Jinx let out a frustrated cry as she picked up her two-year-old daughter.

"Rush," she scolded. "You know you shouldn't bully your sister."

The redheaded boy pouted. "She started it!"

Jinx rolled her eyes. "Now, Rush... you mean to tell me your two-year-old sister did something so terrible it made you accidentally push her over?"

"...yeah...?" he tried to smile charmingly. Jinx had to stifle a giggle. He really was a mini version of his father.

"Go play in your room," she shook her head. "I have to change Hope's diaper anyways."

"I'm hoooooooooooooome!"

"!" the children screeched loudly, running out to greet their cheerful father. Rush, of course, got to him first.

"Dad, Dad!" the excited boy squealed as the taller man swept him up. "Guess what? I broke my record today!"

"Oh yeah? How fast?"

"3 seconds!" the boy said proudly. He held up three pudgy fingers. "Only 3!"

"3 seconds to run a mile?" the father let out a mock gasp. "You're getting faster than your old man!"

Rush giggled as his father set him down. The father broke out into a wide grin as his two-year-old toddled towards him.

"Here, Hope! Come to daddy..."

Before Hope could reach him, however, two slender legs, covered in swirling black and purple leggings stomped in front of him.


He gulped, and shot up.

"H- Hello, dear!"

"Wally..." Jinx growled. "You said you would be home by 5."

"O-Oh, gracious me!" Wally slapped a hand to his forehead. "S- So I did!"

"And what time...?" Jinx's sugary-sweet voice dripped venom. "...is it now? Dear husband?"

He gulped again. "S-Six."


"N- Now, Jinxy-"


She began to whack him on the head with a wooden spoon, splattering him with sauce.

"Ow!" he whined. It was quite amazing really. The scene was very... unordinary. A tiny pink-haired woman was berating a tall, lean man, who had a shock of red hair that blended in with the sauce he was currently being splashed with.

"Ow! Stoppit! Jiiiiiiinx! It's not my fault! Th- There was traffic!"

"You have super-speed!" she screeched. "And you're an hour late!"

"But-! Oh, hey, is this three cheese sauce?"

The two children were currently watching, giggling very loudly. Their parents were so silly.

"Can we have a story?"

Jinx and Wally looked at each other.

"Er... we've read you almost all of them, Rush."

"You know them all by heart."

"!" Hope's voice rang out. Jinx and Wally patted down their hair from their daughter's supersonic scream.

"Er... okay. What would you like to-?"

"How Mommy and Daddy met!" Rush said innocently. The two of them froze.

"How we... met?"

"Yeah! Mommy and Daddy were good guys! How'd you beat up the bad guys?"

Jinx sent Wally a panicked glance. The normally smiling man looked rather serious, then took a deep breath.

"No, Rush... You see-"

"Mommy wasn't always a good person," Jinx interrupted. "Mommy... Mommy used to think it was better to be with the bad people."

Rush's eyes became the size of two cup saucers. "Mommy was a bad guy?"


"Yes, but Daddy made her into a good guy. Would you like to hear how?"

"Yeah, yeah!"