Disclaimer: I own nothing in this fic except the plot (damn it). This was born from reading YugiohFreak54's Transformers GX and watching an old favorite anime of mine. I won't say what it is because you'll no doubt figure it out as you read on. Anyway, this is set during season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Jaden had lost to Aster but did not go to Neo-Space, he remained on the island and had to watch as one by one, his friends were defeated and converted to the Society of Light.

NOTICE! This is a rewritten version of Chapter 1 but with very minimal changes

Jaden sat in his dorm room alone, gazing out the window. Sorrow was evident in his brown eyes. There was a knock on the door then a middle-aged woman walked in.


"Oh hi, Ms. Fontaine."

"How you feeling?"

"I've been better."

There was some truth to that statement. After his duel with Aster, his cards had become blank to him. thus preventing him from ever dueling again. Things only got worse; Chazz showed up one morning wearing a white uniform and spouting things like he had seen the light. The white-clad boy then attacked the blue dorm, defeating a good deal of them before Alexis stepped forward to stop him; it ended in disaster. When Alexis lost, she had become 'enlightened' like Chazz and launched an assault on the girls' dorm. Not long after, they targeted the yellow dorm and 'recruited' Bastion, Syrus and Hassleberry. When he tried to talk to them, they just brushed him off as if he wasn't worth their time. The only one who even spoke to him was Alexis and even then her words were cold and cruel. Jaden had spent three days in his room in depression; one of the teachers would stop by every now and then to look in on him.

"I just thought I'd come by and check and see how you're doing; that and to tell you a package came for you today."

"A package? Who's it from?"

"It doesn't say."

Jaden blinked in confusion and followed the school nurse out the door.

He followed the brunette all the way to the card shop where Dorothy was waiting with a large brown box resting on the counter.

"Hey Jaden, how are you holding up?"

Jaden shrugged in response, not wanting to talk about it. he then turned to the box on the counter.

"Is this the package for me?"

"Yup, it also came with this," Dorothy nodded and handed Jaden a simple white envelope. There was no return address, just a beige hexagon with a line and triangle piece removed, making it look like a 'P'. Jaden's eyes widen slightly at the emblem.

He took the envelope and opened it.

As he read the contents of the letter, his facial features shifted from an almost child-like curiosity to a hard and cold frown.

He then crumpled the letter up and dropped it into the waste bin, mumbling something that sounded like "mission accepted." Jaden took the parcel and left. As the two faculty members watched him leave, confused by the sudden change in his demeanor, Ms. Fontaine reached into the bin and pulled out the letter. Dorothy peaked over her shoulder to read it for herself.

Jaden Yuki,

We have been monitoring an organization known as the Society of Light; our information indicates you may be familiar with them. We would like to send an operative to look into this matter however that may draw their attention so we'd like to ask you to investigate and, if necessary, put out this fire while it's still small. We understand that you have severed your ties to us but as stated before we cannot risk sending someone just yet, they would only draw attention. We ask you because you are already there and understand our concerns. Should you choose to accept, we've sent the "Tomboy special" along with this letter.

Good luck,


The confusion of the two adults had only grown at the cryptic note.

Jaden had returned to the Slifer Dorm with the box under his arm.

"I had better make sure that I can still handle that card."

Jaden set the box on the bed and ripped off the tape. Reaching into the box, he pulled out a duel deck and let a small smile form on his lips. He flipped over the top card, blank. The next one was blank as well. He then heard an all too familiar chirping. He looked around but found nothing.

"Winged Kuriboh, is that you? I can't see you."

Though he could still not see his furry companion he heard his chirps in response.

"I still can't see my cards, I'm gonna need you to help me find a certain card in this deck."

He then told the name of the card to his spirit friend. He spent a few minutes shifting through the blank cards until his furry companion chirped, signifying he had the card he wanted in hand. Jaden then pulled out a pair of strange visor sunglasses. What was odd about them was that they had plug ports on the frame of the lenses. He pulled out a pair of cables with connector on each end. The boy then connected one end of the cables to his duel disk and the other to the visor. Once the visor was connected, he slipped them on and placed the card into the card slot.

"System engage."

From behind the lenses came a yellow light.

Meanwhile, at the Obelisk Blue… er, White dorm, the officer members of the Society of Light had assembled to discuss their current, for lack of a better word, domination of the Duel Academy. Bastion currently had the floor.

"As of now, we have collected 89% of the student body into our sect. At this rate we'll soon have the whole island."


His report was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in."

In walked one of the former Obelisk Blue students with his PDA in hand. He bowed respectfully to the White leader.

"Master Sartorius, it appears we have been issued a challenge for a duel."

"Is that so? Might I ask who would be so bold to challenge us?" He said with amusement.

"According to the message we received, someone calling him/herself 'Preventer Wind."

"Curious. Oh well, who shall we have meet this Preventer Wind?"

Chazz stood up to address his superior.

"I think Reggie Von Howell should be enough to take care of this mystery duelist."

The messenger nodded and began to type on his PDA.

"I've sent a message to accept his challenge and will meet him in one hour at the Obelisk duel field."

The hour had passed quickly and the students had flooded the seats until it was a sea of white save for the sparse red and yellow. Down on the duel field stood Reggie, awaiting his mystery challenger to appear, eager to claim another victory for the Society of Light.

Their wait was rewarded by the sounds of someone's footsteps. There was a round of gasps and whispers at the person who had appeared. From out of the hallway came a young man, dressed in black boots that were tucked in to black pants. He wore a red t-shirt under an open black leather jacket with brown on the top, stretching completely across the shoulders. The jacket had a unique emblem on the sleeves and right breast side. On the person's left wrist was an academy issued duel disk with a deck already inserted in the slot. It was who this person was that surprised everyone.


"What's he doing here?"

"What's with those clothes?"

He heard various members chatter but he didn't care what they had to say

Jaden looked up into the stands and eyed his converted friends who stared back in confusion. He then shifted his vision on the one responsible for their transformation, Sartorius. His eyes narrowed in hate as the blue-haired man saw a shadow of a winged giant form behind the boy.

"Hey, if you want to duel, you're going to have to wait. We're expecting someone who challenged our group."

Jaden didn't budge. He turned his eyes to the speaker, Reggie, who shuddered at the coldness within them.

"You're waiting for Preventer Wind, right?" Jaden asked in monotone.

Some of those that were present felt shivers go up their spine at the boy's question. True they were stunned that Jaden knew why they were here but it was the way he said it that stunned them even more.

"Y-Yeah, how'd you know? Have you heard of this guy?" Reggie asked, a little unnerved.

Jaden never took his eyes off the boy across the way.

"I'm Preventer Wind."

Reggie glared at his opponent across the field. The way Jaden was staring at him with that blank look. It was so different from his normal attitude; it was kinda creepy.

Up in the stands, Alexis had also noticed the Slifer boy's unusual countenance. She could hear Chazz speaking to Bastion off to the side.

"Well, this shouldn't take long at all," Chazz chuckled.

"I wouldn't be so sure," she said.

The two turned to her in puzzlement.

"What do you mean?" Bastion asked.

"Something's not right, he seems… different. That look in his eye, the way he spoke, I don't like the feel of this."


J: 4000/ R: 4000

The two drew their cards. Reggie inwardly laughed in a mocking manner.

'I've done a thorough examination of your deck and I've studied all your duels. I know every card you have and every strategy you've made. My deck can counter anything you can throw at me.'

"I'll go first," Jaden said as he drew his card.

All round everybody waited; curious to see which of Jaden's trademark hero cards he would throw out. They were confident that their duelist could present an interesting challenge to the Slifer Red boy.

"I'll start off by summoning Wing Gundam to the field in attack mode."

[Wing Gundam/ ****/WIND/Machine/ATK: 1700/DEF: 1800/ When this card would be destroyed as a result of battle, remove it from play until the end phase of the turn. This effect cannot be used again until your 2nd turn this effect is activated.]

"Wha- hold on, what did he say?" Syrus asked.

Flying onto the duel field was a humanoid machine. This machine had a blue torso with large gold vents sitting on either side of a green jewel in the center of the chest. On its back was a pair of large gold and white wings along with a pair of shorter red wings. Its white head had fins placed at the sides of the head while the face had two slits, making it look like it had a mouth. Upon its head was a golden antenna in the style of an odd "V." It carried a long red and white shield in its left hand. It landed onto the field in crouch then stood straight up, its eyes shined a bright green.

"Next, I'll equip Wing with the card Buster Rifle. I end my turn."

[Buster Rifle/ Spell/ Equip/ This card can only be equipped to "Wing Gundam." During the battle phase when "Wing Gundam" has this card equipped, double that card's ATK points. This effect can only be used three times, after the third time, destroy this card.]

The Gundam held out its right hand and a grey long rifle formed, handing control of duel over to the white clad Obelisk for the time being.

"My turn!"

Reggie drew his card and smirked. He then eyed his opponent's field.

'He has one monster with an equip card that didn't seem to do anything to it. There are no facedown cards for any kind of surprises. He's probably betting I won't attack because the monster has such high ATK points. I think I'll match him one for one and take out the piece of junk.'

"And I'll begin with summoning Maha Vailo in attack mode."

[Maha Vailo/**** / LIGHT/ Spellcaster/ ATK: 1550/ DEF: 1400/ In addition to the effects of Equip Cards, the ATK of this monster is increased by 500 points for each card equipped to this monster.]

"Next, I'll equip him with Sword of Deep-Seated, Increasing his ATK by 500."

[Sword of Deep-Seated/ Spell/ Equip/ A monster card equipped with this card increases its ATK and DEF by 500 points. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, place it on top of your deck.]

"Now Maha Vailo, attack Wing Gundam!"

Those in the stands watched intently on the duel below as Reggie moved to take an early lead.

'Too easy, Wing Gundam may be strong but thanks to Vailo's effect he gains 500 ATK for each equip card. Plus my sword increases it further by 500, for a grand total of 2550 ATK.'

His smugness turned to shock as a huge stream of yellow energy from the winged machine's gun engulfed his monster, vaporizing it completely.

J: 4000/ R: 3150

"Wait a minute, what just happened?" asked Syrus.

"I don't know, Maha Vailo should have turned Wing Gundam into scrap," Hassleberry answered.

"What's going on? I should've won that battle!"

"My Gundam had higher ATK then your monster. It's that simple," Jaden said with his tedious tone again.

"No it didn't! My Axe of Despair should have still given him an edge over it and my monster special ability gave him an even bigger boost!"

"During battle when Wing has his buster rifle in hand, his power is then doubled."

Wing Gundam ATK: 3400

The enlightened boy gaped in horror at his enemy who had so easily turned the duel in his favor.

"That's bound to happen when you rush in and not consider what a card you don't know is capable of. My Gundams are built to take out anything thrown at me. Now, is it my move?"

Reggie was snapped to his senses at Jaden's question. He returned his eyes to his hand. He then to search through every card in his hand, becoming more and more frantic as he searched for some kind of move he could make. Unfortunately, all he had in his hand were monster cards.

"He'd better do something quickly," snarled Chazz.

"I don't think he can," Bastion said, noting Reggie's panicked expression. "Not that I blame him. He was expecting Elemental Heroes not this Gundam card."

Alexis remained silent, her attention was more focused on Jaden's machine.

The brunette's boy's head drooped in depression; declaring it was Jaden's turn.

"It's my move."

Jaden then drew another card and added it to his hand.

"This duel is over. Consider this a declaration of war, Wing Gundam end this. Buster Shot!"

The Gundam's thrusters ignited then took to the air and aimed his gun at the white clad boy. Yellow energy began to collect at the muzzle before another huge stream of power was fired out and slammed hard into Reggie.

J: 4000/ R: 0

Up in the stands, the members of the Society of Light were wide-eyed in shock. Jaden had won by using only two cards, two cards. And the way he did it made it seem so easy, like a pro dueling a child new to the game.

"So the loser's got himself a new card. I can still beat him even if he has that Gundam thing," Chazz scoffed.

"I don't think it's that simple, remember what he said? 'My Gundams are built to take out anything thrown at me.' He has more than just Wing Gundam in his deck and they're probably just as powerful as the one we just saw or worse, stronger than it," Bastion rebuked.

"If you're so concerned, why don't we have Aster beat him again."

"We might have to if they're anything like that Wing card."

As the two bickered, Alexis kept her eyes on Jaden's retreating back She saw flashes of five giants shadowed by fire, people running, and a pair of brown eyes behind a vented faceguard.

'That card. I… I know that card… from somewhere before.'

Chillin' out with your crew in the school yard,

Finding trouble, never lookin' too hard.

Well, back at class they never taught us…(record scratch)

(This won't do. How about something more approriate?)

While being pounded by rain
I want to let you know the unfading hot feelings in side me

I held your damp shoulders to warm you
Your fingers tremble-what are they seeking?

I want to protect this image of you-
Believe that love will change sadness to strength

While being pounded by rain
I want to let you know the unfading hot feelings inside me

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