As promised, a sparkly new Ch.1, and en entirely new plot line to the story. What will happen next! Your guess is as good as mine.


The tall man sighed as he watched his son levitate over the grassy path to the van, rambling about his training with Sasha and other things- All involving the Psychonauts.

"No missions, Razputin. Or powers until we're done." The man reminded, and Razputin nodded to him, grinning widely.

"I told you I wouldn't, and I'll keep to that. Have a little faith in me!" Augustus only shook his head, watching as Raz dropped himself by the passenger side of the van. He then took his own seat on the drivers side, climbing in slowly.

"Just be sure to keep it in check- Especially around the other competitors at this months event. You know how they get.." Razputin jumped into the van and saluted his father, chuckling.

"I'm great at control, you know me!"

"Yes, I know you. That's why I'm afraid." His father commented in return, but started the van nonetheless before driving off.

This was going to be a simple circus run, nothing special. Not too long, but not so short it was pointless. Unfortunately, Razputin liked none of the performers as they were often times very reluctant to accept any form of Psychic activity. Often times the competitors would try and make him mad for no reason, just because of how different they were- His father's fear. But it wasn't a big deal, right? There was always something to pick on anyone for, powers weren't any different.

Seeing his son was deep in thought, Augustus reached his hand forward and turned on the stereo, awkward silences always fell over the two males. It seemed like it had been that way forever. He let it go though, it was just how they were and nothing would change that. Augustus was always a relatively awkward man, which was probably why he never moved on, thus leaving him with only Razputin and the circus to revolve his life around. The younger male in the seat next to him knew this, which was probably the reason he never objected to the idea of running the circus still.

"We'll make it there in about three hours." He stated, and the space was filled with music once more, a simple nod from the brown clad boy.

After Razputins hands played with his jacket in a nervous manner, he found that it was no longer satisfying and went to grab the goggles from his bag, looking them over before pulling them onto his head with a satisfied sigh. How long had it been since he'd worn them? Months? A year? He didn't know, but they brought back memories. Things like Sasha, and Milla, and...Lili. But before his mind could sadly wander to such a girl, it was interrupted by a random outburst.

"I remember when I first saw you in the Meat Circus." Augustus stated a bit shakily; Talking to his son at all was a tad bit strange, and it became even more so when Raz looked over and gave his father a certain look. "You just...became so different. I can't really explain it. You weren't any taller, you didn't get fat..." Raz looked up at his dad, eye brows raised as he watched his father trying to speak. This sounded like his father was trying to be nice but was trailing off in directions he didn't mean to go. But finally, he got to it. "And then.. When they gave you your uniform.." He pulled off to the side of the road and looked over at his son. A sudden look that Razputin had never soon was in them, was it.. pride? Happiness? A mix of pride and pain..? "You've changed, Razputin, on the inside. I wasn't completely aware of it then, but I understand now what it is. You're growing up."

Razputin beamed with self confidence, eyes lighting up. Of course he was growing up, he had to. He had to be just what the other Psychonauts needed! But bragging wasn't allowed, as his father spoke again.

"I'm proud of you. Really. You knew what the risks were, but you followed your heart. In the end, that's what every parent wants their kids to do. To do something great, something they love." A long pause followed. "But, I worry..." The man shook his head and closed his eyes, hiding the glossy look they were getting as emotions overcame him. When they stopped threatening to let tears trail down his cheeks, he started the van again and began driving.

"Dad.." Razputin started, wanting to ask just what it was that brought this on, to comfort his dad and tell him it was okay, but he couldn't bring himself to say more, and found this even more true once his father spoke a few silent moments later.

"But you know that what I do is only because I want to keep you safe. I want to keep an eye on you, know what you're doing... I don't have much left in my life, Razputin. You're aware of this. And you are the biggest part of what few years I may or may not have. If I lose you in a circus accident, or to some mission with those Psychonauts.. I'd be broken. More broken than I am now- I'd be unfixable. So if I seem like I don't care about what you're doing, or if I say no to going out places... Its for safety, Razputin."

"For safety," He repeated in a whisper, nodding slightly and staring at his dad with wide eyes. It was like an "I love you" from an awkward parent to an even awkwarder child, and they both knew it. Razputin took it hard, though he'd received a speech like this once before, it didn't stop the feeling of regret for leaving his father at home alone.

Augustus glanced over, feeling his son's gaze on him, and sighed. Wrong timing? Too much? Too soon? What?

But finally, he saw a smile crack onto Razputin's features.

"For safety." He repeated louder, and gave a thumbs up, only to turn back to the window and leave the van to fill up with soft music.