Vlad wakes up in the middle of the night, unable to find sleep from the nightmares he's been having. He slips out of bed and puts on his shoes, a shirt, and his favorite hoodie. He quietly steps down the stairs so he doesn't wake Nelly up.

The air is chilly, but the night is beautiful. When he stops by Bathory High, he concentrates and hovers up to the belfry. He skims through the pages of his father's journal, wanting to see his face again. He looks at Tomas Tod's picture. "Hey dad." His dad smile's at him and Vlad smiles back. After a couple of hours, Vlad hears a noise outside.

He floats off the belfry and quickly looks around. He doesn't see anyone, but then he gets knocked off his feet. "Vladimir Tod, we meet again." Vlad knows that voice. Cold and cruel; black leather gloved- hands pick him up by his throat. D'Ablo. Vlad struggles for air. "What do you want now?" D'Ablo smiles and says, "I have found another way to get your status as pravus, and you're not getting away this time." There's another way? What other way could there possibly be?

D'Ablo ties Vlad up and throws him in a nearby car. He's probably taking him back to the office building in Stokerton. Vlad tries to get out of the rope, but it's too strong. Why can't he get out? There must be a little garlic mixed with it… Vlad is pretty sure.

Vlad looks behind at a car that's following them. I wonder where they're going. They're lucky that they're not being stalked by a lonely mean vampire. D'Ablo parks by the office building and drags Vlad to the elevator. When they reach the room, he straps Vlad to the table. He also straps a weird looking helmet on Vlad's head. What the crap is this? D'Ablo's wearing one to. He picks up a book, and tells Vlad, "If I can't steal your powers, I'll just have to be you instead." What? "You mean… switch places?" D'Ablo smiles again; that must mean yes.

He starts reciting some sort of spell (in English). Right when D'Ablo says the last few words, Henry bursts through the door, and punches D'Ablo. He takes off D'Ablo's helmet, and while Henry touches it, he gets a weird feeling; like he's leaving himself.

Vlad wakes up. What happened? When he looks around he sees himself strapped to a table… over there! He looks at himself. He's now really tan, he's Henry now! Vlad walks to where his body is strapped to a table and unstraps him. Henry wakes up and realizes what's happened. They look at each other in horror.