* This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter fanfic. And my second attempt at a lemon. (my lemons are a little more romantic than graphic) Admittedly, I don't know this series as well as the Maximum Ride series, so there will be a few liberties taken. Probably some inconsistencies. But it's mainly about getting to the shagging anyway, so who cares :) This is what I'd like to see happen, if the series had continued . . .


Happy New Year!

Hermione sighed as she stood in front of the doors to the Great Hall. She didn't want to attend the New Year's Eve party, but Ginny made her promise that she'd at least put in an appearance. It had been a strange year at school to say the least. To be back at school after helping to defeat the Dark Lord seemed to be a step backward. But, it was comforting, in a way to be at Hogwarts, almost feeling the presence of those friends lost in the battle. She was happy to made Head Girl, but having to share a common room and bathroom with former enemy Draco Malfoy as Head Boy had been surreal at best. There were many at Hogwarts that still did not trust him, even though he'd been cleared of all charges. To Hermione's surprise, he took his duties seriously and worked well with her, keeping snide remarks to a minimum. One could even say they had become friendly. Though, Harry cautioned her every so often against letting her guard down. Malfoy still managed to retain some of his smug attitude through his humiliation. So, being Head Girl kept Hermione on her toes and quite busy, and tonight she just wanted to curl up with a book in front of a fire and be left alone.

Normally, that would have been exactly what she would do. But someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided to let students back early form Christmas break to celebrate the New Year together. Nearly everyone came back. So, there Hermione stood, in a short black halter dress and sparkling black heels. She had quickly arranged her hair on top of her head allowing a few tendrils to frame her face. She figured the point of a halter was to show off your back, not that she was showing off for anyone in particular. But now she felt overdone and uncomfortable.

That changed once she opened the door and stepped through. Many of the young men wore tuxes and fully half the girls wore full length gowns. Hermione's look was downright minimalist comparatively speaking.

She looked around for any sign of Ginny and Harry, for she knew where she would find one, she'd find the other. After the war, Harry didn't want to waste any time not being happy and began to woo Ginny back. He didn't have to try very hard. They were a sweet couple and Hermione found herself jealous of their relationship. She and Ron gave it a go, but after the war, when there was just the two of them with no cause to fight for, they found they had less in common than they originally thought. Ron easily moved on, not lacking for attention from the ladies for his bravery as part of the Golden Trio. Hermione, however threw herself into her studies, as usual, not really finding an equal at Hogwarts. Harry was, in many ways and she wondered why there had never been any sparks between them. He truly had been more like a brother to her. She would never consider dating below her year and Harry and Ron were the cream of the crop. Neville was like Hermione in some ways, what with the time he spent in the library. But he and Luna had been an item for many months. Seamus had asked her out a few times, but she couldn't see herself with someone so-um, experienced. Then there was Malfoy, who was probably her equal when it came to wizardry and intelligence, but not when it came to values or morals. Though, Hermione had to admit to the remarkable change in him, years of being under the influence of the death eaters couldn't be erased so easily. She acknowledged that she found him rather attractive, at least to herself. Catching sight of him parading in the common room shirtless every so often didn't hurt either.

Hermione walked through the crowd, still scanning for Ginny. She would have settled for Neville or Luna or even Ron. Until she actually saw Ron, that is. He was surrounded by three giggling girls-all pawing at him. He glanced at her as she walked past, giving her a guilty little half smile. Hermione nodded briefly in response, then continued on her way. What on Earth ever made me think we should be together, she thought.

Needing a drink, Hermione made her way to the refreshment table. Seeing only one champagne flute left, she reached for it. Instead of grasping the glass, her hand brushed a set of long fingers. She looked up to find Malfoy holding her champagne flute.

"Are you following me Granger?" he smiled.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh, yes, you've caught me Malfoy. I just knew you'd be here at the refreshments, stealing my drink." There was more than the usual bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"I didn't steal your drink," Malfoy retorted. "I merely picked it up for you," he said as he held it out to her. Hermione narrowed her eyes and reached for it.

"On second thought," Malfoy started, "This has probably been sitting out for a while." He put the glass down and slid it toward the server. "Can I get two fresh ones?"

Hermione discreetly gave Malfoy the once over while he was distracted. Dressed to the nines as usual, he wore a well-fitting charcoal grey suit with a light silvery-grey shirt that matched his eyes perfectly and maroon tie. He had been wearing his hair a little longer lately and Hermione wondered if he was growing it very long like his father's. Draco's father may have been an evil man, but one couldn't deny he was handsome, and the long hair only enhanced his appearance. But tonight, Malfoy's hair was neatly slicked back as it was when he was younger.

Trying to make small talk, Hermione made an observation. "I'm surprised to see you here. Big celebration and all. I didn't think you went in for that sort of thing."

"Yeah, well, it's New Year's Eve, isn't it? Time for turning over a new leaf and all that rubbish. You should know, I, of all people, need to turn over a new leaf."

He took the two flutes from the table and handed her one.

"Cheers," he said. They clinked glasses and drank.

"Well, I'm off. I still haven't decided who I'm going to kiss at midnight," Malfoy winked. "Have you? You look stunning, by the way," he said off handedly.

He caught her off guard for a moment. "Oh, um, thanks." She wasn't sure if she should repay the compliment. "I don't plan on being here at midnight," Hermione answered. "I just stopped by for Ginny's sake. Speaking of Ginny, I see her. Excuse me."

Hermione left Malfoy to weave her way through the crowd toward Ginny and Harry. They were dancing closely to music that didn't match their movements. While they were swaying gently, others around them doing a line dance. Hermione was about to approach them, when Harry pulled back just enough to get a head start on the midnight kiss. She sighed and turned on her heel. Hermione came across several friends and acquaintances, stopping to talk for a few minutes to each. Even Ron tore himself away from his fan club to spend some time with her. She glanced up at the clock to see that the time read eleven thirty four.

Maybe just a quick bite to eat and then I'll go, Hermione thought. Once again, she found herself standing next to Draco in front of a refreshment table. She groaned.

"You are following me," he said with a smirk, holding up a cracker with spread. "Pâté?"

"No thank you," she said as she picked up a small square of cheese on a toothpick. "Mmm." She picked up another.

Malfoy reached around Hermione, leaning slightly into her, to the other side of the table and snatched a couple of chocolate morsels. She caught a whiff of his musky cologne. "You must try one of these," he insisted as he brought it to her lips.

She hesitated before parting her lips and allowing him to place the tidbit in her mouth. He popped the other one into his own mouth. Hermione's eyes closed as she savored the bite. It was the most delicious bit of dark chocolate she had ever tasted. The small moan that escaped her caused Malfoy to raise an eyebrow. He stood watching her for a moment, subconsciously licking his own lips.

Someone behind Hermione cleared their throat. She turned to see Luna smiling.

"Having a good time Hermione?" she asked.

"Actually, I am. But I think I'm ready to go. Are you having fun?" Hermione looked past Luna to see Neville filling a plate of food big enough for two.

"Yes, thank you. Neville and I are having a lovely time. Have you tried the chocolates? They're quite delectable," Luna said.

Hermione smiled, the taste still lingering on her tongue. "Yes, you're right."

Neville hooked his arm through Luna's. Taking that as a cue, Luna said, "Well, goodnight, Hermione. Happy New Year."

"Same to you two."

Hermione turned to bid Malfoy good night, only to find he had gone and that she was a touch disappointed. She took a look at the clock. Eleven-forty-five. I've been here long enough, she thought.

Discreetly making her way out of the Great Hall, Hermione decided to go to the astronomy tower to see if there were any stars out. It was a perfect place to be alone, yet not be holed up in her room. She made her way up the stairs and into the tower, realizing that it was much too cold to be outside in such a skimpy out fit.

She walked to the railing and gazed up at the sky to see that it was overcast. There were no stars to be seen anyway, so Hermione began to leave.

"I'm beginning to think you're stalking me Granger."

Hermione gasped when she heard Malfoy's low, husky voice from a dark corner.

"I was just about to leave. I had no idea you were here, believe me. You were still at the party when I left, I could have sworn," she protested.

He smiled, " I'm kidding. Relax." He noticed her shivering. "Good God Granger, what are you doing out here without a coat?" He joined her at the rail, took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders.

"That's not necessary," she insisted and began to remove it.

He grasped the jacket by the lapels and closed it tighter around her. "I insist. Why did you come here?"

"I'm not sure. It just seemed the place to be," she answered. "Why did you come here?"

Ignoring her question, Draco simply looked at his watch. "Two minutes."

Just then a single fat snowflake fell from the sky and floated down between them to the ground. Instinctively, they both looked up, waiting for more. Another flake fell and drifted downward, landing on Hermione's bottom lip, instantly melting. Draco cupped her jaw in his hand and wiped away the water droplet with his thumb. Hermione stood frozen in place, but not from the cold.

Draco whispered, "I followed you."

Suddenly, a bell struck midnight.

"I think I've finally decided who I'm going to kiss," Draco breathed. He leaned in and captured Hermione's lips before she could protest. She still tasted of the chocolate he gave her earlier. When they broke the kiss, he said, "Happy New Year."

They paused for a moment, both stunned by Draco's actions. Hermione then reached her hand up to the back of his head and gently pulled him back down toward her.

She kissed him, more aggressively than he kissed her, running her tongue over his lower lip. Instantly, he parted his lips, letting his tongue mingle with hers. Draco wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her closer to him. Hermione's free hand wound it's way into his baby soft hair to join her other one. He moaned at the feeling.

Hermione broke the kiss and leaned back, blushing. "I, I don't know what came over me."

Draco smiled. "I do. You want me as much as I want you. You know no one else here is worthy of you. Tonight proves it. It's fate, Hermione."

She noticed he didn't call her Granger, as he usually did. "You want me?"

"Why are you surprised? You're brilliant and beautiful. I've always thought so," he confessed.

Hermione's brow furrowed as she pulled further away. "No, you've always hated me. You were very cruel at times."

Draco shook his head. "I never really hated you. I know I was cruel, but that wasn't what I wanted. I was being groomed for dark doings. I couldn't have what I really wanted. You were my rival, perhaps even more so than Potter. Without you, he would never have gotten as far as he did. I had to make you hate me and convince myself that I hated you, too. It was the coward's way out." Malfoy had apologized for his past behavior at the beginning of the term and occasionally afterward, too. But he hadn't opened up to her this way.

Hermione considered what he had told her. He had been supremely good at making her hate him years ago. And he did a very convincing job of acting like despised her. A few snowflakes landed on Hermione's nose and cheek, but she paid them no mind. He continued when she didn't respond.

"Haven't you noticed, now that I'm free, I'm a different person? Without my father putting the screws on me, I'm able to do and feel what I want. Haven't I shown you kindness? Friendship? I've even let go of most of my animosity toward Potter and Weasley. I don't expect them to forgive me, but if they ever did . . ."

Hermione gazed into his silvery grey eyes, searching for truth in his words. She had witnessed a change for the better. But was that the act? Which was fact and which was fiction? She would have to go with her instincts. And her instincts were telling her that a kiss like that couldn't be fake. And she was a willing participant. What exactly were her feelings toward him? Hermione decided she was doing too much thinking.

Stepping forward, Hermione placed her hands on either side of his face and tried to pull him into a kiss. Her teeth were chattering too much to maintain contact, causing both of them to laugh.

"Well, that wasn't nearly as romantic as it was in my head," she said, shivering.

"Allow me," Draco took his wand out of his pocket and cast a warming spell over them.

Feeling better, Hermione tried again, but Draco stopped her. "Does this mean you believe me? Do you feel the same way?"

"And what way is that?"

He swallowed audibly, "I think, maybe, I might be falling for you. I want to be around you all the time. It's been excruciating at times to share a space with you and not touch you. My favorite thing to do is watch you read by the fire. You're so beautiful."

Hermione began thinking out loud, sharing with Draco her feelings as she admitted them to herself. "Well, obviously, I'm very attracted to you. You have become someone I look forward to spending time with. I like sharing a common room with you. Admittedly, I haven't given much consideration to us, as a couple. I've believed all this time, that you've been merely tolerating me to keep the peace." The corners of Hermione's mouth began to curl up into a mischievous grin. "After your confession, however, I find myself wanting to pull you into a dark corner and have my way with you." Hermione blushed at her own confession.

Draco practically growled.

Hermione smirked, her eyes narrowed. "Hey, have you been forgetting to bring your clothes into the bathroom on purpose just so you could walk about in only your towel?"

"You noticed that, did you?" Draco smiled. His heart seemed to be beating uncontrollably and his warming spell heating him up a little too much. Or maybe it was Hermione.

Before she knew it, Hermione was wrapped in his embrace kissing his sensual lips. Draco's hands roamed up her bare back knocking the jacket off her shoulders, while hers were pressed against his firm chest. He ran a finger down her spine, giving her shivers. His continued down, to cup her bottom and pull her closer against him.

"I want you so badly," he whispered huskily onto her ear.

To his surprise, she answered back, "I want you too."

Unable to control himself any longer, he reached up to the collar of her dress. He unhooked the back and let the fabric slide down her chest and gently fall forward, exposing her breasts to him. He felt himself harden instantly at the sight. Draco groaned loudly, finally caressing the soft skin he'd been longing for. He brought his mouth down on an erect nipple, then the other, eliciting a low moan from Hermione. His hands were softer than she expected, gliding over her skin. Her body responded to his touch with a release of wetness enough to soak her small panties.

Hermione loosened his tie and attempted to pull it over his head. When she was unsuccessful, Draco momentarily broke contact to rid himself of the tie. He began to unbutton his shirt, freeing the first two before Hermione took over. She fumbled with the next couple of buttons on his shirt, finally resorting to ripping the shirt open, sending buttons flying in all directions. It was sexy move that sent Draco to his limit.

He backed Hermione up against a pillar, hiking her dress up over her hips. Under her dress, she wore a thong that was little more than a tiny triangle of purple satin. Draco knelt, pulling the thong slowly down the length of her legs, carefully lifting her stiletto clad feet out of it one at a time. While on his knees, he caught her scent. His erection seemed to tighten impossibly against the fabric of his boxers and trousers. He needed a release and he needed it soon.

As soon as he stood again before Hermione, her hands were on his belt, unbuckling it. She could feel her own juices beginning to run down her thigh. She had never wanted someone so badly before. She freed Draco of his pants and trousers in one swift move, leaving them to pool at his feet. Her fingers played up and down his length, her thumb circling the tip, smearing the bit of pre-cum over it.

"I need you now, Draco," she breathed.

With that, Draco grabbed her thighs and lifted her further up the pillar. He entered her all at once, panting and moaning loudly. Hermione gasped as she took all of him. She hadn't many previous lovers, two to be exact, but neither had filled her so completely. Draco composed himself before thrusting for fear of cumming too quickly, before he could bring her. Hermione leaned forward to kiss him passionately. Her hands wound in his hair, pulling it roughly. Subconsciously, Draco's hips began gyrating against hers.

He shifted his weight and brought Hermione's legs to wrap around him in order to free one of his hands. He broke the kiss to look down between them, thoroughly enjoying the sight of himself plunging in and out of Hermione's well trimmed curly locks.

"God, Hermione, you feel so good. You're so wet," he said as he drew a finger through her lower lips, feeling for her sensitive pearl of flesh. He experimented with different movements to gauge the best response. His finger circled the nub, evoking a gentle groan. But a quick flick garnered him an, "Oh, yes."

Draco quickened the pace of both his thrusts and finger. A fine sheen of sweat began to cover their bodies. He was nearing his climax but wanted to satisfy Hermione first. Focusing all his concentration to keeping up the rhythm he had developed, Draco lowered his mouth to one of her waiting nipples. Imitating the movement of his finger, he flicked his tongue quickly up and down. Hermione's grip on his hair tightened.

The medley of sensations immediately caused Hermione's muscles to clench making her cum hard, shouting Draco's name and pulling his head close into her neck. He bit down as her shuddering muscles clamped around him and he shot all he had into her. His cry out was loud enough to echo through the tower and he suddenly wished he had cast a silencing spell. But at that particular moment, he didn't care if McGonagall herself was standing there watching.

They remained in position for a while until their breathing slowed. Draco carefully extracted himself and reached for his wand. He cast a little clean up spell before they put their clothes back in order. Draco pocketed the thong, then hooked Hermione's halter back up. She tried her best to smooth out the skirt, while Draco buttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and slipped the loosened tie back over his head.

"Do you want me to repair your buttons?" Hermione asked, noticing that the bottom of his shirt was still open.

He smiled, "No, I like it this way. It reminds me that you wanted this as much as I did."

Hermione looked around frantically. "I can't find my thong. It can't be left behind for someone to find!"

Draco snickered as he pulled it out of his pocket. "A souvenir," he said and stuffed it back in. He picked up his jacket that was now slightly snow covered, the they began to descend the stairs as Draco removed the warming spell. Strangely, neither one was even remotely chilly.

They continued to walk back to their rooms in relatively silence, hand in hand. The hallways were mostly deserted except for a few couples here and there that never made it all the way back from the Great Hall. Nobody paid them any attention.

Hermione turned to gaze up at Draco and smirked to herself, noticing his severely sex tousled hair-a look he never would have sported on purpose. His shirt billowed out as he walked giving her a good look at his perfect abs and the very tip of a tattoo she somehow hadn't noticed before

"It wasn't all that, you know," Hermione said coyly.

"Quite right," he said, playing along. "It was bloody awful."

"I may give you another chance to redeem yourself," she continued the banter. "But next time, I want something soft to lie on."

Draco gave the password and the two stepped into their common room. Hermione noticed the clock. It read one-twenty-three.

"Well, I guess we'd better get to bed," Hermione said.

"I guess," Draco sighed. He pulled her into a kiss. "Goodnight, love," he said and began walking to his room.

"Goodnight?" Hermione cocked her head. "Didn't I just say we should get to bed?" She took a step forward. "I thought I told you I'd give you a chance to redeem yourself," she poked fun at him.

Draco stood with his mouth hanging open for a moment.

"You mean, now?" he asked softly.

Swiftly scooping her up in his arms, he pushed his bedroom door open and kicked it closed behind them, gently tossing her onto his satin covered bed.

A flash of concern darkened his face briefly as he leaned over her. "You know I was kidding, right? About it being bloody awful?"

Hermione laughed out loud. "I should hope so. Because I thought it was brilliant." She pulled him down to her for round two.

*I intended for this to be a one shot, but I can think of a couple of ways to continue it. I guess it depends if anyone reads it :)