"I am a Jedi, like my father before me," my son was saying.

I felt pride swell within me.

"Very well, young Jedi. Now... you will die," Palpatine was saying.

He blasted Luke with Force Lightning. Luker screamed and writhed in pain.

I remember the pain of the single blast from Dooku years ago and how much that had hurt. His blast had only been to knock me down and out, which it did, but Palpatine's attack was meant to kill.

I struggled to my feet and to Palpatine's side, never taking my eyes off Luke.


I blinked.


I knew that voice. It was Qui-Gon!

Anakin, help him!

I didn't move.


Now it was Obi-Wan.

Help him! He's your son!

I still didn't move.

"Father! Please help me!" Luke cried.


My mind raced as I tried to decide what to do. Then I heard Qui-Gon again.

Only you can save him, Anakin! He's your last hope for redemption!

My heart was now telling me to help him as well.

"Please, Father! Help me!"

Help him!

Both were now urging me.

I moved forward, grabbed Palpatine, lifted him above my head, and headed for the railing. The agony of the Force Lightning was no being inflicted upon me. My life support was quickly fried, and my legs and arms threatened to give way, but I continued and threw him down to the reactor core.

I then collapsed.

Luke dragged me to my ship.

"Help me take off this mask."

"But you'll die without it."

I smiled under the mask.

"Nothing can stop that now."

"No. I've got to save you."

Stubborn, kind hearted boy.

"You already have."

Luke carefully took off my helmet and mask, and at long last, I was able to see him with my own eyes.

He was blond as I had been as a child, with my blue eyes, and tanned skinned.

"You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were... right."

(Luke's POV)

Those were his last words as he died, his blue eyes closing, and his body disappearing. I escaped the exploding Death Star II and made it back to the Ewok village.

That night, as everyone celebrated, I burned my father's suit, giving him a proper Jedi funeral.

After I hugged Leia, Han, and Chewbaca, I glanced off to the side and smiled. There were the spirits of Ben, Yoda, and a young man, whom I could only guess to be my father.

I went after Leia and Han.

(Anakin's POV)

Obi-Wan, Yoda, and I watched Luke go after Leia and Captain Solo.

Padme appeared, and embracing me, she also watched our children.

Qui-Gon appeared and looked at us.

"Well done, Anakin. Now, come on. It's time to go."

We left them to their celebration, but we'd always be watching over them.

I didn't regret my choice. I gave my life to save my son.