A/N: This will be a collection of the Hughes/Ed parental one-shots. So far, I have completed three but there is sure to be more.

This first one was written for FMA Fanfiction contest. The theme was Pumpkin and this was the best I could managa. It got many positive comments and I consider it one of the best pieces I have written. I am not one to write humor since it is such a difficult art and I usually just follow the safe road.


Night Trouble


"Hughes, let's go pumpkin hunting."

Hughes forced himself from his comfortable pillows to a sitting position and shot a bewildered glance at the intruder. Never would the youngest State Alchemist in the history says those words unless-

"Is he sleepwalking again?" Gracia yawned with a hand over her mouth and hair as a mess. Edward had stayed over-night many times before and the night strolls were almost like a routine.

"There's a big pumpkin that is about to eat us."

Despite his tired state, Hughes snorted and walked to the dazed boy.

"So, tonight it's carnivore vegetables. Where do you pick these stories from?"

There was no answer and no reaction when the man waved his hand in front of the boy's eyes.

"I'll escort him to his bed."

Gracia laid her head back down onto the pillows and Hughes began to walk the half-asleep boy back to his room, a hand on the pajama clad back. There was no problem getting the child under the covers and after a minute of caressing the hair, the golden eyes closed and the half-metal body relaxed.

Yet, as Hughes got up and even made sure to make no noise, Edward spoke up.

"It's going to eat me."

The words were slurred and the man was sure the boy was done sleep talking for the night.

"You better eat it first then," he gave his final advice.

At the morning, Edward woke up with feathers in his mouth and his pillow gone.