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"Few have made it this far," said the woman at the top of the hill. Her gaze was cast down upon the group of four teenagers, each staring up at her with somewhat horrified eyes. They were afraid of being captured again and being placed back in that school. They didn't want to go back. Not after they had gotten that taste of freedom. They just wanted to stay free. "I am surprised anyone has gotten past the wall at all.

"But since you have made it past," came her voice again after a short pause, "I must be the first to welcome you."

"Welcome us?" asked Ian, his eyes flitting across the woman's features. He took a step forward, a step away from the group. "We're out. You don't have to welcome us anywhere." His tone was sharp on the edge, gaze somewhat narrowed. "We're going home."

"Not yet," said the woman. Her hand swept around the clearing of trees. "You're still contained within the depths of Tower Prep."

"The wall is back there," breathed Suki, pointing behind her as her brows knitted together angrily. "We're not in Tower Prep anymore." Rage began to boil up in her veins, blood racing faster as fear welled inside of her. She didn't want to be in Tower Prep anymore. She didn't want to be there anymore. Not again. She wouldn't go back.

A twisted smile crept across the woman's face. Her eyes glinted demonically. "Welcome to Tower Prep."

Gabe was the next to tell her the exact same thing his friends had said. "We're not inside of the wall anymore," he exclaimed, almost desperate to believe himself. He was finally free. He was finally ready to be free. But now… someone was telling him… he wasn't free… Gabe didn't want to be trapped anymore. He couldn't be trapped again.

"Stop playing with us," hissed CJ from behind the others. She stepped forward to stand beside Ian, finally putting on a brave face in the world that she had grown up in. "It's not funny."

The woman just smiled to the four teenagers. "Welcome to Tower Prep: Level Two." Then she was gone, digitized away from that spot to back inside the first wall they had conquered.

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