Fresh Meat

Summary: Blind Mag wanted to finally meet her goddaughter, but Amber was in a wicked mood and had other ideas. It started with teasing Mag about how similar Shilo looked to Marni, but then Amber wouldn't let Shilo leave…

Disclaimer: I do not own Repo! The Genetic Opera, unless we're talking about a copy of the DVD or the soundtrack.

Pairings: dubious, abusive and/or one-sided Mag/Shilo, Amber/Mag, Amber/Shilo

Author's Notes: This horrific idea was implanted into my brain using inception. I think Amber hired Dom Cobb and his team to give me this fucked-up story, because it's taking over my brain and I can't bloody write anything without thinking of this stupid idea. Enjoy the fruits of the inceptor's finest mind-rape.

Shilo found herself brushing off her arms, as if trying to erase the touch of the taciturn GeneCo henchwomen. Did they really have to be so rough? And why did Mr. Largo have her dragged into one of the many tents in the fairground? He knew she had to get home before her dad discovered she'd been gone…

A rustling sound startled Shilo. When the entrance flap parted, Shilo gasped aloud as none other than Blind Mag stepped inside.

"I'm sorry. Did I startle you?"

"Um…I…a little," Shilo stammered. She briefly wondered if she were dreaming; Blind Mag was occasionally a character in her dreams.

Blind Mag took a few steps forward, seemingly studying Shilo. The girl half-expected a beam of light to come from Mag's eyes and scan her. "Is your name Shilo?"

"Y-yes." It dawned on Shilo that Rotti had never told Mag her name. "How did you know?"

"Your mother told me the name she had picked out for you." She paused. "You look so like her."

"You knew my mother?"

"Yes…I promised her I'd be present in your life, because…" Mag trailed off and looked to one side before continuing. "I'm your godmother."

Shilo's eyes widened. "R-really?"

Blind Mag nodded. "Before you were born, Marni asked me to be your godmother."

"Why…why haven't we met before?" It was almost too much to take in. Shilo's head spun and she staggered a little.

"Are you all right?" Suddenly Mag was at her side. "Come, sit down." The singer led Shilo to a white medical chair, the sort that tilted back for examinations, and helped her sit.

"A little dizzy." Shilo struggled for breath for a moment, then calmed. "I'm okay." She noticed one of Blind Mag's hands was resting on her waist, the other on her shoulder.

"To answer your question, we haven't met because your father told me that when your mother died, she took you with her."

"Dad told you I died?" Shilo found herself looking at the ground. She'd seen plenty of pictures TV broadcasts of Blind Mag, but it was so strange to actually see her in the flesh, to see anybody but her father in the flesh. Also, Mag was even more beautiful in real life than in pictures and Shilo didn't want to stare. "And…he never told me I had a godmother…" She felt Mag's hand move from her shoulder to her face, the backs of the woman's knuckles brushing softly against her cheek.

"The resemblance is striking." Blind Mag's voice was nearly a whisper. "At first I couldn't believe it. But when I saw you, I knew you were her daughter. I still can't believe you're alive." Mag trailed her fingertips over Shilo's cheekbone, lightly, as if she were afraid the girl might suddenly vanish or evaporate into mist.

"I can hardly believe it myself." Shilo blushed. "I mean, you're my favorite singer." Coming out of her mouth, it seemed like a pathetic revelation compared to the fact that Blind Mag was her godmother.

"It's so good to meet you…and I have much to tell you." Mag cupped her palm around the curve of Shilo's jaw. "But first…may I give you a hug?"

Shilo's blush deepened. "Of course." Who would refuse a hug from Blind Mag? She leaned to rest her head on Mag's shoulder as the singer's arms encircled her. Shilo returned the embrace shyly, marveling at Mag's thinness; she would have thought an opera singer would have a deeper ribcage.

Blind Mag gave her a gentle squeeze. "My goddaughter…" Shilo could barely make out the words.

A sound from the opening of the tent made Shilo look up, and she was surprised to see the only Largo girl—Amber, Shilo thought her name was—swagger into the tent. "You know Daddy doesn't like it when you sneak around with your dearly devoted fans, Maggie," said the woman in a snotty voice that was almost a snarl. "He'd probably tell you to remember who you belong to."

Blind Mag instantly let go of Shilo and stood up, facing Amber. Her stance was firm and bracing, as if she were trying to shield Shilo. "I'm well aware that promiscuity is your department," Mag snapped. Shilo almost jumped at the sudden iciness in her voice.

"Who decided to pick you up? Let's see her."

"Shilo, stay where you are," Blind Mag commanded.

Amber wrinkled her nose. "Shilo? She looked like a chick. Is she some kind of genderqueer freakazoid?"

"Don't be insensitive just because the only type of elective surgery you haven't wanted is gender-altering."

Amber sniggered. "I just thought you were only into girls. It's kind of an open secret you're a cunt-licker."

That confused Shilo; as an avid Blind Mag fan, she'd never heard a single thing regarding the singer's orientation. She peeked at Amber, curious about the bratty-sounding woman making wild accusations. Amber saw her.

"Oooh, Maggie, she's delicious."

Shilo immediately cowered, heart racing.

"She's my goddaughter." Blind Mag's voice could have turned rain to snow in the middle of August.

"Really?" Amber advanced into the tent, accompanied by a few of her silent mooks. "Is she Marni's brat, then?" A grin spread over her face. "She's the spitting image of that bitch. I don't know what Dad saw in her, but she was hot. You certainly thought so."

"Leave us alone. This doesn't concern you."

Amber snickered. "Oh, so you were going to fuck her."

"I said: she's my goddaughter. I wanted to speak with her."

"And by 'speak with', you mean 'get under her skirt.'"

"You're wrong," said Blind Mag coolly. "I want you to leave."

Amber walked up to Mag and began toying with her hair. "Getting defensive? That means you're lying. And I don't wanna leave. You know I like to watch. Is the little one uncorked? You going to pop her cherry?"

Blind Mag swatted Amber's hands away, and an ugly look crossed the (formerly) Largo woman's face.

"Shilo." That was Mag. "You should go."

She didn't have to tell Shilo twice. Shilo scooped up her bag from the floor and ran for the entrance.

"Stop her," said Amber lazily, and one of the men stood between Shilo and the open tent flap, blocking her.

"Amber, you don't have to bring Shilo into this. Let her leave."

Amber looked over her shoulder at Shilo, gazing at her lasciviously. Shilo suddenly wished her skirt were longer. When she turned back to Mag, she spoke again. "You don't get it, do you, Maggie? I said I don't like to be told I'm wrong, and right now, I want to be proved right. Besides, she's a cutie, and I'm getting sick of you and would like some fresh meat."

Shilo felt a lead ball drop in her stomach.

"You will not touch her!" Blind Mag snapped.

Amber smirked. "Okay, then. Either she's yours or she's mine." Amber quickly strode to Shilo, who was too frightened to move, and seized her arm. She shoved the girl in Blind Mag's direction; Mag caught Shilo and held her tightly. Shaking, Shilo buried her face in Mag's shoulder. Blind Mag twisted so her back was to Amber, hunching her shoulders protectively and rubbing a comforting hand over Shilo's spine.

"Mag, I'm scared," Shilo whispered.

"It will be all right," Blind Mag murmured in response. "I won't let her hurt you."

"I bet you want to shove your hand up her right now, but you can start slow. Kiss her," Amber commanded.

Blind Mag didn't move; she remained there holding Shilo and stroking her back.

"She's yours or she's mine, Maglet. You could watch while I…"

"Be quiet." Mag cut Amber off, much to Shilo's relief.

"Then kiss her."

Blind Mag stepped back slightly from hers and Shilo's embrace, still holding the girl by the waist. She tilted her head forward and kissed Shilo's cheek, both her hands moving up to cup the girl's face. Shilo's eyes fluttered shut, whether in pleasure or agony she wasn't sure.

"On the lips," Amber instructed.

Whilst still holding Shilo close, Mag whispered two quiet, half-broken words in the girl's ear: "I'm sorry."

Shilo's heart thudded painfully in her chest. She wouldn't object to a kiss from Blind Mag, but anything more…

The pads of Mag's thumbs brushed over Shilo's cheekbones, and with exquisite care, she touched her lips to Shilo's. Shilo trembled a little, reaching out for Mag, her only ally in this fearsome scenario; Mag's lips were gentle on hers, almost comforting. Inexperienced and unsure, Shilo kissed back, and felt Blind Mag wrap her in a warm embrace. Shilo relaxed, finding the right rhythm of her mouth against Blind Mag's, and for a moment she wasn't afraid at all.

"She likes you, Maggie."

The interruption brought Shilo crashing horribly back to earth. One look at Amber's leering expression and Shilo buried her face in Blind Mag's shoulder again. Mag held her tightly and Shilo tried not to listen as Amber breathed down Mag's neck: "Is she making you hot, Maggie? You want those sweet virgin lips of hers on your cunt, don't you?"

"Amber, you're disgusting." Blind Mag's voice dripped with disdain. "She's my goddaughter."

Shilo knew Mag was telling the truth; the kiss they had just shared had been purely gentle, not lustful at all.

Amber snickered. "She looks like Marni, though. And oh, you wanted to tap that so hard…"

"Maybe I was in love with Marni, but I'd never have approached her romantically. She was straight. I don't go about forcing myself on those who aren't interested. Who do you think I am, you?" Mag's voice was like a whip. Despite the harshness of her words, she began stroking Shilo's back reassuringly again.

"Okay, so maybe Marni wouldn't fuck you, but the little one seems to be into you."

"One kiss doesn't mean consent. And she's only seventeen."

Briefly Shilo wondered how Blind Mag knew how old she was.

"How about it, mini-Marni? You want Blind Mag to lay it down on you?"

"No." Shilo's voice came out as a sob.

Immediately Mag began rocking her side to side, whispering in her ear "I won't hurt you, I promise. I won't ever hurt you."

Shilo tilted her head up and kissed Mag, hard and desperate, an act of panic as opposed to affection. Mag cupped the girl's face in her hands again, brushing tears away with her thumbs. Blind Mag's soft kisses consoled her. But when Shilo again rested her head against Mag's collarbone, she heard Amber say another awful thing.

"Take her clothes off."

"I won't," said Mag firmly before Shilo had time to cry out.

Amber shrugged. "Okay, then. I'll do it." She snapped her fingers and suddenly one of Amber's mooks was tugging Blind Mag away from her, and Amber herself had Shilo by the arms, pinning her to the chair…

"Mag!" Shilo screamed. "Mag, help me!"

"Amber, stop!" Blind Mag shouted. "I'll do what you say. Just…don't touch her. Stay away from her."

Amber rolled her eyes. "Make up your fucking mind." But she let Shilo go, and the man released Mag, who rushed to Shilo and embraced her tightly. Shilo clung to Mag like a drowning man to a rope. If this had to happen, at least it would be Blind Mag, who was kind and gentle and didn't want to hurt her.

Shilo lay back on the medical chair, accepting her fate. Blind Mag lay beside her, taking her hand and covering her mouth with more kisses. She had figured out that kissing comforted Shilo; the girl reached up to bury her hands in Mag's soft hair, responding to the singer's tender kisses in kind.

"Did you not hear me the first time, bitch? Take her clothes off!"

Blind Mag ignored Amber and continued kissing Shilo. "I'm sorry, Shi," Mag murmured between kisses. "I'm so sorry."

"Mag!" Amber snapped warningly.

Mag trailed a hand down Shilo's throat, unhooking her black bow tie choker and dotting her neck with tiny kisses. Shilo tilted her head back, still running her fingers through Blind Mag's dark mane. The kisses kept her from panicking as Mag undid a single button on her blouse, then reached for her hair.

"Don't…" Shilo started, but it was too late. Her wig came loose under Blind Mag's caressing hand. She flinched in something like shame, closing her eyes. She felt Mag's palm on her hairless head.

"Shilo? Why are you bald?" Blind Mag whispered.

"I have a blood disease," Shilo replied, starting to cry. "It made my hair fall out. And it's why I can't leave my bedroom. When Mr. Largo brought me here, I didn't have my mask…I have breathing trouble…"

"Breathing trouble," Mag repeated softly. She faced Amber without getting up. "Amber, for God's sake. She could die."

"So it looks like either I kill her or you do," Amber smirked.

"She's an innocent girl! And she's sick! Have some pity!"

Amber shook her head, a wicked grin spreading over her face.

"You're more like your father than most people know," said Mag acidly, squeezing Shilo's hand.

"Still bitter because Daddy took your cherry?" Amber snickered.

"Be quiet." Blind Mag closed her eyes, and Shilo thought she heard them whirring behind the eyelids. She reached up to touch the singer's cheek.

"Did you cry, Maggie?"

"Amber, shut up!" Mag yelled. Shilo sat up and hugged her; Mag kissed her cheek. "She's not going to let you go," she said lowly. "Do you have a rescue inhaler, or anything you can take to keep you safe?"

"I have pills," Shilo replied. She got up and reached for her bag, pulling out her bottle of pills.

"Pills?" Amber sniggered. "She can't get you pregnant."

"They're for her disease." Blind Mag brushed a hand against Shilo's cheek. Shilo pushed two pills to the very back of her mouth and swallowed. "Do you need water?" she queried softly.

"No, I'm all right."

"I'll take her panties off with my teeth if you don't get her shirt off," Amber warned in a disquietingly perky voice.

"Lie down," Blind Mag said gently, kissing the girl's forehead.

Shilo lay back down on the chair, Mag leaning over her, blocking Amber's view. Amber huffed and walked over, trying to get a good vantage point over Mag's shoulder. Blind Mag cupped Shilo's cheek in one hand and kissed her, the hand then trailing down Shilo's throat to undo a single button on her blouse.

"I can't see," Amber whined.

"You're crankier than usual," said Mag coldly. "You're…what do they say…jonesing, aren't you?"

"Show me her tits," Amber snarled.

"You want to be going through withdrawal while trying to…enjoy yourself?" Mag trailed her fingertips down Shilo's jaw line. "Are you sure you don't need…a hit?"

Amber made a sound of frustration.

"You wouldn't kill for Z right now?" Mag crooned. Quickly, her hand slipped down to Shilo's and squeezed reassuringly.

"You repressed rug-muncher, shut up and get that little cunt's clothes off like I told you!" Amber shrieked.

Blind Mag looked crestfallen. "Don't call her that," she said through her teeth. "You can call me whatever you want, but don't you dare call Shilo anything."

"What are you going to do?" Amber sniggered.

Mag tilted her head down until her forehead was touching Shilo's. "I'm so sorry," she moaned. "She's a complete addict…I thought it would work…"

"It's okay, you tried." Shilo kissed Mag briefly.

Blind Mag's hands shook as she carefully unbuttoned Shilo's vest and blouse.

"Take 'em off completely," Amber ordered.

Mag helped Shilo sit up and pushed the sleeves off of her arms, leaving her wearing only a plain white camisole covering her torso.

"Tits," Amber snarled.

Shilo found herself shaking, though it wasn't particularly cold. Blind Mag ran her hands over Shilo's arms, trying to control her shivers. Slowly, giving Shilo plenty of time to adjust to the feeling of it, Mag slipped her hands beneath the hem of Shilo's camisole and guided the garment over her head, immediately gathering the girl into her arms. Shilo hugged Mag warmly, kissing the singer's neck and hoping she knew it meant a thank-you.

Amber yanked Shilo back, out of Mag's embrace. "Mmm, look at those sweet tiny titties…" Amber reached for Shilo, who tried to squirm away; Mag's arm shot out and grabbed Amber's wrist before she could touch Shilo.

"You said either she was yours or mine. And she's mine." Blind Mag covered Shilo's body with hers, nuzzling her throat with her nose and lips. "Are you all right?" she whispered.

Shilo clutched at Mag's shoulders. "I'm…I'm…just don't let her touch me, and I'll be okay."

"I won't." Mag kissed Shilo where her jaw rounded into her neck.

"More kisses," Shilo begged.

Mag nipped at Shilo's earlobe. "It soothes you, doesn't it?"


Blind Mag stroked Shilo's face, leaving a stream of kisses down her throat. "Your heart seems all right."

"It's fine now."

Shilo closed her eyes. Mag's light kisses felt like a moth's wing beating against her skin. Mag has Lepidoptera lips, Shilo thought with a small smile, thinking back to her insect collection at home.

"You know where your lips are going next, don't you, Maglet?" Amber chimed in.

"What?" Shilo cried out.

"Your breast," Mag murmured.

Shilo whimpered. "Be careful."

"Always, Shi." Blind Mag pressed a kiss to the center of the girl's chest. "Shilo, your heart…"

"I'm sorry. I'm scared."

"Shh, shh. Relax. Try to breathe steadily." Mag's hands slid up and down Shilo's arms. "I'll be careful. Just please, try not to panic…I'd never forgive myself if…if you had trouble breathing."

"Okay," Shilo whined. She forced a few deep breaths into her troubled lungs as Mag's soft lips met the small swell of her breast.

"Hurry up, Maggie. Make her squeal."

"Don't listen to her," Mag sighed against Shilo's flesh. She kissed Shilo's nipple lightly, earning a gasp from the girl. Mag continued with her gentle kisses until Shilo's gasps became soft moans.

"Don't be such an insensitive bitch." Amber took one of Mag's hands and placed it over Shilo's other breast. "Work both of 'em."

Shilo groaned; instantly Mag stopped her kisses and looked up, concerned, at the girl. "Are you all right?"

"Mag, it's too much…please…just…gently." Shilo had, of course, never been touched so intimately before. So at first having Blind Mag kiss her where she was so sensitive had almost been hyper-stimulation, but after a while she had become accustomed to how it felt. More prepared this time, she was able to enjoy Mag's continued kisses and, now, two fingertips tracing circles around the tip of her breast. "Like that," Shilo sighed.

Amber swatted the back of Mag's head. "I told you to stop being insensitive. You haven't even sucked yet, have you? Come on, Maggie, you know how good that feels."

Shilo released her tight grip on Blind Mag's shoulders long enough to stroke her hair. "It's okay."

Shilo felt Mag's teeth brush ever so lightly against her nipple, then a startlingly pleasant sensation as the singer drew air into her mouth. Shilo cried out.

"Shi, are you all right?"

"Don't stop," Shilo panted. Mag obeyed her; Shilo buried her hands in Mag's silky hair.

"She's good, isn't she?" Amber smirked.

Without thinking, Shilo nodded yes.

"Ah, well, all good things must come to an end," Amber sighed melodramatically. "Bite her."

Blind Mag stopped what she was doing and glared at Amber. "No."

"Listen to me, bitch. Bite her. I told you to make her squeal."

"I'm not going to hurt her."

Amber scowled. "Fine." Amber fisted one hand in Mag's hair and tugged her away from Shilo. Shilo sat up, alarmed, and watched in horror as Amber wrenched the top half of Blind Mag's dress off and sank her teeth into one of Mag's breasts. Mag shrieked, a sound that made Shilo's blood run cold. Before Shilo could force herself to make noise, to shout at Amber to leave Mag alone, Amber flung Mag back at Shilo. Shilo embraced Mag tightly. Now that Blind Mag was also half-naked, Shilo could feel Mag's warm, bare flesh pressed against her own unclothed chest. The feeling of skin against skin was surprisingly comforting.

"Now bite her, or I will."

Shilo felt a single sharp tremor run through Blind Mag's body, as if she had let out a silent sob. Shilo clung to her, almost praying. She almost flinched when Mag laid her down on the chair, almost didn't hear what Mag whispered in her ear: "When I squeeze your hand, scream like I'm hurting you."

Shilo came close to nodding, but then remembered Amber could see her. She played along; when Mag's mouth covered her breast again, she whined and begged, "Oh, Mag, please don't!" Half a second later, Mag gave Shilo's hand a squeeze; Shilo screeched and affected a dramatic wince.

"Now let me see." Amber pulled Mag away from Shilo for the third time, scowling as she examined Shilo's undamaged breast. "Pathetic. Then again, I've got high standards." As if she were presenting an award, Amber splayed out one hand, gesturing at Blind Mag's unprotected chest. Shilo's eyes widened in horror as she noticed that Mag's breasts were covered with little scars that had obviously resulted from healed bite marks. The most recent bite mark was oozing blood.

"You're a monster!" Shilo cried out in terror.

Amber laughed outright. "Why don't you give her a try? She's nice and soft." She raked her nails over Mag's scarred flesh. Shilo swatted Amber's hands away; Mag sank down to her elbows, head tilted down.

"Mag?" Shilo asked softly. After Blind Mag's kind, protective treatment of her, she deserved something in return. "Can I?"

"Please." Mag's voice was a hoarse whisper.

Shilo reached up and gently cupped Mag's breasts in her hands, kneading the delicate flesh. Mag bit her lower lip, struggling to not vocalize. Shilo kept massaging, careful not to irritate the one still-bleeding wound. She rolled the tip of Mag's uninjured breast between her thumb and forefinger, and Mag tilted her head forward to stifle a moan against Shilo's shoulder. "Thank you," Mag said throatily, moving to kiss Shilo. As she did so, her center of gravity came to rest against Shilo's hips. Shilo moaned into Mag's mouth, arching her back to press herself against her protector's body.

"Looks like she's ready," Amber sniggered. "Oh, Maglet, guess what you'll be doing next."

Mag stopped kissing Shilo. "Amber, haven't you seen enough?"

"Nope," said Amber cheerily.

"She doesn't want…don't make me do this." Blind Mag sounded close to pleading.

"Either you go down on her or I do. And you know I'm a biter." Blind Mag closed her eyes in agony; Amber saw her hesitation and continued speaking. "You can be gentle and all that stupid shit, but you'd better get fucking going."

"Mag." Shilo kissed the singer's cheek. "It's okay."

Amber tugged Mag's hair. "Now."

With an unreadable expression on her face, Mag sank down to Shilo's waist, unbuttoning her skirt, pulling off her panties. Gripping the sides of the chair, Shilo spread her legs for Blind Mag.

Shilo trembled as the felt Mag's tiny, slick tongue enter her body, and then there were her fingertips, exploring cautiously as if she truly cared about finding the places that would please Shilo. Whimpering and struggling to keep her breath steady, Shilo wrapped her hands around fistfuls of Mag's dark mane. She was exquisitely gentle, just as Shilo knew she would be. And Shilo would have guessed, but never would she have truly known, how skilled she was at pleasure-giving. Half an hour ago, Shilo would never have guessed that she would be so willing to let Blind Mag make love to her. But now, her body quivering and rocking in response to Mag's soft tongue and teasing fingertips, all she could think was how the lovely singer had turned what was once a nightmare into a very pleasant dream. A foot away, Amber was watching hungrily and stimulating herself frantically with one hand, but Shilo didn't even notice. The girl moaned roughly as she peaked, long tremors shaking her body. As Shilo lay still with a blissful smile on her face, Amber dragged Blind Mag away from the chair and forced Mag to her knees. She forced Mag's face close to her groin, groaning as Mag reluctantly did what Amber desired.

By the time Amber climaxed, Shilo was barely coming down from cloud nine. She sat up to try to tell Amber to stop hurting Mag, but by the time she was able to get coherent words out, Amber had dismissively pushed Mag to the ground and swaggered out.

"Mag?" On shaky legs, Shilo got up and staggered over. Her breathing felt oddly shallow, and as she knelt beside Blind Mag she fought to force air into her lungs. "Mag, I'm sorry I didn't stop her."

"She's done much worse." Mag wiped her mouth off on the back of her hand. Her voice sounded strangely flat. "Let's get you dressed." Without even adjusting her own dress, Mag hurried back to the chair and retrieved Shilo's clothes. "Come here, I'll help you."

"Mag…" Shilo laid a hand on the woman's shoulder. Had what just happened between them meant nothing?

"I'm sorry," Mag choked out. "I failed you, I'm sorry…"

"No!" Shilo wrapped her arms around Mag from behind and kissed her shoulder. "You didn't fail me."

Footsteps approached, and an authoritative voice called out from the front of the tent. "Mag! Are you in here?" Shilo recognized the voice immediately; it was Rotti Largo.

"Oh, God, it's Rotti." Mag hurriedly pushed her arms back into the sleeves of her gown. "Quick, Shilo, hide!"

Shilo crouched—still naked except for her boots and stockings—behind the chair. She could hear Mr. Largo's angry voice. "You have a call time coming up."

"I was…detained…by your daughter. You should keep your offspring on a tighter leash."

Shilo heard Mag cry out, once, and then there was silence for a while, followed by one more terse sentence from Rotti: "Get yourself cleaned up. You have twenty minutes."

When Shilo came out from behind the chair, Blind Mag was on the ground, her dress once again half-off, her arms folded tightly around herself.

"Mag?" Shilo knelt beside Mag and hugged her. After a moment of remaining motionless, Mag flung her arms around Shilo and held her close. "Are you okay?"

"I broke my promise to your mother." Blind Mag whispered. "And to you."

"No…" Shilo kissed Mag's hair. "You promised me you wouldn't hurt me. You didn't."

"I promised your mother I'd take care of you." Mag's voice was barely recognizable. "And I r… I r…raped you."

"No rapist could be as gentle as you." Shilo kissed Mag again, on her neck this time. "I wasn't…faking. I enjoyed it."

"That doesn't mean anything if you didn't consent!" Mag cried out.

"I did consent. Remember? I said it was okay." Shilo ran her hands over Mag's spine and shoulder blades. The lingering feelings of utter contentment were just beginning to wear off, but not so much that she wasn't oddly distracted by the fact that Blind Mag had a lovely back.

"Earlier, you cried at the idea of…of…Shilo, it was Stockholm syndrome. You never would have consented if Amber hadn't made me do those other things to you." Mag sniffled.

"But it's okay," Shilo sighed, trailing her fingertips over the slight inward curve in the low of Mag's back. "The…issue of consent aside, I'm okay. You stood up to Amber. You tried to make her let me go. You did protect me."

Blind Mag made a noise halfway between a sob and a laugh. "I'm glad the…experience ended up being pleasurable for you."

"Then what's wrong?" Shilo nuzzled Mag's throat.

"I…I was…interested. In you. I never would have forced you into anything, or…or even mentioned it, I only wanted to talk to you, but God help me…" Mag kissed the top of Shilo's head. "You're beautiful." She sounded agonized.

Shilo blushed deeply. "Am I? Really?"


Shilo felt strangely flattered, even though she was aware that was a horribly inappropriate way to feel after what had just happened.

"Oh, God, I'm no better than Amber…or Rotti…"

"Don't say that!" Shilo blurted out. "Don't say that. You just said you would have never forced me to do anything. And…for what it's worth, I really don't feel like I was…raped."

Blind Mag didn't say anything.



"Was what Amber said about…about her father true?"

"Yes." Mag's arms tightened around Shilo. "And to answer her question, I've never cried so hard in my life, except for when your mother died."

"So…the Largos, they…use you." Despite her remaining euphoria, Shilo shuddered.

"I wanted to warn you." Mag murmured. "I heard Rotti say he could help you. But I couldn't stand the idea of GeneCo doing to my goddaughter even a…a fifth of the horrible things they did to me."

"I don't know if you'll believe this, but you're good at protecting me."



"May I…may I kiss you?"

"Of course." Shilo leaned back from their embrace far enough that Mag could kiss her. This time, the kiss was warm and loving and full of new promises.

"Thank you, Shi," Mag sighed as the kiss came to a natural end.

"Now I have something to ask you." Shilo was sure she was blushing furiously.

"What is it?"

"Could we…try this again? Without Amber yelling at you, and…"—one of Shilo's hands drifted to cover Mag's injured breast, for she couldn't bring herself to speak of what had caused the wound—"you know, in private? For real? And…I can maybe do more for you?"

Blind Mag smiled almost shyly. "I'd love that."

"When can I see you again?"

"I can come to your house tonight." Mag pecked Shilo a kiss. "Now…let's get you dressed before Rotti comes in to shout at me I've missed my call time."

Blind Mag helped Shilo get back into her clothes. "Oh—I've forgotten this." Mag picked up Shilo's bow tie choker from the ground.

"You can keep that, if you want," Shilo smiled.

Mag returned the smile and wound the necklet around her wrist so it wouldn't interfere with her singing. On an impulse, Shilo wrapped Mag in her arms again. "I can't wait to see you again," she sighed.

"Me neither, Shi." Mag kissed the top of Shilo's head again. "I'm sorry I have to leave now. But I will see you tonight."

"See you tonight." Shilo pressed her lips to Mag's throat one last time before they parted. At the tent's entrance, Blind Mag turned back for a moment and blew Shilo a kiss. Shilo caught it.

A/N: This is the worst story I have ever created and I hate myself.

Oh, and Lepidoptera is the order name for butterflies and moths. I figured Shilo, being an insect collector, would know that.