Title- Unconceivable

Author- PTBvisiongrrl

Part- 1/?


Rating – M

Pairings/Characters- Gibbs/Tony/Abby

Spoilers- A bit AU (obviously ), but this takes place sometime after the current season; this is a sequel to my stories Unattainable and Unexpected.

WARNINGS- Explicit; depicts slash and multiple partner sex and a monogamous, polygamous relationship. If this makes you uncomfortable, DON'T READ.


I am still playing with this universe…not really planning on continuing this particular story very far right now, so it is currently marked "complete." I may, after wrapping up a few others, come back to it, but not sure. This is also not as well plotted/organized as my usual stories, but the must wouldn't let it go—so I decided to post it as is, instead of polishing it to death, as I have several other projects demanding my attention as well right now. So please—feel free to criticize and suggest changes. I am the queen of rewrites and revisions.

Disclaimers- Unfortunately, I don't own any of these characters, and make absolutely no profit from taking them out to play…although Gibbs and Tony can frisk and cuff me ANYTIME.

Non-Abby-like Behavior

"I'm telling you, Gibbs, this Caf-Pow just doesn't taste right!" Abby insisted, dark hair swinging dramatically in long ponytails as she placed it next to three other unfinished cups on her desk. Gibbs had not been the only one bringing her presents today, he noted, glad to see that her recent irritability was not just directed at him. Abby paced and gestured emphatically, grilling him on where he had purchased it so that she could add a pin to the map she had created to track this off-tasting concoction.

The long silence and hard stare that met her statements finally gave Abby a moment's pause to refocus. "Yes, right. Enough about my deprivations." Turning to her keyboard, Abby began, "Lets talk about those finger prints you sent down this morning-"

Gibbs followed Abby's scientific babble closely—he always had to, if he wanted to have a chance in hell of understanding it—but the back of his mind was working its way through a more personal puzzle. Abby was not being Abby, lately, neither here nor at home, a fact that DiNozzo had been the first to point out just last night. The Caf-Pow! debacle was just the latest and biggest example.


"Lee-" Tony paused at the top of the basement stairs, unsure if he should continue down just yet. Abby and Lee had just had a full-out shouting match, something that hardly ever happened. Of course, once it had reached the point of shouting, they had switched to signing. It was the eerie, resultant silence that had caught Tony's attention from the kitchen. And once it was all over as quickly as it had begun, Abby had headed to her room and Lee to his basement without a single word to Tony from either of his lovers.

The sound of a bottle cap being unscrewed and the splash of a few fingers of bourbon being poured was the only answer to Tony's inquiry. Sighing, Tony started down the steps.

"Women are crazy," Gibbs muttered, throwing back one drink and pouring another.

"I'm not inclined to argue that statement right about now," Tony conceded. Walking the rest of the way across the basement, he leaned against the workbench and crossed his arms. "Why is our particular woman crazy this evening?"

Gibbs shook his head, adopting Tony's pose directly next to Tony. "Not a clue. But be sure to put the toilet seat down from now on."

"That was what the yelling was about?" Tony asked, disbelief evident in his voice.

"At least partially," Gibbs chuckled. After four marriages and three crazy ex-wives, it took more than a yelling argument to rattle Gibbs. "I'll give her a few hours before apologizing some more, and see if I can't figure out what it is I'm supposed to be actually apologizing for."

Tony raised an eyebrow. "You want me to find out for you?"

"Your name was thrown in there a bit, too, once she started signing." Gibbs shrugged. "I'm not sure exactly what you did, either, though."

Picking up a sanding block and heading over to the wall unit Gibbs had begun to build for their living room, to hold both Abby's massive CD and Tony's DVD collection, Tony shrugged, too. "I have no clue. Abs has not been acting herself lately. When I spent the afternoon in the lab trying to help Abby out this week, before she banned me from the premises—"

"She's tossed you from the lab plenty of times, DiNozzo. Usually after you've done something to screw up her organization." Gibbs moved over to the other end of the wall unit and began sanding his side.

"Yes, she has." Tony stopped working to look Gibbs in the eye. "But she hasn't been playing her music lately. And not just playing different music—she isn't playing anything. At all."

It was Gibbs' turn to raise an eyebrow.

"When I asked her about it," Tony rewrapped the sanding block to allow a better grip, "she said it was giving her a headache." Letting silence fall, Tony joined Gibbs in meditative woodwork.


Two hours of sanding, one solo after Tony had gone up to get ready for bed, and Gibbs was no closer to figuring out the puzzle of Abby's recent moodiness. The moodiness that had done another one-eighty, apparently, because as he was straightening up to go upstairs for the night, Abby appeared at the top of the steps and made her way down.

She was naked, save black stilettos. And proceeded to kiss the hell out of him, without saying or signing a word, until he forgot they had argued earlier, that she was pissed at him, and that he was too old to do this against his workbench when there was a perfectly good king-sized bed upstairs, with Tony in it to boot.

Turning to push her down on her front against the bench, spreading her legs out with sure movements from years of practice frisking, Gibbs slid into her easily. He could tell by her slick tightness that she and Tony had occupied each other quite happily while he had been working on his boat. Wrapping one arm around her waist, Gibbs pulled her back up tight against him, exposing her neck to his ravaging mouth. Licking and kissing, careful to keep any marks where her usual collar would hide them, Gibbs used his other hand to tease her breasts. Always a hot spot for her, he could feel her tremble when he brushed a calloused thumb across a nipple; she came, immediately, when he pinched it.

Breathing fast, Abby moved against him before the orgasm was even complete. "More, Gibbs!" she begged.

Gibbs could never say no to her. He began fucking her hard and deep, pausing for a moment each time he bottomed out before pulling almost all the way out and driving back in. Her moans echoed across the sparsely filled room, crescendoing into another climax more quickly then her usual brief recovery period. Again, the orgasm had not even ended before she drove her body against Gibbs' cock yet again, pushing herself towards another. Gibbs found himself lost in the feel of her, in her wild reactions to him tonight.

The feel of Abby's walls spasming around his member for a third time finished Gibbs. He came long and hard, leaving his knees week and his lungs burning. He leaned his sweaty forehead against Abby's spiderweb and desperately tried to catch his breath. Sex with Abby was always a work out—but tonight there was something more there.

She was so sensitive to his touch, so responsive—and it wasn't like she had been deprived of their regular contact. She had roused both men this morning in inventive ways, leading to an energizing session that had continued into the shower, and had just spent at least the better part of an hour with Tony.

Tired and spent, confused, Gibbs managed to work through his post-coital mental fog and shut up the house behind them as he and Abby made their way to bed, determined to figure out Abby in the morning.