Secunda Fortuna

By: Angelwarrior1

Rating: M

Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Harry Potter

Summary: He had survived the final battle, but he carried something with him. Fearing the reaction the wizarding world would have, Harry Potter left and traveled to Gotham City…

Obligatory Disclaimer: As I always seem to forget about these things, I'll only to be posting this once. I do not own Harry Potter or Batman. They belong to their wonderful creators.

Story Notes: This will be taking place after the first two Batman movies, Batman Begins and Dark Knight. The only things I'm changing from the movies is that Rachel does not know that Bruce is Batman, so there was no romance between them. As for Harry Potter, things are canon up until the Train Station scene in the seventh book. After that things go AU. I will however add in that Harry has been practicing a bit of wandless magic, as it will benefit him greatly to have this ability in the story. Also, this story will contain m-preg, but not the usual kind where Harry got pregnant by having sex with someone. You'll just have to keep an open mind about how he got pregnant.


He opened his eyes. He was laying on his stomach. He laid there for a long time or maybe not, he wasn't sure. Everything was a bit… hazy. Pushing himself up on his hands he looked around himself. There was mist all around him. Such bright mist, even the floor seemed to be made of nothing but brightness. Looking down at himself he saw that he was nude. Oddly, this did not bother him. A noise distracted him from his musings. It was a thumping and whimpering sound. It made him uncomfortable and he suddenly wished he weren't nude. No sooner had the thought left him, did soft robes seemingly fall onto his body. He looked up when his surroundings seemed to morph before his eyes. That sound, he could now see the source. He recoiled at the sight. It was the small form of a naked child. It was under a bench. The skin of the child was flayed and raw, left there so small and unwanted.

Even though the child was small and fragile, he was afraid of it. He reluctantly approached it though, his fear caught in his throat. He reached out to touch it, but his fear inevitably held him back. He felt so cowardly in that moment.

"You cannot help." Harry spun at the voice.

Albus Dumbledore stood before him. Whole and undamaged in midnight blue robes.


"Yes Harry."

"You're dead though."

"I am indeed." Dumbledore spoke of it in a factual manner.

"Then… I'm dead too." Harry didn't know how to feel about that.

"So it would seem. However, I do not think that is the case." Dumbledore smiled that knowing smile that told Harry the old man was holding out on him.

His jaw clenched in anger at the thought.

"Not the case?"

"Not the case." Dumbledore's eyes started their twinkling.

"But he hit me! I took a direct hit from the Killing curse intentionally!"

"Precisely, which makes all the difference."

"I don't understand."

"But you do." Dumbledore twiddled his thumbs happily.

Harry felt his temper growing.

"So I let him kill me, what has that accomplished?"

"Much my dear boy."

Harry thought over everything that had happened for a moment.

"A piece of his soul was inside me. When he killed me… It's gone?"

"Yes, it is. Your soul is now your own."

Harry looked over at the small wriggling creature under the seat. Something was calling him to it.

"What is that?"

"Something that is beyond our help."

Harry shook off the feeling from the child and continued on.

"How can I be alive if I took the killing curse?"

"I believe you know the answer to that. Think back."

"He took my blood?"

"Yes! Lily's protection is inside both of you. He tethered your life to his."

"Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"You were his seventh Horcrux Harry. An accidental one."

"You… knew all along?" Harry's anger was about to bubble over.

"I had guessed. My guesses are usually correct."

"You… sent me out to die on a mere guess?!"

"My boy it-"

"Oh stop! No more half-truths! I'm tired of you only telling me part of things! I've done everything you've ever asked of me! And for what? This? You led me like a lamb to the slaughter on a guess! You never even told me your suspicions! Don't you think that's the kind of thing I should've known?"

"If I had told you, would you have done what was necessary?" Dumbledore looked at him with sad and tired eyes.

Harry looked away from those eyes. The man was too good at making others feel guilty with a mere look.

"You'll never know now, will you?" Harry muttered bitterly.

The creature under them whimpered in pain. Harry couldn't stand the cries of it anymore. He bent down to look at it. It really was a hideous little thing. Let it never be said that Harry was anything less than compassionate though. He picked it up. Dumbledore shouted.


It was too late. Harry was holding the squirming mess in his arms. He winced at the raw skin that rubbed against his arms and wished he had a blanket for the child. A blanket appeared on the bench. He wrapped the tiny thing into it.

"Oh Harry, you really shouldn't have done that." Dumbledore had a defeated look on his face.

"Will you actually tell me why?"

"I do not think you would be ready for the answer." Harry simply sighed at that and rocked the whimpering babe in his arms.

"You said I couldn't help it."

"Yes, that's right."

"How do you know? Have you tried?" Harry stared down at the quivering mass of flesh.

After not hearing a reply for several moments Harry glanced up at Dumbledore. The older man seemed at a loss of what to say.

"You already knew what would happen if I picked it up, didn't you?"

"No, but I have a strong guess."

"You won't share it with me though, will you?"

"I really don't think now would be the best time for you to know the consequences."

Harry glared softly at him. He had already known he would not be getting a satisfying answer.

"So what now?"

"Now, you decide."

"Decide what?" Harry looked at Dumbledore with a confused expression.

"Whether you will stay here, or return to face Voldemort for the last time."

"I have a choice?"

"My dear boy. You have always had a choice. Even when it does not seem like it."

Harry's glare softened. For all of Dumbledore's faults, he really was just trying to do what he felt was best. He really couldn't stay too angry with Dumbledore for not telling him about the Horcrux inside of him. What would he have done in Dumbledore's place? He really couldn't say. He gave a small smile to Dumbledore to let him know he was forgiven. Dumbledore smiled sadly back.

"Do you think I'll really be able to make a difference if I go back?"

"You have nothing to lose by going back Harry. You've already shown that Death does not frighten you. Voldemort has not shed that fear."

Harry nodded, his mind made up as he looked down at the child who'd oddly stopped whimpering after being rocked by Harry during the conversation. He looked up at Dumbledore, only to catch the end of a contemplating look on the man's face. A look Harry had seen before, which usually wasn't a good sign. It meant Dumbledore had figured out something. Something that probably wasn't good for Harry. Just as Harry was about to ask what he'd deduced, everything got brighter.

"Goodbye for now Harry."

"Wait! What will happen to the child?!" His voice sounded extremely loud suddenly.

"Only what is meant to." Dumbledore's voice was booming at this point.

Dumbledore watched as young man and baby faded away. Whispered words faded with them.

"I can only hope you have the strength of heart to endure."


There's the prologue for you. I hope it came out okay. I'm a bit nervous about posting my first story with HP lore in it. I only hope I can do the world of HP justice. I'm going to go ahead and ask for Beta readers now. I need one well versed in HP lore and one well versed with Bruce Wayne/Batman characterization. I'm aiming for a Bruce Wayne/Batman who is as in character as possible. I'll be trying to make him a little more like his comic and animated counter parts. So I'll need a Beta reader who can spot whether or not Bruce/Batman is acting way out of character or not. Obviously the characters personalities will be changing as events unfold, but I'll do my best to make them act as believable as possible. If you see any spelling issues as far as spell or wizarding terms go please tell me. *Crosses fingers* Hope you'll enjoy this one.