Well here is a less funnier story I guess people like humor than any other type of story eh I guess it's

yaoi fever if I'm not mistaken because yaoi is too yummy for words. Sighs then drools.

Anime: Naruto

Disown: The characters from naruto

Characters: Deidara and some other ones

Well, now here are a few safety tips for all you readers out there...

1. Yaoi (boy on boy)

2. Graphic details

3. rape

4. beatings

Summary: Deidara is abused by his brother and his brother drunken habits he can't tell anyone...

The sun was barely out this morning it was so cold and freezing. A innocent child had fallen asleep so lazily and in a trance. Not thinking about time as he suddenly realized the alarm ringed loud as possible. Deidara jolted out of bed and slammed the alarm clock. "Dammit'' Deidara yelled.

Deidara crept to his shower so he wouldn't wake up his angry brother and turned on the water to let it hit his bruised skin. Deidara stared at his arm so many cuts and bruises it hurts so much but,'' why him why not anyone else?'' Deidara thought . The maid came in the room stared directly at deidara who's wounds were showing. ''He beat you again didn't he'' She answered. Deidara stared at her then, nodded. Deidara only winced at the pain he wanted to cry or scream.

His heart was torn being treated like this. ''Make sure you let nobody see the bruises, understand'' May responded. Deidara nodded his head in agreement. Deidara worn a long-sleeve shirt and a pair jeans tied his hair in a ponytail style like he usually did.

''Master deidara breakfast is ready'' May said. Deidara walked passed his drunken brother with sake bottles on the desk and much more. Deidara ate breakfast and waved goodbye. He was glad to be away from home from his brother and his greedy ways.

As he was walking towards the school he saw his friends konan, sasori and itachi. ''Hi, un'' Deidara said cheerfully. ''So, happy I see'' Konan added. ''Morning dei-chan'' Sasori said. ''Hi, danna'' Deidara said happily. ''Nice day isn't it'' Itachi said. ''Wow, you're playing it cool'' Konan said.

''Aren't you suppose to be with pain'' They all said. ''No'' konan said. Itachi sighed. ''How are you?'' Sasori said. ''I'm fine you can say, un''Deidara said in the cheerful voice. ''Good'' Sasori said in a kind manner. ''Danna'' Deidara spoken.

Deidara had been best friends since freshman year then came itachi and also konan. ''Aren't you guys going to argue over art'' Konan and Itachi said. ''Maybe'' Sasori said and deidara said. ''Like the time you got drunk'' Sasori said.

''Hey, that was an accident'' Konan yelled. ''An accident oh'' Itachi said. ''Wait, the hell'' Hidan said. ''Hidan were the fuck did you come in'' Sasori said coldly. ''Not like your god's creation''Hidan said. ''You and your dumbass god can go to hell ''Itachi said.

''At least a buddhist doesn't like pain or death he loves peace'' Konan interjected. ''Not my problem'' Deidara said. ''There bloody and brutal'' Sasori said. Hidan quirked a eyebrow ''Your fucking insane'' Itachi and sasori said. ''I know I'm insane'' Hidan said.

"Odd'' Konan said. After they were debating for about 20 or 30 minutes. ''Does it even matter'' Deidara said out of anger. ''What the fuck is your problem?'' Hidan said. '"Nothing I don't have a problem'' Deidara said in cool tone.

''Really'' Konan asked. ''No, I don't I'm fine just fine'' Deidara spoken. Itachi just stared at him randomly thinking of some issue. Sasori looked at deidara he was about to pull him near but, deidara refused in a matter of seconds which isn't his motive usually he loved hugs.

''I'm just you know being myself'' Deidara said in a calm tone. ''Are you sure?'' Sasori said. ''Hmm, yeah'' Deidara lied. He was not okay he was on a brink of insanity slowly slipping his mind away of his brother out of hand drinking and his sick twisted games.

deidara was dazed in a moment. The sounds of screams and blood splattered on the floor and the sounds of cries and shattered glass. "Hey, deidara'' Itachi yelled. Deidara snapped out the daze an quick instant caused him to look around.

''You spaced out... are you okay?'' Konan said. ''Yeah, un I'm fine'' Deidara said. ''Yeah, you looked like you where about to cry'' Hidan teased. ''Shut up and I wasn't about to'' Deidara snapped. ''Hidan don't tease him anymore.'' Sasori growled.

''Testy I see'' Konan said. Konan might not look stupid but, she wasn't and knew Deidara for two years their was something going on. ''Geeze can't have no fucking fun'' Hidan said. ''Don't even think about it'' Itachi said. ''konan'' hidan said seductively. ''No, so fuck off'' konan said out of anger.

''Geeze some people are real assholes in the morning'' Hidan said. ''And you have very bad cussing habit'' Konan said. ''And you have a fucking problem with it'' Hidan said. ''There you go'' Deidara added. Deidara stared at the sky feel lonely and dazed then gazed at the bruise.

It was purple slowly changing into black...


''Deidara get your ass down here'' Ischida screamed. ''Nii-san what is it '' Deidara said shyly.

''You got into another fight i see'' ischida yelled. "Please stop this'' Deidara begged .

''now your bitchy and whiny just like mom'' Ischida said. Deidara's eyes looked into his violent blue ones.

''No, I'm not'' Deidara screamed. Ischida growled he picked up the sake bottle from the ground and was trying to aim at his face but, got his bicep instead.

Deidara fallen to the ground. ''What was that brat'' Ischida growled. ''I'm not like her'' Deidara yelled out of rage.

smack. Deidara had a bruise on his right arm. ''Say it again I want you to little'' Ischida said. ''Your drunk'' Deidara cried.

Ischida pulled deidara by the collar almost choking him to death. Deidara felt the life being sucked out of him he was about to cry''So, what difference does it make I'm you're brother and I own you'' Ischida growled.

Deidara fell to the floor feeling useless and a alone also afraid fear of losing his...

end flashback...

Deidara quickly covered up the wound so his friends won't see it. ''Hey'' Sasori said. ''Oh, hi'' Deidara said. ''Can I walk you home'' Sasori asked. ''No, thanks I will be fine'' Deidara said. ''Oh , tomorrow you want to come over'' Sasori said.

''I guess so, un'' Deidara said. ''I will see you later'' Sasori said. Deidara walked away and raced home. Hoping and praying his brother wasn't home. Brother sat there slowly drinking the sake bottle drink by drink until, he was sloppy drunk.

Deidara was home late. Ischida was upset ''Home late I see'' Ischida said. Deidara stared ''I didn't mean to I was...'' Deidara said. Ischida smacked him in the face. Deidara fell. ''get up slut'' Ischida growled. Then, he kicked him and tugged his soft blonde hair.

Deidara almost screamed out. ''Don't scream'' ischida said. Threw him on the floor like a rag doll. Deidara coughed and howled with pain. ''I heard your grades were slipping'' Ischida growled. Smack kicked punched thrown on the floor.

Deidara coughed. ''You're weak and stupid, Let me put you in a damn closet and beat your ass some more'' ischida said. Deidara's eyes narrowed he hate being in the closet it was dark, cold and damp only silence. Ischida threw him in there deidara was kicking and screaming,

''Let me out please let me out un'' Deidara screamed. The banged on the door his hardest kicking the door until, he was very exhausted. Ischida looked ''Seems your not well behaved'' Ischida said. "Please un'' Deidara said crying in deep tears.

ischida open the closet saw his brother sleeping he carried him put him to bed. ''You're beating isn't over just yet'' Ischida hissed in his ear. Ischida slammed the door. deidara curled in a small ball and fallen asleep still with unbearable pain.