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Chapter Five: Remembered

Donna slumped back on the bed and fell asleep. Ianto left the room to make a cup of tea and to raid the fridge. Jack updated the scans and slowly everyone else began to walk up. They slowly dragged themselves up the stairs and into the medical bay.

"What was going on?" Gwen asked, rubbing her shoulder.

Martha groaned as she reached for a scanner and she quickly used it on everyone. "No harm done. Just a mild sedative," she informed.

"But it is a nasty headache." Mickey said as he rubbed his head where he had hit the side of the desk.

"You'll live." Jack replied casually. "Martha, take a look at this. It's like her whole biology is changing. I think she's growing a new heart?"

"That can't be right." Martha said as she leaned over to see the screen. "But how?"

"Tea. But no bananas. Do you think she'll mind?" Ianto asked.

"She's waking up now. Ask her yourself." Martha said as she pointed the scanner at Donna.

The ginger woman groaned and her hands clamped down on either side of her head. "Bloody headache," she mumbled. "Oi, sunshine, do you think you could turn down the lights?"

"Sorry." Jack reached over and dimmed the side lights.

Donna mumbled a little more before her eyes opened and she sat up slowly. "Right then, blimey. Lots of new things." She chuckled a little. "Hello." She gave a little wave at the group who were watching her. "All better now," she announced. "Oooh. Tea?"

"Alright, what's going on?" Mickey asked annoyed.

"It's bloody brilliant, that's what it is!" Donna replied ecstatically.

"Explain then," he retorted and she looked at him with a mocking pout.

"Ah, is Mick, Mick, Mickey-dy Mickey sulking? Go sit in the corner then," Donna replied with a grin.

"Hold on," he said as she turned away from him and inspected the sonic pen. "That's what...he used to say."

"He?" Martha asked.

"The Doctor. He used to take the mick!" Mickey protested.

"The mick out of Mickey. Genius!" Jack chuckled and Mickey threw him a dirty look.

"Donna, if you could explain, it'll help though. I don't understand. I thought you were dying." Martha interjected.

"And I was, I did, sort of. It's difficult to explain," she paused and then looked at her shoes before looking back up the three in front of her. "Right. I was Donna. Before the meta crisis happened, all of that." She waved her arm in exaggerate and they nodded in understanding. "And then the metacrisis happened, a two way biological meta crisis. The other Doctor grew out of the hand using my DNA, and I got a Time Lord mind."

"And then the Doctor wiped your memories to stop you from burning up." Jack finished off.

Donna shook her head, "No, that's what you've guessed. If the metacrisis stayed the way it was, then yes, I would have burned up, and Donna would have died. But the DoctorDonna would have stayed. So yes, he wiped my mind, pushing the DoctorDonna bit back, deep into the subconscious," she continued with a frown.

"Right..." Martha said.

"So, then I moved to Cardiff with my new job, and that's when it all began unravelling!" Donna exclaimed. "Don't you see?"

"No." Mickey said with a frown.

"You've got a great big fat rift running through this whole city. The whole of Cardiff sits on a rift in time and space. And what does that leak through?" Donna asked.

The answer dawned. "Artron energy." Jack replied.

"Give the man a medal!" Donna said, "Exactly, so. All that Artron energy, background radiation, just like the TARDIS' engines spewing from the Rift. And the DoctorDonna picks it up. It weakens the mental barriers the Doctor put up in my mind. The headaches I've been getting are because of the Rift," she explained.

"So, how did you become the DoctorDonna?" Martha asked.

"Good question Martha! Now, Time Lord DNA, amazing stuff. The Time Lord part of my mind is dominant. So, the Time Lord genes are dominant and it overrides my human DNA and changes me to Time Lord. It was literally, a two way metacrisis. The human Donna and the Time Lord Doctor all jumbled up and then split between me and my twin, the other Doctor. And he got just the one heart, so when the Time Lord DNA overrode mine, I have two. He was more human than Time Lord but because he grew straight from the Doctor's DNA his mind could cope with a Time Lord's memories. But I'm more Time Lord than human now with two hearts and a Time Lord mind." She paused for another breath.

"Hang on, but the Doctor said that there has never been a human-Time Lord metacrisis, because there couldn't be." Mickey said.

Donna nodded. "He's right. Because you change, the Time Lord part overrides any human DNA. And I was changing before. All new me, but I was just sorting out the Doctor bits and the Donna bits. That Charlie Chaplin nonsense and the repeating of words…I think I said binary a lot," she mused.

"So, if you weren't dying…then why couldn't you remember? Why did the Doctor make you forget?" Mickey asked.

Donna continued her explanation. "The Doctor had explained it before. What it actually meant to be a Time Lord. Because it wasn't just having a double cardiovascular system and a sense of the timey wimey. It's so much more. A shared history, a shared suffering. And just like Pompeii, when I knew what I was getting myself into by pushing that lever with him, with all his memories and all his doings through his past, they're all on my conscious too. The Time War..." She broke off and sighed heavily.

"And he wiped my mind to keep me human. To save me from becoming a Time Lord. But I told him not to. I pleaded with him. I had made my choice, I was going to change and stay with him forever." Her tone changed to annoyance. "But what did Spaceman go and do? He did his own thing and left me behind. Like it was his choice to make. I tell you, if I see him now, the Oncoming Storm isn't gonna have any kind of bearing to what I'm going to do to him."

Jack chuckled, "Now I would pay to see that."

"Tell you what; I might just drag you along with me." Donna told him seriously and he laughed again.

Ianto passed over the cup of tea and she downed it quickly. "Right then. Off to work!" She swung her legs around and hopped off the bed, walking towards the stairs.

"Work?" He asked.

"Yes, that clockwork android." Donna nodded her head and bent down to inspect it a little closer. "Mickey, you remember it?"

"Yeah, and the horse."

"Oh, Arthur was lovely wasn't he?" Donna grinned up at him and he chuckled. "Right. We need to track the rest. It can't be alone; they work in teams to fix ships up. Although...are there any ships. We need to search for ships. You Torchwood lot, know if anyone's been opening time windows?" Donna asked as she marched off towards the desks, leaving the rest staring at each other.

Jack shrugged and then followed. "Yes ma'am."

DoctorDonna's back!