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With the zombie octopus thought in mind, the gang managed to head over to the Snorkland Hospital that's 5 kilometers away. AllStar wasn't sure it was a good idea, but if Radio is right then everyone must do their job for this to be a success, but what is their job.

"Stick together," instructed Radio, "Don't go wandering off either, that's how people get bitten."

"Seen it before?" asked AllStar.

"Seen it in the Outback."

When the gang approached the hospital, their were luggage and trash everywhere. Cars filled up every space in the parking lot and ambulances were abandoned off the side of the road, the whole place was deserted with no zombie or snork in sight. It was signs of anarchy that happened just a few hours ago.

"No other snorks around," said Radio, "This would make our job easier, no need to use the car alarm plan anymore."

"So what's the new plan Rad?" asked Junior.

"Go in and remove the element of surprise," said Radio, "Zombies don't get surprised, announcing our entrance inside the hospital will spook them out of hiding."

When the gang walked into the hospital, they saw a lot of blood everywhere. Smashed furniture and garbage littered the lobby, there were also dead security guards and doctors on the floor along with the bodies of zombies with head trauma.

"To lower the search for supplies, we'll look into the Nursing Unit of the hospital." explains Radio, "The last time I been there is when Junior, accidentally, dropped a piano on me."

"What!" asked Berry.

"Long story Berry," said Junior, "We'll talk about that later."

Radio's memory of the Snorkland Hospital is incredibly accurate as AllStar and Junior hadn't seen everything, they ended up going to the restricted areas of the hospital where they managed to find the place where they synthesis bacteria and viruses. "Looks like they made no attempt on finding a vaccine," said Radio, "Grab the necessary equipment guys."

The gang soon grabbed whatever that looks important, a lot of medical supplies at most. They filled their backpacks full of it and also grab the machinery they need for making the vaccine. All in the while Radio stands near the door to the hall to keep a lookout, and every few seconds he fires his rifle. "The zombies are coming out to play," said Radio as he comes back into the room, "Let's see what you have."

After eyeballing the stuff that the gang had collected, there were machinery and microscopes all inside a large plastic container that is vital for researching the cure. Radio gives the approval.

"Okay," he said, "That's seems to be enough, where did you get the container by the way?"

"We found it in the closet," said Casey.

"Where's Berry?" asked Radio.

"Here," said Berry as she walks out of the closet, "Not much inside there."

"Let's get out of here guys," said AllStar.

"Occy, Rex," said Radio, "Let's go."

The octopuses follow the snorks out through the same way they came, AllStar noticed freshly slain zombie patients and doctors strewn throughout the hall. This easily explains on why Radio was shooting his gun, the hospital was still infested by zombies. When the gang made it out through the entrance, they see why all the hospital was deserted.

Bigweed appeared out of nowhere and held what appears to be a bubble rifle at the gang, Lil' Seaweed stood nearby armed with a bubble pistol. The two Sea Urchins looked like they have nothing to loose, which is going to make things more difficult to get out of the situation. "Freeze," ordered Bigweed, "Hand over the medical supplies!"

Berry was so shocked that she dropped her rifle on the ground, Radio stayed calm and tossed his rifle on the ground. "Look Bigweed," he said, "We're trying to help the snorks in Snorkland in looking for a cure."

"What makes you think you can save Snorkland?" asked Bigweed.

"If the zombie virus kills all the snorks in Snorkland," noted Radio, "That leaves you with no snorks to enslave making a total takeover of Snorkland pointless."

"You have a point there," said Bigweed, "If Snorkland is devoid of snorks, there won't be anyone to boss around. However, there is you to deal with."

"I've seen my fair share of violence," said Radio, "Just let us go Bigweed, it ain't worth it at this time."

Suddenly, they heard glass shatter and a loud roar ripped through the water. "Run," said Radio as he picks up his rifle, "Runaway!"

The snorks took off running as Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed went the other direction. After getting about a few meters from the hospital, Radio looked back and saw a horde of zombies just running in from all directions outside the hospital parking lot. Luckily they have gotten far enough from the hospital and avoided the trouble there, the group slowed down and caught their breath. "Well that went off well," joked Berry, "I only wish Bigweed is on our side."

"Let's get back to Dr. Gallio's lab," said Radio, "We has enough for one day."

They walked straight back to Dr. Gallio's lab and knocked on the door. When Mr. Seaworthy opened it, the group walked in with the required medical supplies in hand. "It's only been an hour!" said Mrs. Seaworthy.

"The plan happened to be done backwards due to the location of the zombies," said Radio, "Bigweed took care of the rest, we won't be seeing him in awhile."

"Let's get the equipment in the lab," said AllStar.

"After you AllStar," said Radio.