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Flippy was sitting in his kitchen thinking. "Why hasn't Evil been attacking me lately?" He thought. The last time they saw each other was when he didn't kill me in my sleep.


Flippy woke to a low growl in his ear. He looked up to see Evil standing there, looking at him with a serious face.

"w-what are you d-doing here?" Flippy asked.

"Can't I see my look-alike?" Evil replied smiling.

He looked Flippy up and down and then turned and walked away. Evil walked into the bathroom and climbed into the mirror.

Flippy sat there in his bed, confused on why Evil didn't kill him when he had the chance.

*End Of Flashback*

But now Flippy started to miss his Evil. Especially now that Splendont was around. Flippy got up and headed toward the mirror Evil had climbed through that night. Looking into it he thought hard and soon Evil appeared looking sad.

"What do YOU want?" Evil asked.

"Where have you been? I was getting worried!" Flippy asked angrily.

Evil stared surprised at Flippy

"You were...worried?"

"Of course I was worried! Life's not the same without you"

Evil's mouth dropped in surprise. After a moment Evil straightened up and asked

"Have you ever thought about us?" Evil asked innocently "and don't lie because I've already searched through your mind and know the answer"

Flippy, stunned by the situation, thought for a moment and said

"Well...ya...of course I've thought about it ha-have y-you?"

Evil smiled

"All the time"


"Ya sappy isn't it"

Evil answered rubbing the back of his head. Soon he stopped and said

"I really like you Flip"

Flippy smiled and answered

"Me too"

Evil pushed his hand through the mirror and Flippy Grabbed it and they leaned on each other's foreheads. Looking into each other's eyes, smiling happily until Evil finally stole a kiss.