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The book Ziggy is reading is Heir to the Shadows, book 2 in the Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop. And i does make a lot more sense in context.

Part of my schmoop_bingo card on lj. Prompt: birthday

Double Day

"I kind of hate you."

Dillon paused and looked up from where he had been working on his car. Summer stood before him, giving him a very exasperated look, balancing a few bags on her arms. Dillon arched an eyebrow, leaning his elbows on the car. "Why?"

"Because for some idiotic reason, you decided it would be a good idea to have your birthday celebrated on the same day as Ziggy's!" she huffed. "Remind me why you decided that again?"

"Uh, he's my boyfriend." He threw out, finding himself more amused by this confrontation than anything.

Summer apparently sensed that because her look shifted into an annoyed glare. "It's a stupid idea. It causes more trouble than it's worth." She informed him.

Dillon thought back to the very long, thorough kiss Ziggy had all but attacked him with when he told the younger man. "No, I kind of have to disagree with you there." He replied, smirk shifting onto his face when Summer snarled at him.

"You're not the one that has to go shopping for presents for the both of you." She hissed. "I'm the kind of person who over thinks everything when it comes to presents. It takes me hours to find one! I can't handle getting the both of you something at the same time."

"I told you I didn't want anything." He said, shaking his head. "And Ziggy only wants cake."

Summer just gave him a dull look, making him sigh. "It was a bad idea." He conceded, just to get her to stop staring at him like that. It was starting to freak him out a little. Summer could be vindictive when she wanted to be. Fortunately, Summer immediately lost her glare, a bright smile taking over.

"Thank you for agreeing with me Dillon. That wasn't so hard, now was it?"

He decided, wisely in his opinion, to not answer that one at all, let alone truthfully. "Do you need help with those?" he asked, nodding his head towards the bags she was carrying. Summer immediately jerked her arms to the side, as if trying to get them further away from him. "No peeking!" she snapped, but her eyes were warm and it looked like she was trying to hold back another smile. He held his hands up in surrender.

He watched her walk away, sighing and shaking his head. Women. He turned back and finished the work he was doing on his car before cleaning off his hands and jogging up to Ziggy's room. He found the younger man lying on his bed, flipping through a book as if looking for a certain part. "What are you doing?" he asked, leaning against the door to watch him.

"I'm looking for the part where Jaenelle stops the sun from rising for three days." Ziggy informed him before looking up at him. "I swear, it makes sense in context."

"I'm sure it does." Dillon agreed. "I thought I should inform you, Summer kind of hates us now."

Ziggy watched him for a moment in confusion before humming. "Good for her. I don't want to know, do I?" he asked.

He shrugged one should and entered the room fully. "It's nothing that bad. She's just a little annoyed is all." He said before leaning down to steal and quick kiss. Ziggy smiled and moved over a little so he could sit next to him. Dillon obliged, mirroring his position. "So, tell me more about this book."

Ziggy's bright smile more than made up for the confusion the book caused.