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Temperance Brennan knew that no one ever stayed.

She also knew that she was never meant to be a part of a family.

But Booth had not listened and he had made her believe in happily ever after's, in love, and in HIM. He'd broken her heart and he expected that she'd still be at work the next day, solving cases just like they always did.

He was wrong. Brennan wasn't going to be there tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. She was leaving tonight to a place where Booth could never find her. She was going where he could hurt her no longer.

(Brennan POV)

I stepped of the plane and quickly scanned my surroundings just to make sure that I saw no familiar faces. When I saw none I felt an irrational pang of disappointment, which I chided myself for. My Squint Squad all had lives now. They probably wouldn't even notice my absence.

I shook myself from my thoughts and continued onto baggage claim. After I had my luggage I waited for my associate Dr. Jacob Gordon to arrive. I would be staying with him until I could find my own place. Jake was more than happy to have me because he said he owed me his life. No matter how many times I assured him that it was nothing he refused to back down.

"Tempe," a voice asked from behind the bench I was occupying.

"Jake," I cried as I spun around to see the handsome man before me.

Jake picked me up and spun me around, with anyone else I would have protested but Jake and I had grown considerably close over the 8 years we'd known each other. When Jake set me down I took a good look at the man before me.

He'd cut his golden brown hair and his face was clean shaven. His baby blue eyes seemed to sparkle with happiness and he looked as if he'd acquired a tan since I had last seen him. He wore faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt that hugged his muscled chest fairly well. Jake was a well-built man and with a height of 6'1 he seemed to be irresistible to all women. I even found his appearance to be pleasing.

"You look really good Temper," Jake said as he slung an arm over my shoulders and we started to walk out of the airport.

"You too Jake," I hesitantly put my arm around his waist and we fell into a relaxed rhyme.

"So, Temper why did you decide to come all the way to Washington State? Not that I'm not happy you're here or anything."

"I don't want to talk about it right now Jacob. Can we just go to your place?"

Jake was never one to push me, he knew my limits and my buttons and he did his best to stay on the right side of it all. So, he just nodded his head and we went to his car and drove home.

I looked out the window as we drove. I tried not to think about the life I'd just left behind. I couldn't help but wish it hadn't went like this. But wishing was irrational and it would not change anything. I had just followed the most logical course of action.

Jake stopped the car outside a grey two story house. It looked too big for one man but, I kept that to myself, remembering the lecture Booth had given me on inappropriate comments. I flinched at the memory of Booth. Jake noticed and looked at me with concern which I chose to ignore.

Jake and I stepped out of his car and began to bring my luggage inside. When Jake starting taking my bags, I let him because we had established his alpha-male tendencies were just because he cared for me.

His house was beautiful and like my old apartment full of tribal objects. Jake had accompanied on almost all of my digs and vacations in the last eight years. He was always there to lean on when my walls came down. For the first year he knew me I was the guarded Tempe Brennan the one who everyone called cold and unfeeling. But, after a certain incident all Jake saw was Temperance Brennan the woman behind the cold exterior. I remember the day it all changed.


I was carefully lifting a skull from the ground when she heard what could only be described as animalistic growls. I heard a colleague of mine call out in fright. I didn't know the man personally but I knew the voice.

"Dr. Gordon, are you all right," I called from the hole I was currently standing in.

"Dr. Brennan I advise you to stay where you are. It seems our presence here has caught the attention of an African tiger."

I heard the fear in my colleague's voice and I knew that if someone didn't do something Dr. Gordon was going to be mauled by the tiger. I then remembered Dr. Gordon and I were the only one working this early so it was up to me.

I cautiously swung myself out of my hole and turned to where I had heard Dr. Gordon's voice come from. I was momentarily frozen with fear as I saw an African Tiger slowly stalking toward him. Dr. Gordon was trying to walk backwards away from the tiger.

I quickly came up with a plan. As I grabbed a shovel, Dr. Gordon fell backwards and the Tiger was going to strike. I threw the shovel like a spear and it hit the tiger in the side. I heard the sound of the Tiger's ribs breaking underneath the momentum of the shovel.

The Tiger turned its attention to me and I could see that it was male and I had just proceeded to make it angrier than it had been before.

"Dr. Gordon run," I shouted as I watched the Tiger make its way towards me. I knew there was no certain answer to whether I would come out of this alive or not.

"I am unable to move Dr. Brennan," Dr. Gordon gasped out.

I had my back positioned to the hole I had come out and I did a quick calculation. When the Tiger lunged towards me I rolled away and the Tiger landed into the hole. It was a waste of artifacts but, it was necessary. I heard the Tiger begin to move and I knew I had less than a minute to run before the Tiger was able to climb out of the hole.

I sprinted towards Dr. Gordon and quickly slung his body over my shoulders. He was a big man and it was slightly difficult carry him but, adrenaline was running through my veins and it helped me race back to the village a mile from our dig site. By this time the Tiger was right behind us and I had to warn the village men and woman to be ready.

I shouted in their native tongue and soon men and woman showed up with spears and arrows. As soon as I was sure Dr. Gordon and I were safe inside one of the villager's hovels I feel to my knees in exhaustion. Blackness soon clouded my vision and I fell into it looking for comfort I could never find anywhere else.

I woke up a day later inside the hovel of the village's doctors. I noticed the bandage running from under my arm to my knee. I lay there with a cloudy head trying to figure out how exactly I had acquired the wound.

Dr. Gordon came in soon after I woke up and explained that when I had rolled away from the Tiger that its claws had caught me and the adrenaline in me had blocked out the pain and I had lost a lot of blood. He thanked me repeatedly for saving his life. Later that day I allowed Dr. Gordon to carry me back to camp.

~End of Flash back~

"Where are you Temper," Jake asked me.

"Standing right in front of you Jake," I said irritably.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Jake said sternly.

"Oh, I was just remembering the time I acquired you as family," I said with a shy smile.

"That was the day my life changed, for the better," Jake stated as he lead me towards the room I would be staying in.

After putting my things away I went back downstairs and into Jakes kitchen. Jake was cooking us a late dinner of mushroom tetrazzinis and he refused to let me help. So I sat at Jake's kitchen island and watched Jake's graceful movements. He moved about his kitchen with such ease and when he saw me watching him he stopped and winked at me.

I rolled my eyes at him but a smile curved on my lips. After what Booth had down to me last night I didn't think I'd ever smile again but, Jake was just who I needed to make the unbearable pain slightly more bearable.

"So Temper you ready to go to work with me tomorrow," Jake asked with his back facing me as he stirred the pot on the stove.

"Yes, I believe it will be enjoyable to show you down in front of your associates."

"It is show me up Temper. Show me up and good luck with that one missy," Jake said with a laugh.

His correction of my phrase made me think of Booth again but I pushed him from my mind and focused on the man in front of me. Jake was the rock I leaned on when I broke down, he was the one I ran to when my world came down around me. He knew me better than anyone, so that begged the question, "Would he leave me too?" I had to know the answer because I knew if I ever lost Jake I would not be able to go on.

"Jacob, I have to ask you a serious question. I would like an honest answer," I said to him warningly

"Go ahead Temperance"

"If you ever find someone to love will you leave me? Will you push me out of your life? Will I be all alone again," I was crying by the end of my questions.

Jake rushed towards me with a blue dish towel still hanging from his broad shoulder. I buried my face in my hands so he wouldn't see my face. Jake knelt down before me and slowly pulled my phalanges away from my face. He lifted my face by cupping my chin with the palm of his hand. He looked directly into my tear eyes and began to speak.

"Temperance Brennan, I Jacob Gordon will never leave you alone. You are so special to me and you could never know how much I cherish you. You've been there for me for years and I'll always be there for you. No matter what happens in our lives I will always be at your side helping you fight your way to happiness. I promise to never leave you."

"He promised me the same but, he still did. How are you any different?"

"Temperance, have I ever once given you a reason to doubt me? I swear by the man I am and will be that I will never leave you alone, I will always be here."

I collapsed into him and he pulled me against his chest. He kissed the top of my head sweetly and clung to me just as tightly as I was clinging to him. I cried into his shirt and he rubbed my back as the sobs broke from my body. Jake held me for a while until we heard the oven beep. I slowly separated myself from him and looked down at his tear stained shirt.

"I'm sorry," I murmured

"Don't ever be sorry for being human Temper. Whenever you need to her I am right here. Whatever you need, I'll be it. Okay Temper? I want to be here for you," Jake said quietly.

I silently nodded and we both stood up. I was hungry anymore but, I decided I was going to make an effort. As I saw Jake wipe away a few tears from his eyes, I swore I would move on from Seeley Booth and he would never hurt anyone in my family again.

Jake placed a plate in front of me and I took a bit. I was suddenly surprised, it was delicious. Jake saw my expression and laughed loudly. I immediately smiled because Jake's laugh was one of the things in my life that gave my joy.

"Yes Temper I can cook," he said slyly to me as he sat opposite me at the kitchen island.

"I am pleasantly surprised," I say with a smile on my face.

We talked about old times and Jake's new job as we ate and soon jet lag was beginning to catch up with me. After Jake and I had finished the dishes and had cleaned up from dinner I went upstairs to my room. Soon after I had changed into my Pajamas Jake knocked on my door.

"Come in," I called over my shoulder as I continued to brush my hair.

There was never any awkwardness between Jake and I so he just watched me as I brushed my hair. I stood up a minute later and walked over to where he was standing.

"Well Temper I just wanted to check on you," Jake said with a shy smile.

I smiled back and said that I was all right. Jake still stood there after I turned back to my bed. I laughed a little and turned to see if there was something else he needed. As soon as I opened my mouth Jake grabbed me into a hug so tight that even though it was scientifically impossible I thought he was going to crush my bones.

After the initial shock I hugged him back just as furiously as he was hugging me. I had my face pressed into his shoulder and I felt him bury his face in my hair. I felt his lips mouth against my scalp but, I couldn't make out the words. We let go simultaneously and looked into each other's eyes.

"Temper there are some things we have to talk about but, not until I am sure your metaphorical heart is in one piece again. Okay?"

"All right Jake. Good night sleep well," I murmured.

"Good night Temper," with that Jake left my room and I fell into the warm bed surrounded by Jake's scent and illogical as it was I could still feel the pressure of Jake's arms around my body, I felt safe as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I slept through the night peacefully for the first time since I left for Maluku.