December 31, 2010

I know that it was rude of me to do that to Justin and Jessabelle, but I love him so very much you see. The reason I did this was just so that I could finally become fully human and for once in my life not feel like i have no heartbeat. Even though i truthfully have no heartbeat, whenever i see Justin, i can feel it beating inside me. What once was an organ unused every single time I see him my heart starts beating and I can tell he is the one I shall be with. I can just see it now, being with him as long as we both shall live(as humans of corse). I can't wait to finally become a true fifteen year-old girl, not a vampire stuck in the body of a fifteen year-old girl. I now only have two months and a few days until I turn 2,000 years old, so i have to get Justin to fall in love with me, and fast too.