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A/N: The following takes place during Tim Drake's last two panels in Identity Crisis. All the dialogue here is taken directly from the aforementioned limited series.


"Tim." I could tell whom it was before he identified himself. "It's Dick." I didn't answer. "I know you're there…" I didn't want to. "C'mon, Tim, pick up…" I couldn't. "Pick up…" No.

Answering meant talking and talking meant discussing and discussing meant… too many things I wasn't willing to deal with. Not now. Not yet.

Not ever.

"Tim, pick up… Please, kiddo…" I wound myself further under my covers, tucking myself in as tight as I could. "Pick up… I know you can hear me, Tim…"

I kept my eyes closed, watching my father's face flitter across the back of my eyelids.

I missed his touch.