Lunacy- I had a document on my computer that stated where the story was going. Right? Well, we got a virus and had to redo everything. So, I apologize for the messy chapter.


The show had started in brilliant light, crowds filling in and Razputin's friends waving in the front row, cheering him on. He and his father took to their acrobatics like the professionals they were. The crowds seemed to like them more than the Galochios, which caused some slight discomfort with the earlier statements they made.

Raz could tell his father was a little nervous, but used to it. After all, the man had probably gotten worse threats that what their new competition had. But in the process of watching his father swing from bar to bar and trying to do his own routine, Raz slipped up. It wasn't a big deal, he just had to catch himself and keep going. He looked at the audience, trying to scan them for any disappointment he may have caused. When he found nothing, he tried to concentrate again, only to single out three very, VERY familiar people in the crowd.

Sasha watched him with arms crossed, his usual neutral look in place and glasses ever present. Next to him was Milla, who happily seemed to be chatting away, poking Sasha and pointing to Raz and Augustus. Then was Ford, who needed the occasional chastising while he was probably ranting. Raz grinned happily, whispering, "Time to show them what I'm made of."

He flipped his best flips, and flew through the air easily- Only to miss his target, and fall into the pool of water beneath himself.

"Razputin!" He could hear his dad yell, hand outstretched to him. Raz watched him as he fell, his own hands flailing while he tried to think straight- Tried to think like Sasha.

/Levitation!/ He remembered, and the ball gave him just enough time to jump in the other direction and land on the hard ground.

The audience was silent, even as Raz groaned in pain. Everything seemed to stop, his father included. Raz sat up and stood, trying to act like his body wasn't hurting, waving a little. A sigh of relief seemed to come from every person in the audience- Until Raz stepped forward and just fell to the ground.

"We need a medic!" Augustus called out, jumping down to his son and trying to comfort him.

Raz's point of view was blurred by pain, but he started to laugh.

"I almost fell into the water, that would have been bad, huh?" But his dad didn't respond the way he'd hoped.

"Shut up, this is no time for joking."

"What happened?" Milla asked worriedly, grabbing onto Sasha, who also had a look of worry, even if you couldn't see his wide eyes.

"I'm relatively sure that he was trying to do his best and got sidetracked," He explained, brows furrowed. "Grab Dogen, Fred, and Gloria then meet me behind that curtain." He gestured to the place the medics were now, carrying Raz, with a gloved hand, then got up and started to walk in that direction. He dodged a few people, almost frantically trying to see if the boy was alright.

Raz blanked out while the medics were testing his bones and how he was breathing- Talking about how a fall like that could have killed him.

"Why did he purposely dodge the water?" One asked, and another snorted.

"The kid's a psychic, you never know what they're thinking...Crazy freaks..."

Sasha entered just before another and far more rude comment was made, first seeing the worried but angry look on Augustus' face- No doubt from his hurt son and rude doctors. Then he noticed the bruised up boy, sleeping.

"Mister Nein," Augustus greeted/asked, eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Hello, Mister Aquato." He looked over Raz's father as he sat down next to him on a row of barrels, seeing his eyes fixed on Razputin. "Something seems to have been bugging him?" He offered, and Augustus nodded in response, which very much surprised the agent. When the man didn't speak, he gave a silent sigh and started, "We came here to check up on him, as we haven't heard from him in a series of days. Though I'm guessing this is the least of your worries.." Then to the doctors he asked, "Is he alright?"

The one who had asked about the water glanced over, his different colored eyes fixing themselves on Sasha before he answered, "He'll be just fine. A little sore, but nothing is broken or fatally damaged." Both men sitting on the barrels sighed in relief, and the two doctors moved away from the bed they had Razputin on. "When he wakes up, just take him with you. We have to see if any more excitement occurs." And with that, both doctors wandered away.

It was an odd silence once they left, and the two men had no conversation going. Sasha respected that, since Razputin easily could have died. He was about to excuse himself when Augustus suddenly, asked him an odd question.

"Do you this Razputin would ever run way?" Sasha stared, about to bring up the fact that Raz did run away, but was met with correction. "Again, I mean." Sasha leaned back and crossed his legs, sighing audibly while looking the boy over.

"I suppose it would depend on this situation. He ran away because he thought you hated him, if I recall right. So if that situation or one similar were to come up..."

Milla then entered, an odd look on her features.

"I'm unable to bring the three with me to see Raz. Someone else showed up." Sasha and Augustus both looked up in a confused manner, then they heard the familiar voice.

"Get out of my way, moron! He better be okay, there's no way I'm going to help run the Whispering Rock camp without him!" Then, Lily burst in.

Augustus couldn't help himself, he looked away from the girl in a slightly upset manner. He was really beginning to dislike this girl.

Sasha realized this, as did Milla. She lightly put a hand on Lily's shoulder, only to be shoved off while she ran to Raz's side.

"Hurt. AGAIN. He really doesn't belong in the circus, he's obviously not experienced enough."

"Lily, I think it's best you leave, darling." Milla hinted, eyes narrowed a bit sadly. "Mr Nein and Aquato were discussing something important."

Sasha then got up, pushing his sunglasses into place.

"Its fine, Milla, we'll have to talk to Razputin later. Until then, Lily, please stop filling his head with useless ideas." He knew what was going on now, from talking to Augustus and reading into Lily's and Razputin's minds. He didn't like this at all, all the tension and the way Lily was trying to persuade Raz... As much as he adored her skill, he didn't adore how she was beginning to turn out since their last meeting. "Milla, Lily, why don't we go discuss this years camp arrangements with the others?" Both the girl's went to object, but he pushed them out.

Augustus sat alone, staring at the ground. Something in him told him to just step in and act like all the other parents did- Tell his son what he could do. But the other part told him that he should let it be, that Raz was different.

"You're a smart boy, Razputin. I know you'll do the right thing."