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Dance Hall Days

Mac and Stella sat on the couch in Mac's apartment, unwinding after a long week. Dinner had already been eaten, small talk had been made, and now the two sat with the TV on, the volume on low so as not to drown out the music playing in the background from the radio. They had been sitting in silence since they had finished dinner, wanting a little background noise to ensure their thoughts didn't drift to the cases of the past week. Mac didn't mind the silence because after more than ten years of working together, they had grown comfortable with each other. There was no need to try to string together a conversation. They could simple be together. Stella, Mac realized, was the perfect person to develop a relationship with after Claire died. Mac didn't have to try so hard with Stella because they knew each other so well. She made all intimidation disappear when it came to Mac opening up and loving again.

Mac had lost all interest in what they had been watching and listening to. His attention was on Stella. Being a crime scene investigator and marine had taught him to pay attention to detail. But if his profession hadn't forced him to have an eye for detail, Stella Bonasera would have. There were so many details for Mac to take in and so many he cherished.

Mac had noticed the way her eyes turned a lighter shade or green and sparkled when she got excited about something, or the way her eyes became piercing daggers when she was angry. Then there was Stella's grace. She could make the most simplest and mundane of tasks look elegant, like moving about a room. Her movements loose and flowing and this translated to the way she would dance. Her body would curve in all the right directions and her long slender legs looked so nimble, even if a particular dance called for sharp and precise movements. He didn't have an ounce of grace in his body.

Make was still picturing Stella dancing, when the opening lyrics to a song he hadn't heard in years drew his attention away from the beautiful women on his couch and to the stereo.

Take your baby by the hand...

Usually Stella was the one who had to beg Mac to dance. But with this song, in the comfort of his home, and with Stella, who would never judge him for his lack of grace when it came to dancing, he flipped off the TV and took Stella's hand.

"May I have this dance?"

Stella looked at him sideways in surprise. But then her emerald eyes began to sparkle.


Mac pulled Stella close to him and they began to slowly spin around the apartment, laughing and smiling; again, just enjoying being together. Mac had now switched all his attention back to the woman before him until the lyrics caught his attention again:

And you need her and she needs you.

And you need her and she needs you.

No truer words, Mac thought.

Mac stopped, pulled Stella even closer before leaning in for a kiss while the song came to an end.

And you need her and she needs you.

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