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Kanda Yuu carefully applied an azure acrylic over the ebony one, blending it with a fan brush to create a textured stroke.

Satisfied with the result, he put the brush back in the black porcelain brush holder on his side.

He took a glance at the clock displayed on the wall. His frown deepened, it's already 21:23 and the annoying beansprout still hasn't comeback. Damn, where is he? Did he get lost?

He looked at the painting which will be passed on that week. He sighed. He picked a flat perrule with an angled end, deciding to continue his project instead of worrying with the beansprout. Not that he would admit it out loud.

He was about to clean some details when his hand abruptly stopped in midair. He tilted his head a bit, straining his ears. Footsteps rang out mutely in the lawn before the door opened loudly, a shuffling of shoes echoed on the hall after the door was closed.

"I'm home!" The beansprout called out.

He looked at the direction of the voice. The beansprout emerge there, smiling. "Sorry for the wait. Come on, let's eat. I've got your favorite soba and some gyoza." The beansprout said before going to the kitchen.

He grunted before following. He sat down, not even bothering to wash his hands to get rid of the paints. He gave the beansprout a rather blank look. He was oblivious with him though. The beansprout was humming again whilst putting plates and utensil on the table. "You're fucking late. You got lost in the district again didn't you." He stated bluntly rather than asking.

The beansprout flushed, giving him the reaction that he had anticipated. So he really did got lost. "No I did not. And stop giving me that look." The beansprout pouted, looking too cute for his liking.

"You've been there for a hundred times already and yet you still get lost? You're a hopeless case, beansprout." He said before taking the soba into his mouth. He was lucky that the food is still warm.

"Shut up, you jerk!" The beansprout threw his chopstick to him.

It landed hard on his head.

Kanda is starting to get annoyed at the beansprout. Sure he was busy doing his novel on the other side of the room. But hell, he was disturbing the living shits out of him with his irritating humming.

He groaned angrily, making sure it was loud, but it didn't reach the beansprout. The hell with the fucking iPod which were ear phonically stuffed in the beansprout's ear. He made a mental note to throw the damn thing first thing tomorrow.


- I never knew perfection till

I heard you speak and now it kills me

Just to hear you say the simple things -


- Now waking up is hard to do

Sleeping's impossible too

And every thing's reminding me of you

What can I do? -


He murmured a string of curses under his breath.
The humming of the beansprout suddenly upgraded into soft whispers. But their house is so quite his whispers still echoed back and forth into the house.

Great. Just fucking great.


- And deal with things I've left unsaid

I want to dive into you

Forget what you're going through

I get behind, make your move

Forget about the truth -


- I still don't have the reason

And you don't have the time

And it really makes me wonder

If I ever gave a fuck about you -


What kind of a fucked up lyric is that? He snorted, putting a deep gray acrylic into the palette.

He froze. Wait, why is he even listening to the beansprout now?


- Put your hands, all over, put your hands all over me

Put your hands, all over, put your hands all over me -


He smirked on the new song. Suddenly amused. The beansprout had said the exact same line irritatingly to him last week. The beansprout were quite wild on that time because his teasing went over the line when they were making love.


- This has not been easy

This has been hard

I am scarred

And I do not know what to do with you -


- Going south, kiss your mouth

Lick my lips, grab your hips

Can't remember why I fell in love with this -


He put the brush down animatedly. The lyrics were getting suggestive.

He grunted. He's losing his concentration on the painting.

To his added dismay, the beansprout is now singing in his normal tone. Making it more impossible for him to concentrate on his work.


- That I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back

Bring me closer to heart attack

Say goodbye and just fly away

When you come back

I have something to say -


- How does it feel to know you never have to be alone

When you get home?

There must be someplace here that only you and I could go

So I can show you how I -


He tried to ignore the beansprout.


- You push me

I don't have the strength to

Resist or control you

Take me down, take me down -


Fuck it.


- And I can slow it out -


He glared dangerously at his half-done painting. His concentration is starting to crumble down the drain. For real.


- I'm never gonna leave this bed, ooh -


He shifted on his seat. He groaned. Goddamnit. He's got a fucking hard on.


- Take it, take it all

Take all that I have

Take it, take it all

Take all that I have -


It's the beansprout's fault.


- Making love to a picture frame

One more time tonight -


He shut his eyes tight.


- Hungry for your

Hot love

Wrap yourself around me like a

Warm glove

The emptiness leaves me and I'm

Filled up -


He gritted his teeth. Trying to calm down.


- You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you

You let me complicate you, you let me penetrate you

(ohhhhhhh) -


He sat rigidly on his seat. Literally frozen with what he heard.


- Help me, don't pop out my insides, help me, got no soul to sell

Help me, the only thing that works for me. Help me get away from myself -


- I wanna fuck you like an animal. I wanna feel you from the inside

And I wanna fuck you like an animal. My whole existence is flawed, you bring me closer to god -


His eyebrow twitch. He grabbed an acrylic, pouring a bit of its content in the palette.


- You can't help my isolation, you can't help the hate that it brings

You can't help my absent of faith, you can't help my everything

Help me, turn on my reason. Help me, sex I can smell -


He gripped the fucking palette with trembling hands. Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him. He murmured repeatedly to himself.


- Help me, you make me perfect shape

Help me, think I'm somebody else-


- I wanna fuck you like an animal

I wanna feel you from the inside -


- I wanna fuck you like an animal

My whole existence is flawed, you bring me closer to god -


He accidentally smashed the brush in the wrong direction, ruining the painting.

"Goddamnit!" He cursed loudly. His painting is ruined!

His body was trembling with irritation. Hell. The beansprout is gonna pay for this. In a hard pleasurable way.

He suddenly stood up, throwing his expensive brush on the floor in the process. The loud clatter made the beansprout look at him. He gave him a cold glare, before walking towards the beansprout.

He stood at the beansprout's side, "Kanda, is there a problem?" Hah. The beansprout has a gut to ask him on what's the fucking problem?

He bent down on the coffee table, snapping the laptop harshly, "Hey! What are you doing?" The beansprout looked at him questioningly, pulling the iPod's earphone out of his ear.

"Shut up." He snapped. He grabbed the beansprout's wrist, pulling him to his feet. He hastily hoisted the boy on his shoulder, taking him off guard.

"What are you doing? Put me down, Bakanda. I'm doing my novel!" The beansprout tried to wriggle out of his shoulder. He ignored him. Tightening his hold, he walk towards their bedroom.

"And I'm doing my painting before you successfully ruined it." He dropped the beansprout on their bed.

"Successfully ruined? What the hell are you talking about? I'm writing my novel there in silence. Stop pointing your fingers at me every time your works get ruined." The beansprout said in a huff, throwing the pillow at him. It hit him hard but he ignored it.

The beansprout tried to get up the bed. But he pushed him back, straddling him with his weight effectively. "In silence? Heh. Fuck you." He ripped the beansprout's top. The buttons of his long sleeve flew in different direction.

"What are you doing? That's my favorite shirt!" The beansprout gave him an incredulous look.

He tied the beansprout's wrist in the headboard with the ruined shirt. He straightened up, looking at his work. He smirked. He had tied him successfully despite his struggling. "You were singing there loudly that you broke up my fucking concentration."

"Let me go! You idiot." The beansprout tugged at his bonds, glaring at him in full scale.

He smirked in satisfaction, "Futile. I tied it tightly." He sniffed at the crook of his neck, savoring it. God, he smell so fucking good. He whispered in a sultry voice, "This is your chastisement, my beansprout." He licked his earlobe slowly before nipping it hard. The beansprout gasped, blushing beet red.

"Heh. Nice color, my beansprout. It suits you perfectly." He glided his tongue slowly on the boy's jaw line, earning a long whimper from him.

He stood up in a hurry. Damn. His pants were so tight it hurts already. He quickly tore off his clothing on the floor before going back. He stood proudly at the side of the bed. The beansprout looked at him with hazy eyes. Lust were starting to cloud his silver orbs, "Like what you see?" He cocked an eyebrow.

The beansprout shook his head, "Hell no. pervert."

He ignored the remark. He trailed his tongue on the neck, sucking hard on every angle that he could lay his mouth.

"Kanda…" The beansprout moaned his name.

His marking went down on his shoulder blades. He was so tempted that he bit on it hard. The boy yelp, "Don't! That hurts you idiot!" He licked on it repeatedly. Cleaning the skin out of blood.

He examined the marks that he had made. Contented with his work, he leaned his face close to the beansprout. He licked his lips before kissing him fully. They both groaned in contact.

No. It's still not enough. He wanted more. He really can't get enough of his beansprout. He shifted his body, pinning the boy underneath him with his body. Letting him to feel his weight. The contact made him growled loudly, making him to crave for more. He slide his tongue into the beansprout's mouth.

He was so addicting. He started the kiss slowly, just to savor the sweet taste of his beansprout. He deepened the kiss as one of his hand started to play with the boy's nipple. The groans and loud moans the beansprout makes were like music to his ears. The sound he hears makes him harder. Their tongues wrestlse with each other, making the kiss messy.

Fuck. He wants more of his beansprout. He held his face with both of his hands before sucking the boy's tongue. God, he would never get tired of this.

He broke the kiss. The beansprout's eyes were clouded due to lack of oxygen. But he didn't gave him enough time to even out his breathing as he attacked him with another deep kiss.

He moved down, putting his attention on the perked nipples. He slowly caressed it, earning a loud moan, "More. Please." He crawled his hand from his chest down to his navel, abruptly stopping his hand there. "More?" He asked, smirking.

"Damn you and your teasing again." The beansprout growled angrily at him.

"I'm savoring each minute, beansprout." He licked his nipples as he sucked on it hard. "Nghhhh…" The boy writhes underneath him.

Pleased with the moans he hears, he started to grope and caress the beansprout's length. Making the boy to arch his back at the sudden touch.

He trailed his sucking downward, ghosting a wet kiss every here and there. Surprising the beansprout with a sudden sharp nip with his teeth.

The beansprout's trembling increased as he harden his caress on the clothed erection.

He kneeled down, unbuckling the boy's pants in a slow yank. Making sure for its hem to slowly graze the whole length of the boy. The beansprout moaned in desperation.

"Kanda. Please. Hurry up please." The beansprout jerked his hips, begging for attention. He gave him an evil smirk. No. he's still not done with him.

He caressed his legs, kissing and sucking the skin there. He took his time there making marks. Ignoring the pleas of his beansprout to move upward.

He gave it a look, it was full of pre-cum already. He trailed his hands from his legs to his hips. Caressing it back and forth, feigning ignorance. When suddenly, he took it fully inside his mouth, holding his hips to prevent his bucking. "Ah! Kanda! Nghhh!" The boy moaned loudly when he sucked his length in one hurried swift.

He kneeled, ignoring the throbbing length again. The boy whimpered at him, "Kanda. Damn you! Don't do that. Just fuck me hard already. Let me go!" the beansprout tugged on his binds. An amused chuckle escaped his throat. He really love his dirty talk.

"You're quite bold. Fine. But I'll make you cum first." The beansprout paled.

He spread his legs harshly, before swallowing one of his balls. The beansprout hissed, "Nghh."

He licks it. Trailing his tongue towards the base to the head. Giving his attention on every vein.

Damn. His erection hurts now. He has to be done with this quick. He wanted to fuck his beansprout already.

He took the boy whole, deep throating him. "Ah! Kanda! Ah!" He bobbed his head. Licking and sucking hard as he pumped the boy at the same time.

"No. Please. Stop. I'm. I'm… nghh." The beansprout's body started to shook. He clutched at his binds. And with a loud, long moan, he came in his mouth. He kneeled again as he swallowed his release. Hn. Sweet.

He didn't waste any more time. He grabbed the lube at the end table. He poured an amount on his fingers before inserting it on his beloved beansprout's ass. He pushed his hand in and out in a slow rhythm. Waiting for him to adjust before he inserted another one. The beansprout moaned. He smirked when he saw that he was hard again.

He scissored his fingers, looking at his sweet spot. He adjusted his fingers and the beansprout cried a loud moan.


He took his hand off, earning a whimper of loss from the beansprout. "Don't worry. I'm gonna fuck you senseless now." He said, coating himself with lube.

He untied his beansprout after preparing himself. "Thanks." The beansprout snaked his arms on his neck, kissing him. The boy also untied his hair, "There goes your hair fetish again." He sucked on his neck as he enter him.

"Love your hair." The beansprout wrapped his legs around his waist, providing him with more access. They both moaned when he had slid his whole length successfully.

The boy tugged his hair, "Fuck me. Now." And he complied. He trust his length hard, not even waiting for him to adjust.

"Nghhh…" The boy moaned on his every thrust. His neck were pulled and he conformed willingly, giving in to the kiss. "Ah! H…Harderr…' The beansprout managed to utter between their kiss. He added his weight on each thrust, making the bed creak.

His beansprout held tightly onto him. His cavern started to tighten around his length, giving him more wave of pleasure. The boy is on the verge, he can feel it. So he started to pump his length too with his hand.

The moans and groans became loud. Their body slides in sweat in each thrust. They devoured their endless hunger with a passionate kiss. Moaning each other's name when they reached their climax.

He collapsed in bed, tugging his beansprout in his chest. He hugged him. Both spent, not moving. Not even bothering to talk to each other to even out their breathing.

He was the first one to recover, "Where the fuck did you got those songs? That was the first time I heard you singing those." He asked, kissing his beansprout on the forehead.

"Ah, those? Lavi put those without my consent last week."

"Tch. I knew it." He cursed and thanked the stupid rabbit at the same time inside his head.

"Actually, I sang them out loud on purpose." The beansprout kissed him, chuckling on his frown.

"I wanna see your reaction. I did my best to laugh quietly when I saw your expressions." The beansprout kissed him again. "I was quite shocked that you managed to stop yourself on jumping at me on that long. It's worth it." He laid his head on his chest.

"Fucking beansprout." He growled, smirking at the naughty boy that was fallen asleep on his chest. But never mind, it was worth it anyway, listening on his singing.



GYOZA: are dumplings with a filling usually made of minced vegetables and ground meat. Gyoza were introduced to Japan from China. In Japan gyoza are usually prepared by frying them.

FAN BRUSH: A brush with a thin layer of bristles spread out by the ferrule. A fan brush is commonly used to blend colors, but is also perfect for painting hair, grasses, or thin branches.

FLAT PERRULE: A brush diagonal shape with hairs longer at one end than the other. Used for precise curved strokes, lines and tight shading.


(the one in the bold anditalicsetting text)

all of it was from maroon 5:

- better that we break

- makes me wonder

- hands all over

- miss you, love you

- sweetest goodbye

- never gonna leave this bed

- the way i was

- closer (cover, nine inch nails)

I love all of their songs. I've got my inspiration for this one shot on the last song, CLOSER. I was listening on it from my mp3 whilst playing with my dog. and i just had this sudden idea when i heard the lyrics .

a close friend of mine has said this exact same line: "You've been here for a hundred times already and yet you still get lost? You're a hopeless case" And man, that was so humiliating. well, like Allen, I've got a pathetic sense of direction too. we were going home on that time, I'm the one whose leading the way, and "accidentally" taken the longer route instead of the shorter one. she laughed at me hard before saying that. I still can't forget it so I added it here.

anyways, the chapter 202 is finally out. and i was quite ... shocked (?) with it. what's happening on Mugen? for pete's sake, she can't just kill Kanda. i don't want him to die. no! he can't die! *cries*

and i don't like that cardinal. he seems overly suspicious. and i was just wondering that maybe it was Lulubell.

what's wrong with fanfiction anyways? the word jumbled when i uploaded this, so i was like, edited this for like 8 times, still nothing happened, got fed up. so, im gonna leave this like this. and the underline setting text still won't show. sheesh.

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