A/N: Yes, yes, I know I'm not updating my other fics and I sincerely apologize, but I was reading the Silmarillion (don't ask me why) and I read up on my favorite character who does something amazing...and is never heard from again. No mention of death, capture. Nothing. So I asked myself, what if this person ended up in the Third Age?

Before y'all freak out, I PROMISE on my honor, this is not, repeat NOT a Mary Sue, Legomance, or anything of the kind. This is an honest to goodness character created by Tolkien. I'm simply filling in the gaps the author left out. And no, I'm not telling who this character is or their gender till next chappy.

Just read this and tell me what you think. Should I continue or leave it as is, just name the character? This is my first LOTR fanfic so I'm a bit nervous about this. Go easy on me here. This beginning of this fic is based in the Silmarillion time frame to create a basis for the character, the rest is Pre-LOTR. Just FYI.

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The wind howled in my ears and buffeted my body. I could barely stand as wave after crashing wave soared into the air before landing on the deck our ship. I held onto the rope desperately trying the raise the sail, but my efforts were constantly rebuffed by the vicious atmosphere of the storm. Streaks of light flashed, rumbles and crashes of thunder roared, the wind continued to blow, and the waves continued to knock my feet out from under me.

From amid the cacophony of sounds there rose a distressed cry of despair. Another one of our number had been lost to the raging sea. How much longer could we last? How much longer till Ulmo calms the waters of his domain and saves us? Or will he do so at all?

I was not to know at the time. For my thoughts had barely started when yet another wave crashed into me. But this time, I could not catch myself. Instead, I was carried with the rushing water over the side of the ship and splashed into the sea.

If I had been afraid before, I was terrified now. I had no wish to die. I did not want to come so soon to the Halls of Mandos. I wanted to live. But I would not live if I could not snag at least a quick gasp of air to refresh my burning lungs. My long, dull black hair tangled in my arms as I desperately tried to swim to the surface. But each and every time I thought that maybe this time I would succeed, another wave crashed and threw me back into Ulmo's dark, cold depths.

My vision began to tunnel and my lungs felt they would burst. If at all possible, my efforts increased until I finally gasped for air…

And took in water instead.

I gagged and coughed, but each time more water entered my lungs causing me to gag and cough more which only drew yet more water into me thus starting an endless cycle that would end in my death. The last I remember of those horrific moments was a brief flash of light. My hands clawing and scraping at my throat. My chest burning as if on fire. My head pounding. My ears ringing. Thinking, wishing I was not to die. Not like this. Not before I saw Gondolin one last time.

Then blackness and silence.

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