With a foul mood, Hrist Valkyrie stormed through the halls of Valhalla. On a good day, people would usually give the battle maiden a wide berth and avoid eye contact with her whenever possible. On a bad day, people would run away, screaming for dear life.

Today, it seemed, was not a good day.

She looked around and spotted two Aesir guards, standing guard at one of the many doors that led to the main hall. Hrist didn't recognize either of them in the standard revealing garbs that that were mandatory of for all of the females of Valhalla (with the exception of the Valkyries and their Einherjar). 'Not that I care about knowing any of these people', she thought. A simple 'Hey you' will suffice for them.

"You, I wish to know the whereabouts of Arngrim. Have you seen him?" she asked with an air of impatience in her voice.

"uh, yes milady, he came by and entered the west stair hall about an hour ago." She said nervously.

The goddess made a disgusted noise as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Of course he did. He is undoubtedly sleeping the in the stairwells again."

The two guards looked to each other then stared back at the Valkyrie, obviously unsure of how to respond to this. Hrist instantly grew irritated at having wasted her time in conversing with these women. So she casually pushed both of them aside (knowing that they would never dare respond for fear of risking a violent death) and continued down the hall to where they said he was.

It wasn't all that hard to track him down, as soon as she was close enough; all she had to do was follow the sound of his impressive snoring. Soon she stood over him, turning her head curiously as she wondered how anybody could ever find comfort on stairs. She was about to give him a harsh kick, and an even harsher reprimand for sleeping in random spots, when he began to murmur in his sleep.

"Get em Hrist… kick their asses…" he said, smacked his lips together for a second and continued snoring.

Hrist was stunned 'Is he dreaming of me?

She was touched, Arngrim was actually dreaming of her, in what was undoubtedly honorable combat. All of the anger seemed to seep away, and was replaced with a warm feeling within her. She stared fondly at her mercenary and took a seat beside him to see if she could catch anymore snippets of what was going on in his head.

Xxxx [The dreams of a noble Einherjar]

Arngrim sat in an extravagant oak seat, lined with gold trim and soft comfy cushions. Crowds as far as the eye could see, encircled an expansive arena; in the center was a single square ring, which stood about three feet off of the ground. Magical ever-burning torches that lined the walls cast the entire place in a cerulean blue hue.

The only sounds that could be heard were the semi-quiet mumblings of the crowds. There was a sort of electricity in the air, as everyone was anxiously anticipating the night's events. Arngrim's seat had the best view by far, as his was elevated above the rest. He could easily make out the faces of his fellow Einherjar, and the Aesir that inhabited the beautiful halls of Valhalla. There was a small "ahem", just loud enough to be heard over the crowds, Arngrim looked and saw one of the Aesir servants. A pretty blonde, that wore the same green, curiously short outfits that the gods seemed favor here, held a tall mug of ail that he graciously took.

He didn't even get to take drink, when the torches suddenly dimmed. Everyone quickly took a seat and turned their rapt attention to the center ring as a bright stage light (where it was coming from nobody could see) suddenly reveled Rufus standing in the center stage, wearing garishly ostentatious red robe as he held a microphone up to his lips.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for coming. Tonight, we are going to watch the most anticipated match, in the history of Valhalla! Are. You. ready?" The crowds erupted in a thunderous roar of cheering that lasted for a full minute. Then as quickly as it started everyone quieted, as Rufus brought the microphone back up to his lips.

"For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the 9 worlds! I give you…In the Red Corner, from the royal halls of Valhalla... The ferocious…The fearsome… that Fine Fiery Hell-Cat… FREYYAA!" Again the crowds exploded in another wave of thunderous cheering as Freya suddenly appeared 30 feet above the ring. Suspended in the air, she crossed her renowned legs and assumed her trademark mock sitting position as she lowered herself to the ground, leaving a small ripple in the very fabric of time and space in her wake.

With a haughty sneer she spoke, her loud voice carried easily over the roaring crowds.

"You're mad, if you think we gods will let you have Arngrim all to yourself!" She straitened herself out as she touched down. Placing one hand on her hip, she used the other to blow Arngrim a kiss and gave him a wink. A jealous few females could be heard booing her before Rufus spoke again.

"And in the Blue Corner, we have…the baaad girl of Valhalla herself! …Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Voluptuous…The Vivacious… That Vindictive Vixen… HHRRIST VALKYRIEE! Another explosion of deafening applause was heard as a single, violet bead of bright light descended from the ceiling. As soon as it touched ground, there was a blinding flash as Hrist Valkyrie stood to her full height, her black wings spanning out before they vanished in a flurry of black feathers and sparkling light. Hrist took a single step forward, allowing one of her creamy smooth legs to slip out of her skirt, as she summoned her halberd and pointed it at Freya.

"I will not stand by, while you gods steal the heart of my Einherjar!" She boomed in a voice that commanded absolute authority. She turned to Arngrim within the crowds, and flashed him a small but smitten smile. With the challenge made, the crowds were absolutely Hysterical, as Rufus once again raised the microphone and continued.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" Rufus paused for effect, as the two mighty goddesses stared each other down. "LLLETS GET RRREADY TO RUUUMMMBLLE" The two women charged forward across the ring, but instead of Freya using her divine power, or Hrist using her sheer skill with her mighty halberd. The two women tackled each other to the ground.

The crowd went nuts as the two women rolled around on the mat. They groaned and grunted, they slapped, pulled hair, and skirts were torn as they frantically tried to pin the other to the ground. Rufus was suddenly off to the side as the at a desk, he had a headset on and was excitedly wiping sweat off of his face as he narrated the fight.

"In all my years I have never seen a catfight quite like this! Both women seem intent to bring the pai-" The crowd flared as Hrist managed to grab Freya's dress and tear away the midsection, exposing her midriff. Then Freya, with fury in her eyes Clothesline the battle maiden.

"Oh my gods! Things are absolutely heating up in there and… NO! It can't be-" Nobody seemed to notice until it was too late. Lenneth and Silmeria Valkyrie slipped into the ring, unnoticed in all of the confusion, they snuck up on the two combatants. Silmeria slipped her arms under Hrist's and bent over backwards, pulling her sister along with her; slamming her to the mat with violent force, and executing a perfect suplex.

Freya on the other hand , so stunned by the turn of events, never saw Lenneth sneak up behind her and slam her in the back of the head with a folding chair (like everything else in Valhalla, it was lined with gold trimming).

Then, for absolutely no reason, foam was suddenly being shot into the ring, dousing the four in a frothy mess. Arngrim stood from his seat a look of awe on his face as the ring, and the woman in it, descended into sexy chaos.

"This is the greatest day ever!"


"…now all of you kiss and make up…" He murmured, with a smile that was growing impossibly wider by the second. Hrist stared at him with a deadpan expression on her face. She swiftly stood up and kicked him on the side of his leg, causing him to instantly jerk awake with a "huh?"

"Stop sleeping on the stairs!" she boomed, and hurricane Hrist stormed off to go reap terror somewhere else.

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