Author's Note: Well, this is it. The beginning of a new era of ASPOF. Originally posted on LiveJournal in the late summer of 2007, my first fanfiction holds a special place in my heart, no matter how Mary Sue-tastic it is or was. And yes, I am still writing it. Harry Potter is property of Warner Bros. and Scholastic.

Albus Severus Potter was sitting on the Hogwarts Express, next to his brother James, who already started Hogwarts a year before. Albus had reddish-black hair in the same style as his father- messy, short, and very dark. He had his father's eyes, which had been his father's mother, Lily's eyes. Albus had a similar facial structure to his father, albeit without the famous lightning-bolt shaped scar that his father had. James was 12, and he already was known throughout the school as a little troublemaker, though he was excellent on the Quidditch field, and he was made the Gryffindor Keeper a few weeks before term started. James had the same ginger hair as his mother, Ginny. He had a very similar face, too.

"Hey, Albi. I think I know which House you're going to be in." said James to Albus in an excited tone. "

Which one?" asked Albus.

"Hufflepuff! Ha-ha!" laughed James.

"I AM NOT GOING TO BE IN HUFFLEPUFF, JAMES POTTER!" screamed Albus, as he drew his phoenix-elder wand and pointed it at his brother.

"It was just a joke, Albi. I'm sure you'll be in Gryffindor with me!" whimpered James, who was being pushed to the floor of the compartment by his brother.

"Still, that was really MEAN of you, James! SECTUMSEMPRA ADAMA!" shrieked Albus, and a purplish glow erupted from his wand, hitting James' ribcage with a thud, and one of James' ribs was suddenly broken.

"Oh no, what have I done?" cried Albus, alarmed at his own stupidity. Now his 12-year old brother was lying sprawled on the compartment floor with a broken rib, crying loudly.

"Episkey Maximus!" said Albus, and James was fully healed, with his rib back to normal.

Rose and Hugo Weasley ran into the compartment, and they looked down to see the two brothers on the floor, James somewhat dazed. Rose looked very much like her mother, Hermione; Hugo, his father, Ron.

"What happened? We watched the whole thing!" said Rose and Hugo simultaneously.

"I can explain," said Albus quietly, and Rose, Hugo, and the somewhat-conscious James looked at Albus, ready to listen.

"Well, it all started with the choice of spell, really. A few weeks ago I saw Scorpius-"

"Scorpius? As in Scorpius Malfoy?" asked an incredulous Hugo.

"Yes, that Scorpius, I saw him in an alley near our house, and he told me he knew a spell that I could use on James in case he ever hurt my feelings really badly. So, he taught it to me, and I practiced it on some squirrels with his wand- he got it for his 11th birthday three months ago. It looked like it worked, so when James hurt my feelings a few minutes ago, I used it on him. I never knew how bad that spell really was. I'm so sorry," finished Albus.

"We all understand. Let's hope Scorpius never teaches you any more Dark magic anymore!" said Rose. James and Hugo both nodded in approval. Rose and Hugo left the compartment, leaving Albus and James alone.

"I'm so sorry I got you into this mess," said James.

"Let's forget this ever happened, OK?" Albus asked.

"OK...Hey, Albi, we're almost there!" Albus rushed to the window and saw a huge castle, with towers, spires, and everything a castle should be.

"That's Hogwarts?" asked Albus.

"Yup," said James, and with a smile on his tear-streamed face, he got up and left the compartment, Albus following suit.