Vlad and Henry walk up the steps of Bathory High. "You ready?" Vlad asks Henry. "Ready as I'll ever be." They go through the doors, and everything looks as it should. Some popular kids are waving to "Henry". Vlad looks at Henry with a longing, questioning gaze. "Dude, it's fine, just go." "You sure?" "Yes Vlad, I'm sure. Get your taste of popularity while it lasts." Henry watches Vlad run over to the popular kids, and he disappears in the crowd.

A couple of big hands grab "Vlad" by the shirt and throw him against a locker. "Ready for today's beating goth boy?" Tom says. Bill punches Henry in the stomach. Henry gasps and catches his breath. He didn't know Vlad had it this bad at school. Henry tries to use Vlad's mind control powers, but Bill and Tom are too quick. The one minute warning-bell rings and Bill and Tom run off.

Vlad meets Henry by his locker to go to first period, and Vlad notices that Henry has a small bruise on his cheek (which is beginning to heal). Vlad knows who did it. "Bill and Tom?" Vlad asks. Henry just nods. "Do they do this to you every day?" "Just about." Henry grabs a book inside his locker. "How was the popular crowd?" "Kind of awkward. I didn't really know what to say." Before Henry or Vlad could say anything else, they tardy bell rings.

It's finally lunch time at Bathory High. All the students grab their seats in their usual spot. Henry and Vlad take their seats at their table. They talk about their day so far, and what it's been like to them in each other's bodies. Vlad hasn't been too bad. He's popular now. Henry on the other hand, isn't having as much fun. "Okay Henry, next time Bill and Tom come around, I'll come stop them." "Are you sure?" "Yes. They need to learn to pick on somebody their own size. And I don't think that they'll beat up someone popular like you." They exchange glances, happy to have each other's backs.

After the final bell rings, Tom and Bill come over to Henry, wanting to finish what they started in the morning. Bill is just about to throw a punch when Vlad walks over. "Back off guys, or you will regret it." Tom looks at Bill and they decide to walk off. "Thanks Vlad." "No problem Henry."

They walk back to Nelly's house, with the promise of chips, video games, and blood.