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In the town of Happy Tree, where even going to the movies had deadly consequences, residents walked the streets with a surprising amount of confidence. Father and son were playing in the park, groups of friends were chatting with delight and even Lumpy, the moose with a serious problem with sticking to one job, was whistling away while birds chirped from the branches above them. This new found sense of false security, given that at any moment someone was going to experience a violent death, was because in a house not too far away a psychotic bear hadn't emerged on a killing spree. Nothing seemed to flip the veteran out and all though this was strange, no one dared to ask why, they continued with their day, soaking up as much sunshine and peace they could before they had to go back to hiding knives and forks and being extra careful with the ketchup.

All except for the bear himself.

Flippy sat in his kitchen, his face the picture of calm while his mind was over flowing with questions.

He sighed and sipped his coffee. He desperately wanted to just let it go, think about making friends or even just be happy; but he couldn't. This was too surreal. This had to be a trick. Evil, as Flippy had named him, never just left: he always had to reveal himself. Flippy couldn't believe that one day he flips out over looking into a camp for and another he doesn't over a car crash outside his home! This had to be his Dark sides plot to make him socialise so that he'd make friends and be able to kill them.

There just had to be something else going on.

The residents of Happy Tree saw the killer that Flippy became; they saw him turn into a yellow eyed monster with sharp teeth and a sinister chuckle.

Flippy knew that without Evil he wouldn't be alive. A young bear in the war with only the sheer will to survive wouldn't have lasted long. In fact, Flippy didn't last very long. He tried his best and worked hard in the war but in the end he was captured and tortured for information; and when they realised he had nothing to give; they tortured him for fun. Flippy became an outlet for the enemy: someone they could knock around and test new torture methods on. When his only two friends broke him out nearly 4 months he knew something was wrong; he could feel it.

He put it down to loss of innocence. To now seeing the ugliest side of war and never being able to look at the simplest things the same way again; but he was wrong. He only gained something, a separate mind that first appeared after a mission gone wrong. An independent part that took over and saved him by using his best friends corpse as weapons; something that saved him that day and every day after that.


After that he wasn't just some rookie, an expendable part of the war: He was a great asset to the army. They used him for the deadliest missions, knowing he would return with no recollection of what he did just bloodied hands and memories of waking up to guts and ash. They praised him but isolated him; they patted him on the shoulder but pushed him towards the opposite side of the room. They were just as afraid of Flippy as they Tiger army were. He would flip out over the smallest things and kill comrades on missions and back at base. It wasn't safe to go with Flippy on missions so they would send him in first and once he had snapped out of it go in and collect information. A majority of that information was interestingly on Flippy himself. They believed they created this side of him and that he should be fighting for the Tiger Army. Flippy scoffed at this but couldn't hide the shivers that came as memories of his time spent in their clutches flashed before his eyes.

When the biggest part of the war was over and the tiger army disappeared off the radar everyone relaxed. The army decided to send Flippy to Happy Tree because no one died there and also because they knew that the tiger army wouldn't find him there. Flippy believed he wouldn't need Evil again, but he always seemed to show up. Evil always seemed to be killing even when there was no need. Flippy couldn't help the 'flipping out', he had PTSD and recollections of the war seemed to always come screaming back to him from the most minute detail that wouldn't phase most people, frightening him until it all goes black and he wakes up to the smell of blood.

But in the end it was always to protect Flippy. Evil only emerged when the bear was frightened or lonely. The truth was Flippy liked that Evil saved the day when he couldn't, liked to know someone cared and he could almost say he liked Evil more than he would admit. There were times when he was scared of his other self, when he seemed to be losing control. Especially when he seemed to come to life, finally getting the body he needed and attacked Flippy. Flippy later found that the drugs he was taking were making him hallucinate and live in a nightmare. But he had seen his Darker side come to life before.

It was around the anniversary of Sneaky and Mouses death when Flippy was sitting on the sofa crying over his only friends when he heard the creak and looked to the bathroom. There stood Evil with yellow eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. Flippy yelped in fear and stood up, afraid of what would happen next.

But nothing happened, the yellow eyed bear just stared with a blank expression as the green eyed bear trembled.

"I would never hurt you" Evil said in a soothing voice, as if he was trying to comfort the bear. "I only want to protect you"

Flippy struggled to reply, reeling in the shock of hearing the thing that shared his mind speak.

Evils eyes drifted around the living room, where medals and weapons hung to cover the bare walls, his eyes landing on a old tattered picture. It was before Evil revealed himself, when Mouse, Sneaky and Flippy were nothing more than hot headed soldiers who went into battle with stupid confidence. The trio were posing like they were going to a high school dance not a battlefield, with Sneakys arm swung around Flippys shoulder and Mouse making faces in front of them.

Flippys eyed the picture as well, feeling fresh tears form at the memory of that day. Mouse yelling that they should pose like charlies angels while Sneaky told Flippy he needed to smile for the picture and to stop hiding behind him.

"it wasn't your fault"

Flippy jumped at the voice, turning his gaze once again to the other person in the room. Anger and regret suddenly replaced a majority of his fear as Flippy yelled:

"FUCK OFF! I KNOW IT IS MY FAULT" The bear sobbed at the end "I was the idiot who wouldn't protect my friends... I'm the one who screwed up the mission..."

"Shit happens in War Flip" Evil replied calmly, not taking his eyes off the picture. "You have to accept that what happened happened. Plus I was there in the makings of the plan, it was a shit plan to begin with and you would have all died anyway"

Flippy glared at the bear, opening his mouth to retort even though he knew Evil was right. It was a suicide mission, the army neglected to tell them but they weren't meant to come back, there was no back up or way back to base when the mission was over.

They were meant to die.

"Well why did you come out then? Why didn't you just let me die?" Flippy grunted out, no longer trembling. He had no heat in his words as he looked away annoyed.

"Flippy I saved you because you didn't want to die" Evil replied, watching as the bear jumped at his answer. "You were scared and wanted to live; and I wanted you to live"

"Because without me you die?" Flippy asked.

"Because I care about you" The Yellow eyed bear replied in a serious tone, leaving no room for argument as he turned and climbed into the mirror over the sink.

Flippy went over their conversation again and again but couldn't find a reason why it comforted him so much. Maybe it was because someone was always going to be there for him, maybe it was because it brought some comfort that he wasn't completely insane and that Evil was an actual being for some reason. Whatever it was it comforted him and now that Evil hadn't been around for a while it worried Flippy.

As the coffee cooled to point where it wasn't even drinkable Flippy stood up and decided to confront him.

Flippy started to Miss Evil. Especially now that Splendont was around, seeming to always show up where Flippy was going. Flippy got up and headed toward the mirror Evil had climbed through that night. Looking into it he thought hard about his triggers, imagining a grenade exploding and shivering. Opening his eyes he stared into yellow eyes.

"What do YOU want?" Evil asked.

"Where have you been?" Flippy asked angrily.

Evil smiled sadly. "I'm giving you some space to live your life"

Flippy blinked at him "What?"

"Go" Evil said in a forced bored tone "Go make friends, have some fun for once. I won't interfere again"


This time Evil blinked. "Ummm... what?"

"I said no" Flippy glared, crossing his arms "You are a part of my life and even if you just talked to me in the back of my head I would prefer it to never seeing you again"

Evil seemed shocked "But I thought you wanted-"

"Shut up! You may be in my head but you don't know what I want!"

Evil glared at him, insulted that his first act of kindness was being thrown back in his face "So you don't want friends?!"

"Not unless I'm with you!" Flippy yelled back.

"You don't want to be able to leave the house without killing someone?!"

"Not unless I'm with you!"

"You don't want a relationship?!"

"Not unless I'm with you!"

Flippy and Evil both froze. Flippys face paled as he realised not only did his Dark side just call him out on his crush but he himself just confirmed it. His gaze stayed firmly on the tiled floor as he weighed his options of running away and hiding under a rock. The moment of silence was destroyed by Evil himself, who yelled back with more confusion and joy but still backed by the same heat as earlier.

"Well I like you!"

Flippys eyes snapped to Evils "Well I like you too!" He yelled back; still with the same fire not sure what was going on but strangely at happy.

They stared at each other for a while, neither knowing what to do next before Flippy blushed bright red and turned away from Evil with his head in his hands to cover the embarrassed squeal.

He just confessed to Evil.

Evil just confessed to him.

They confessed to each other.

"Yes we just became a sappy, romantic couple" Evil chuckled "Deal with it"

Flippy turned to Evil "How are you so calm!? What are we?!"

"Now don't go all 'stereotypical teenaged girl' on me Flip" He smirked "I've been thinking about this for a long time, that's why I'm calm. Kinda knew what your answer would be"

"You cheater!" Flippy huffed at Evil who laughed in return.

"And we're together no biggie" Evil shrugged.

Flippy stared at him "But you're a part of my mind! How can this work!?"

"First off I'm real you dope I just happen to have been created by your mind! Maybe it's this weird town that made me fully real but hey I don't have to pay taxes!"

Flippy blanked "We don't pay taxes here-"

"AND SECOND" Evil smirked triumphantly "We're a couple"

Flippy rubbed his temples "Evil I dont think you understand-"

"Oh stop over complicating things" Evil said as he reached through the mirror and pulled the bear to him by the wrist "and just go with it"

Flippy blushed and nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He just rested his forehead on the mirror, Evil mimicking his actions with a smirk at the blushing bear.

They stood there together, just enjoying the moment before lips touched lips.