ruffnut retorted, "You can't tell stories to save your life! I could've done a much better job. In my sleep!"

"Oh yeah?"


While the twins were arguing, three more Vikings teens joined them. They had been sitting nearby, listening to the story as well.

"Guys, was that really necessary?" asked Hiccup, "I think you made one of them cry."

Snotlout shrugged, "Who cares? It'll help them man up a bit."

"No, it'll just give Berk a generation of jumpy, paranoid Vikings."

"Whatever, let's just go home," said Astrid, "It's our turn to go fishing tomorrow. We're going to have to get an early start if we want to catch enough. I don't think any of us want a repeat of last time, either."

The others flinched. Nope, last time had indeed not gone well.

"See you guys tomorrow, then."


Hiccup had just walked in the door when he remembered that it was his turn to put out the fire. Sighing, he stepped back into the chilly night air. He glanced over his shoulder at the rug by the fireplace.

"Toothless, you coming?"

The dragon's tail twitched and he opened his eyes. Stretching like a cat, he got to his feet and slunk out the door after Hiccup.

"I forgot to put out the fire again," he told the Night Fury, "Good thing I remembered now, huh? I was lucky last time that it burned itself out, the whole village might've gone up in smoke otherwise."

Toothless made a noise that was somewhere between and purr and a snort, which sounded suspiciously like laughter.

"It's not that funny! I really could've messed up big time!" but Hiccup couldn't help but grin.

Hiccup stopped as they got closer to the fire. There was someone huddled next to it, their back towards him. As he approached, Hiccup realized that it was one of the kids that had been listening to Tuffnut's story earlier.

"Hey, what are you still doing here?"

The kid with the sandy blond hair jumped and turned around, holding his Terrible Terror tightly. His face was tearstained and his bottom lip was still quivering. There was a heavy moment of silence before anyone spoke.

"That story really scared you, huh?"

Hiccup crouched down next to him, but the little boy turned away.


"It's okay if it did, you know," said Hiccup, "When I was your age, I would cry after almost every story, even the ones that weren't that scary. Especially the story you heard tonight, about the cave."

The little blond boy wiped his eyes and looked up at Hiccup, then over to Toothless, then back to Hiccup. He seemed to be having trouble understanding how someone would cry over a story and not be scared of a Night Fury. "Really?"

"Yeah. So don't worry about it," he pat the boy's shoulder and stood up again, "You should get home. I'm sure your mom and dad are worried about you. And, uh. You might want to let your Terrible Terror breathe."

The little boy's eye widened and he looked down at his squirming dragon and loosened his grip. "Oh! Sorry, Blazeburp!"

The red Terrible Terror made a sound that sounded like a sigh of relief, then wiggled out of his grasp and perched on the boy's shoulder. The little boy quietly thanked Hiccup and smiled at Toothless before waving goodbye and disappearing around the corner.


When Hiccup woke up the next morning, dawn light was just beginning to appear on the horizon. He was just about to roll over and go back to sleep when he realized that he had to go fishing today. Suppressing an annoyed groan, he sat up. When he was ready to leave the house, he tiptoed around Toothless, careful not to tread on his twitching tail. The Night Fury disliked waking up early, and was always grumpy if he had to be up before noon.

Hiccup stepped out into the crisp morning air. Even though it was chilly, he knew it was nothing compared to Berk's winters. It was only a short walk to the fishing spot that he and the others were going to use. As he approached the dock, he could see that Fishlegs and Astrid were already there, busy catching as many fish as they could. They didn't seem too happy about being up so early, either.

"G'morning, guys," said Hiccup.

Fishlegs glanced over his shoulder at him. "Good morning. Where are the others?"

"No idea. Didn't see them."

"I'm going to kill them," said Astrid, "I said we needed an early start. Look at the sky."

Hiccup wondered how this was relevant for a second, but then he looked up and understood. Dark clouds on the horizon were edging towards Berk. There would probably be a nasty thunderstorm later.

"Oh. Well, we might as well do the best we can without them," he said at last, "There's not much we can do about it."

Astrid nodded and threw another fish onto the pile.

Nearly three hours had passed when Ruffnut and Tuffnut finally showed up.

"Sorry we're late, guys," said Ruffnut. She glared at her brother, "It's this idiot's fault."

"How is this my fault?" Tuffnut retorted, "You're the one who refused to wake up!"

"Liar, I spent all morning trying to wake you up! It was you who didn't want to get up, not me!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Wanna bet?"

"Yeah, I do! And I'll prove that you're just being a cranky b—"

"Shut up, no one cares," said Astrid, not even turning to look at them, "Where's Snotlout?"

Tuffnut shrugged. "I dunno. We thought he was already here."

It was noon when Snotlout finally appeared. He didn't look guilty in the slightest.

"I have a perfectly good excuse! I—"

He did not have time to finish, however, as three fish were lobbed at his head, effectively shutting him up.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, the six of them still drowsy from being up so late the night before. There were bits of conversation here and there and the occasional (read: frequent) squabble between the twins, but nothing especially interesting happened. The dark clouds that were on the horizon that morning were now hanging over Berk, but it had not started to rain.

By late afternoon, they had caught a decent amount of fish and most of them were taking a break. Fishlegs had dozed off and Snotlout was having a one-sided conversation with Astrid, who was pointedly ignoring him by sharpening her axe. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were still fishing, trying to prove to the other that they could catch more fish.

Hiccup had wandered away from the others and clambered onto a nearby cliff. He could see the entire village from where he was standing, but he was too busy looking out onto the ocean, sketching a flock of Terrible Terrors hovering just above the water. Suddenly, a loud rumble echoed across the sky and the wind started to pick up.

"That was thunder," said Fishlegs nervously, "M-maybe we should go."

"You kidding?" said Ruffnut, "I still have to show this moron that I'm a better fisherman."

"As if!" Tuffnut shot back, "I bet I've already caught three times as many fish as you have!"

"Uh-huh, and I've been to the moon."

"Oh yeah? How about we just count our fish right now and I'll prove to you that I'm way better at fishing!"

"Will you guys shut up?" said Astrid, "If you want to stay out here and fish during an Thor-forsaken thunderstorm, fine. Can you just keep it down for a bit? I am so tired of—"

Ruffnut raised an eyebrow. "Tired of wha—?"


Hiccup was still up on the cliff, sketching the Terrible Terrors. He looked over to Astrid and frowned. "Whaaaaat?" he shouted, "Sorry, I didn't hear a word you said! Wind is pretty strong up here! Is something wrong?"

Hiccup strained to hear what Astrid was saying. Was she telling him to come back down? Were they leaving now? Why did she look like she was about to panic?


With a feeling of dread, Hiccup slowly looked down towards his feet. "Oh gods," he whispered, "Please don't tell me…"

Suddenly he could hear Astrid's voice very clearly.


It was too late. There was nothing any of them could do as they watched the ground underneath Hiccup's feet crumble. He fell into the ocean soundlessly, the howling wind muffling the sound of the splash. The five other Viking teens scrambled to their feet, searching the waves for Hiccup.

"Guys, he can swim," said Snotlout, sounding a lot less confident than he probably intended, "I've seen him swim before. He'll be fine, he'll be back here in a second."

Astrid didn't take her eyes off the water. Where was he? It was true, he could swim, every Viking was taught at a young age. So why wasn't he swimming back to shore? The current was getting stronger, but it couldn't already be strong enough to hinder him, could it? Suddenly, Hiccup was visible. He was flailing his arms, fighting to stay afloat.

"There he is!" shouted Snotlout, his voice barely audible over the sound of the thunder, "Come on, Hiccup, get over here!"

Before Snotlout had finished his sentence, Hiccup had disappeared into the water, resurfaced, and gone back down again. Why couldn't he stay above water? Hiccup was actually a decent swimmer; the current and the wind shouldn't be affecting him like this. There was something wrong, Astrid knew it. But what was it? Astrid's eyes widened, and suddenly, everything clicked. With a cold, sinking feeling, Astrid understood exactly what was happening.

"His leg…"

Everyone turned to Astrid, wondering what it was about Hiccup's leg that could've made her voice drop to a whisper like that.

"Yeah, what about it?" asked Ruffnut.

"Don't you guys get it? His leg is made of metal!" her voice had risen to an almost-panicked yell, "It's too heavy! It's dragging him down! I'm going after him!"

"Are you crazy? Do you have a death wish or something? Astrid, you're being stupid! Wait—"

She hadn't listened. She was already gone.

"I'll get help!" said Fishlegs.

It had started to rain, and it was becoming a lot harder to see anything. Thunder boomed across the sky, and the waves were getting taller and taller. Minutes felt like hours, and there was no sign of either Astrid or Hiccup.

"There! I see her!" shouted Tuffnut. Snotlout and Ruffnut followed his gaze.

They could just barely spot Astrid between the crashing waves, and by the looks of it, she was having a hard time keeping herself and Hiccup above water. She was inching back towards the dock, but she still had a ways to go.

Astrid continued to fight against the current. It was a lot stronger than it looked, and Hiccup and his metal leg were a lot heavier than she thought they were. The combined force of the current and the weight she had to haul back to shore with her was quickly sapping all her energy. The cold water was starting to make her go numb, and her mouth was stinging painfully with the sharp tang of salt water.

"L-looks like I overestimated myself…" she said weakly, "m'sorry Hiccup, I can't—"

The rest of her sentence was drowned out by the sound of a loud roar. A black blur came hurtling towards her and landed in the water in front of her.


The Night Fury disappeared underwater and emerged only seconds later with both Astrid and Hiccup held tightly in his toothless jaws. He beat his wings furiously in the water, trying to steer himself back towards Berk, but the current was too strong. With a growl of frustration, Toothless mustered all of his energy and launched himself into the air. He opened his wings and tried to angle his tail properly, but the wind was against him as he struggled to get back to shore. He glanced around quickly, looking for an alternative. Trying to make his way back to shore was impossible in these conditions; he knew the three of them would drown if he tried.

The only upside was the direction of the wind, which was blowing westward. Many times, Toothless had flown over a tiny little island in that direction. If he could land on that island, he and his two human charges would be safe until the storm ended. If he remembered correctly, there was a cave on that island big enough to offer shelter to the three of them. Deciding that this was the only way to keep his humans alive, the Night Fury took a deep breath, then surrendered himself to the wind.

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