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It was a typical morning in the lives of the members of the Major Case Response Team of NCIS. Tony was pranking McGee, Ziva was laughing and messing up her English which Tony quickly corrected, and Gibbs came in telling them to stop goofing around and gear up. They had a case.

"Where are we going, Boss?" Tony asked as he grabbed his gear.

"Norfolk. Dead Petty Officer." Gibbs replied. The team got into the vans and headed out. On their arrival, the team discovered a young woman lying on the floor, covered in blood, open eyes staring up.

"Who is she, McGee?" Gibbs asked as Tony took pictures.

"Second Class Petty Officer Lisa Smith. Parents are deceased. Only child. No spouse, but she has a roommate. Lives in Arlington." McGee rattled off.

"If she lives in Arlington, what was she doing here?" Ziva asked, frowning.

"According to the neighbors, this house belongs to her aunt and uncle. They are out of town and she was here to stay with her cousin, Ashley." McGee replied.

"Where's her cousin?" Gibbs asked.

"Child Services has her, Boss. She's sixteen. She saw the whole thing." McGee said. "The attacker also took Smith's laptop and cell phone."

"Well, what have we here?" Ducky said as he and Palmer arrived.

"Dead Petty Officer. Where have you been?" Gibbs asked.

"Ah, well as much as Mr. Palmer has improved he is still somewhat, let us say, directionally challenged." Ducky said.

"Time of death, Duck?" Gibbs questioned.

"Approximately two hours ago. Cause of death appears to be blunt force trauma to the head." Duck answered as he and Palmer began to pack up the body.

"Thanks, Duck." Gibbs said, turning to the rest of his team. "McGee, head back and get to work on tracking that phone and laptop. David, you and I are going to Arlington to question the roommate. DiNozzo, go and interview the cousin. Find out what she saw."

"Yes, Boss." the three said in unison and they set off. Tony went to the local Child Services office. He walked up to the front desk.

"Agent Anthony DiNozzo. NCIS. I'm here to see Ashley." he said, flashing his badge at the receptionist.

"Right this way." she said, getting up and leading him down the hall. They came to a door and the receptionist opened it and motioned for Tony to go in.

The room was a small, bare conference room. There was a table and chairs. Apart from that it was empty except for the two people in it. One was an employee of Child Services. The other was a teenage girl of sixteen. She had short, light brown hair with a streak of fuchsia that faded to purple at the end. She had a pale, heart-shaped face and wore dark, gothic make-up. It made Tony think of Abby. Tony took a seat across from her and looked to the employee, who nodded.

"Hello, Ashley. My name is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. I'm from NCIS. Do you know what NCIS is?" he began.

"Nice to meet you, Special Agent DiNozzo. NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. NCIS investigates crimes that have to do with the Navy and Marines." Ashley smiled, although it didn't quite reach her eyes, which were a startling shade of blue-grey. Tony visibly started upon seeing her eyes. They were identical to Gibbs'. Tony shook himself and returned her smile before continuing.

"Well, you certainly are a smart young lady. Please call me Tony. Now, I need to ask you what happened when your cousin was killed." Tony said.

"I was in the kitchen, reading. Lisa was in the living room. I heard a crash. I thought Lisa had dropped something so I went to check. I saw a man standing over her. His back was to me and he had an aluminum baseball bat. He kept hitting her with it. I got scared so I hid. I-I should've gone in there. I should have tried to s-stop it." she said, dissolving into tears.

"Whoa, take it easy. It's okay. There's nothing you could have done. It's a good thing you did hide or you probably would have shared Lisa's fate. Now, can you tell me what happened after he left?" Tony said soothingly, reaching across the table to gently squeeze her arm.

"As soon as I heard him leave, I ran out to Lisa. I tried to find a pulse but there wasn't one. I didn't want to believe it. I backed off and started screaming. The next thing I know, the neighbors were there and calling 911. It was then I noticed that Lisa's laptop and cell phone were missing. They'd been sitting on the coffee table. Then Child Services came to get me." Ashley said, before succumbing to a fit of coughing.

"You alright there?" Tony asked, concerned. The Child Services employee leaned in and placed a hand on Ashley's forehead.

"I'm fine," she said, waving the CS worker away. "Probably just the stress."

"Thank you for all your help." Tony said, getting to his feet. Ashley smiled and stood as well, before breaking into another fit of coughing.

"Why don't you go and lie down?" the CS worker said. Ashley nodded and left. Tony turned back to the worker.

"Have you contacted her parents yet?" he asked.

"Not yet. We're short staffed and we just don't have the resources to launch a proper search." she replied.

"Is there any other family you could contact?" Tony asked.

"No. Her grandparents on both sides are deceased. Her mother is and only child. Her father had one sister. She and her husband died in a fire several years ago. Apart from her parents, Lisa was her only living relative." she answered.

"Okay. Here's my number. Call me if anything happens. I'll have some of my people look into finding her parents." Tony said, handing the woman a piece of paper with his number scrawled on it. He turned and left the building. He got into his car and drove back to the Navy Yard.

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