(Friday June 22 update: This story now includes all of xoxtamaraxox's work. Chapters 1-15 are her story "Youre Life With Ron Weasley". Chapter 16 starts with her new story "Draco and U" For those of you who have already read my commentary on "Youre Life" can just skip to that chapter. I have also changed the title of my commentary to fit xoxtamaraxox's other stories. If I can get my hands on the other story I will also comment on that but it was deleted before I could grab it.)

So I have noticed that there are a lot of stories out there with commentary on My Immortal. I decided I wanted to do something similar to that but if I have to read My Immortal one more time, I will probably kill myself. Then I found this little gem. It is called Youre life with RON WEASLEY by the "author" xoxtamaraxox. It is almost as bad as My Immortal. Probably the second worst HP fanfic out there. I will be translating the AN. Everything said by me will be in bold obviously.

Now without further ado, I give you the masterpiece, Youre life with RON WEASLEY

Aothors note; ok! Leik sooo high guyz!dis iz my now fanficton!so it is caled: You're life with Ron Wesley!

Sooooo leik im a hugeeeee harry potter fan! I think dat Rupert grift is totally the hawtest guy evar! ^_^

I leik love how his hair iz like red, and it leik gos over his eyes alittle. It makes him look alittle emo, but nawt 2 emo so its god!

BTW, a luv emo boiz there sooooooooo hawt and coot! Im also emo! I cutt my rist sumtimes, and I just died my hair blak! Itz really really really coot!

Ok! Sooooooooooo I should probly start da story now1! Looololloll.

AN: ok! Like so, hi guys! This is my new fanfiction, so it is called Your Life with Ron Weasley!

So, like(oh dear god, you won't keep saying that right?), I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! I think that Rupert Grint is totally the hottest guy ever!

I, like, love how his hair is, like, red and it, like, goes over his eyes a little. It makes him look a little emo (no it doesn't) so it's good!

BTW, I love emo boys. They're so hot and cute! I'm also emo! I cut my wrists sometimes and I just died my hair black! It's really really cute! (That doesn't make you an emo my dear, that makes you a poser. I was going to rant about stereotyping emos and groups of people in general, but I really don't feel like it.)

Ok! So, I should probably start the story now! LOLOL. (uhhhh, it's going to be a long day)


I just woke up! I puled bak the curtins an outcide I c the sunbeem coming thu my window! "Itz a nice day out" I say. (Such an "emo" thing to say)

I taik of my pijuamas. I waz sleping in a verry coot (you do know that a coot is a type of bird right? No? You're going to keep using it anyway? Alrighty then) blak top. It was kind of like a spots bra butt a litle lunger cuz im not a slut lol (sure). Then I taik of my pijamas. They where blak to (of course they are)!And they r realy comforty becuz they r flufy

IM GOING 2 NOT DECRIBE MYSELF NACKED BECUZ THTS GROSSE! DNT THINK ABOUT THAT! (We weren't expecting you to. I'm thankful that you didn't)

After I put on my new clothers I feeled very comforty! Ill explain wat I wpre! (I wont explane my underware becuz I think thts grose lol0 (Please stop)

I had new shoes on! I just bout them yesterday wit the money my parets sent me for fun! They were leik sports runing shoes (except I hate!(random exclamation point) Exercise!(Then why did you get them?)) they were blak with pink laces! Verry veryy coott! Every1 told me thiey where jealus of them becuz they cost a lot of money! (pplz were loking at them in the story 4ever in hogmeadas so I told my parnts abought them n they sent me the money 2 by them b4 any1 else could! (So am I to understand that your family is rich? Very Mary-Sue quality stuff right there.)) (ooo! I go to Hogwarts btw, becuz I dnt think I mentioned it yet!1)(I think we could figure that out ourselves).

Then 4 my pants I wore lather. (they where blak 2!) my bum lookd very nice in them becuz pplz tell me my but is VERRRYY nicelol! (Are you done describing your appearance yet?)

My shirt was blak 2 but wit like sum pink skuls like one the buttom a rond the hole shit! It waz very coot!

Soooooooo! When I finshed geting dresed I waked down the stairzzz! I entred the slythrin commun room an then pplz turned to stair at me! Every1 told me I was butiful! (Do you even try with spelling and grammar?)

Sooooooooo many nice complimonts lololololol!

So I told them I aprecated it an then walked out of the commun room down 2 the gate hall!

While I was eating my creal (witch (lolololol get it?(Unfortunately)) was rice crispries) some1 taped the bak of my shulder! I turned arond. 'im trying 2 eat her!' I scramed at the persone becuz whoever it was is veryyyyyyyy rude to intrupt me whale im eating!

But when I saw who I was stairing at I forgot al about my angre! (Why? Let me guess, a "gorgeous emo" boy is behind you. What is with Mary-Sues and forgetting their anger in the presence of a "hawt" one?)

2 b continued ! (tell me wat u think! 33333333333) (What is the point of the 3's?)

Let's start counting off the Mary-Sue characteristics now shall we.

She is beautiful. Everyone says so.

People are jealous of her.

Her family is rich

She gets whatever she wants.

We are in for a hell of a tale. I'm really starting to get annoyed with the absence of vowels in some of the words she uses.