December 30, 2010

As I stared in his eyes my heart nearly stopped, besides for the fact I am already dead. I hated the fact that he couldn't be mine but this ,unfortunately, isn't my fantasy world. I dream of him every night when i fall asleep in my grave, no everytime i even close my eyes to blink. The truth is I'm a daydreamer like everyother girl my age, but I am a vampire. My name is Lilian, and i am a vampire living among humans, I still go to school, I'm still stuck in this body of a fifteen year old girl and I will live the rest of eternity like this unless i can find true love. You see I'm not a pure vampire like my parents are because my dad didn't change my mom until after my birth, which made me half vampire and half human. Anyway if I ever want to be completely human I must find true love before I reach age 2,000 in my vampie years, which only leaves me with 3 months to find true love before I'm turned complete vampire. I really like this guy named Justin and i don't know how he feels about me considering the fact he is dating a lady that happens to be a few years younger then him, while if i find true love with him we shall be the same age of fifteen and I'd finally be human. I really want justin to be mine but first I have to get rid of his "girl friend" Jessabelle. Jessabelle is a very nice girl though and I don't want to harm her so I'll just tell her to dump Justin or there will be grave consequences, there is Jessabelle now. Jessabelle agreed after i had told her about my vampire problems and she told me that she will dump Justin to help me out. Now that Jessie is out of the way I must get Justin to fall in love with me which might be a little difficult because he is going to be really sad. But if Justin does not agree I shall change him so I will not be left alone as a vampire forever in eternity.