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Flashback chapter again. Enjoy!

Brought Up That Way

December 23, 2012

"I'm HOME!" shouted an excited Carly Shay as she walked into the all too familiar apartment she had been away from for far too long.

"Carles!" she heard a voice call from the kitchen before a rather large bellied Sam ran, or tried to at least, over to engulf her best friend in a a tight hug. Well, as tight as you could get with a baby in between them.

"Oh my God, Sam! You're so big!" Carly gushed as they pulled apart and she stared down at Sam's belly. It was hard to tell the exact size of it, since Sam was wearing a t-shirt that looked to be many sizes too big, but Carly felt it when they hugged.

"Yeah, 5 months of pregnancy can do that to a girl," Sam said with a laugh as she grinned and gave Carly another big hug. "Where's Spence?"

"Bringing my bag up from the car, and probably yelling at Griffin," Carly said with a laugh.

"You two are still together?" Sam asked, surprised. She thought they wouldn't last long after Carly told her that the two of them had started dating again shortly after Carly left.

"Yes Sam, I know it's a surprised that I can actually keep a boyfriend for once," she replied with a roll of her eyes.

The two were soon sitting on the couch when the door swung open, only to reveal Spencer carrying to large pink suitcases, followed by Griffin, who was only carrying a small grey one.

"Carly, you're staying for two weeks, and half of your clothes are still in your closet? Why do you need two suitcases?" Spencer asked as he collapsed on the chair next to the couch.

"Because I forgot what I have here!" Carly defended.

"So how's college?" Sam asked with a smile. Carly noticed Sam was in a much better mood then she remembered her ever being in.

"Hard. You're so lucky you didn't have to go," Carly said, then quickly regretted it as she saw Sam's face fall. Sam quickly looked away before muttering, "Well, it wasn't my choice to get pregnant."

"Sam, you know I didn't mean it li-"

"Don't you have clothes to unpack or something?" Sam spat, a sharp edge to her voice. Carly was taken aback. She shook it off before getting up to unpack her clothes.

It was an hour later when Carly had finally finished unpacking all of her stuff. She was feeling a little hungry, so she decided it was probably safe to go downstairs and get something to eat.

She slowly crept down the stairs, trying not to be noticed by the hormonal pregnant blonde sitting on the couch. Carly was almost past the couch when she heard a sob erupt from said pregnant blonde. Carly's eyes widened as she heard another sob, causing Carly to rush over to Sam, crouching in front of her to see what was wrong.

"Sam, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Carly asked her, panicked. She saw Sam shake her head quickly and wipe her hand across her cheek, but another sob racked her body. "Sam, tell me what's wrong!"

As a response, Sam raised her hand and gestured to the television that was playing behind Carly. Carly quickly turned around to see...

Are you freaking kidding me?

"Sam, you're crying over Glee?" Carly asked in disbelief as she turned around to stare wide eyed at the blonde in front of her. She hadn't even known Sam watched this show, let alone liked it!

"Just look, Carly! It's r-really e-emotional!" Sam said through the sobs, gesturing again to the screen. Carly turned around to see a Hispanic girl push a blonde girl away from her, saying, "Get off me!", then the Hispanic girl stormed away crying, leaving the blonde girl looking frustrated.

"Santana just l-loves Brittany s-so much! And Brittany just b-blows her off to be with Artie! I mean, can't sh-she s-see that Santana l-loves her?" Sam told Carly, gesturing again to the TV, almost violently, as another sob overtook her.

"Aw, Sam," Carly said as she gave her best friend a hug, only to have her attention brought back to the TV by a girl yelling, "Nerd!". Carly moved so she was sitting next to Sam as she watched the scene, giggling. "Look, Sam. It's you!"

"I'm n-not Lauren Zizes!" Sam fought, "Are you calling me fat?"

Carly's eyes widened as she realized there was no way of getting out of this. "Sam, I just meant you act-"

"You called me fat!" Sam accused, pointing a finger at Carly.

"Okay, Sam, I think you've watched enough Glee-"

"Carly, don't!" Spencer yelled, running out of his room before his younger sister could turn the TV off.

"Why? She's crying and stuff and I don't think-"

"Last time I tried to turn it off she hit me! Hard!" Spencer told her, going to guard the TV so he didn't have to deal with an angry Sam.

"But-" Carly began, but got cut off once again.

"I can show you the bruise, Carly!" Spencer said, about to pull up his sleeve.

"No, it's okay. I guess one more episode wouldn't hurt her," Carly sighed, falling back on the couch as Sam picks up the remote and puts the next episode on.

"You'll like this one, Carly. They all have to write original songs!" Sam said, the tears suddenly gone and a grin set on her face as a boy in a blue and red uniform walked into a room and threw papers in the air.

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