"We're gonna... We're gonna... what are we gonna do with him again?"

"We're taking him to the Brotherhood of Evil," Jinx said patiently. Billy Numerous nodded happily.

"Oh, yeah... sorry, Jinx. Thanks for being so patient with me even though I'm so darn-tootin' stupid."

"Of course," she patted his head. "We can't all be as intelligent as me. Now, I'll take care of this guy; you guys go and play some video games, huh?"


The boys all dashed off as Kid Flash glared at her.

"I am not telling you ANYTHING!" he pouted childishly, flopping at the bottom of the cage. "You may have me caged up like some kind of animal, but I will not-!"

"Huh?" Jinx looked up from the computer she was typing at. "Did you say something?"

"...let me out!" Kid Flash howled. "This cage is too much! I can't get out of it at all! Please!"

"Sorry," she said demurely, turning away. "But I have to turn you over to the Brotherhood of Evil. It is my sworn duty."

Kid Flash had to admire her. Despite the fact that she was on the side of bad, he was completely attracted to the whole "bad girl" thing. It made her look... cool.

"But, Jinx!" he called out desperately. "You're not really going to turn me over to them, are you? I'm scaaaaaaared!"

"Sorry," she scoffed. "But that's not my fault you're such a scaredy cat."

"Zis is a reserved frequency! Who are you?"

"Madame Rouge, this is Jinx of the Hive Five."

"...ah, yes. Jinx. I have heard much about you. They say you are one of the most talented, skillful, wittiest, smartest, most beautiful villains of the city. How can I help you?"

"I have captured the Kid Flash!" Jinx said dramatically. Madame Rouge smirked.

"I would expect no less from the most talented, skillful, wittiest, smartest, most beautiful villain of the city. I will come to pick him up."


The line disconnected and Jinx turned around to gloat... and stopped short.

"H- Hey! Why is Kid Flash gone?"

The other Hive Five members shuffled their feet. "Er, he outsmarted us and we kinda let him out."

Jinx sighed. "Like I said, it's a curse, being so smart..."

"We'll catch him Jinx!"

"Yeah, anything for you!"

See-More immediately flipped on his see-through eye, and proceeded to bark out directions to the team members of the Hive Five. Jinx sighed and shook her head as he gave out command after command, yet each member of the Hive Five continuously blundered.

"He's heading for Sector Four!"

"Th- That's my room!"

Jinx ran to her room and lunged for the door slider. Inside, she found Kid Flash rippling through her sketchpad, mouth agape.

"These are brilliant!" he gasped. "Just spectacular!"

"Please don't look!" Jinx cried in a modest, feminine way. He smirked.

"Ha! Fine!"

He immediately dumped the drawings, and proceeded to trash the room. Jinx gasped.

"Stop it!" and easily hit him with a mild hex. He flinched.

"Owwwwww!" he whined. "That hurt!"

He glared, then dashed out after properly destroying the small bedroom.

"Later, losers!" he called over his shoulder before zooming out of the Hive headquarters.

Wally was already steaming from the ears.

"Th- That didn't happen! You had a sketchpad of unicorns!"

"Hmph! Admit it! My drawing skills were the best!"

"Yeah! For horses with pointy horns!"

"Better than the chicken scratch you write!"

"Oh, yeah!"


"Ow! Ow! Stobbit!"

Rush sleepily giggled as he watched, through lowered eyelids, his elegant, refined Mommy chased his mature, easygoing Daddy around the room. He sleepily watched the show, head rested in his pillow. Finally, Hope tugged on Jinx's sleeve.

"Shhh..." the little girl said importantly as she nodded towards her gently snoring older brother. Jinx and Wally looked at each other, then finally softened. Hope snuggled in next to Rush, and patted him on the head as their parents tucked them into bed.

"Good night," Jinx whispered, gently kissing them both on the forehead, then leaving the room. Wally followed her and closed the door.



"...oh, yeah... You were so totally in love with me." Wally's confident smirk was almost blinding.





The woman had been losing confidence over the years. She was no longer as slender, no longer as agile, no longer as graceful. Yet when her husband took both her small hands in his own warm ones, and gazed deep into her eyes with his own sparkling blue, she felt like a fluttery young girl again.

"Y- Yes, Wally?" she breathed.

"You do know..." he hesitated. "Even if we went through all that... you know I still love you, right?"

She smiled happily. He always reminded her of that. Always.

"I love you too."

He gently kissed her temple, then enveloped her into a warm hug.

"...and you do know that I walked willingly into the cage, right?"

"...shut up, Wally."

The end! Sorry to end so soon, but I have a new fanfic idea, and I wanted to finish this one before moving on. Well, hope you enjoyed it!