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Brennan and Jake settled into a comfortable rhythm for the next month. They went to work, went out to lunch, and at 7pm they went home and cooked dinner together. Brennan had never felt such peace in another person's presence except for Booth. She also felt a lot less pain whenever Booth crossed her mind.

Brennan (POV)

"I win again Jake," I said with a laugh.

"There is no way Temper," Jake said with a groan and a smile.

"You owe me Jake," I said as I continued to laugh.

"Indeed I do and I have your payment right here," Jake steeped to the left and I looked up at him curiously. He cupped my face with his right hand and I was frozen by the look in his eyes.

Jake's mouth was centimeters from mine and he stopped. His eyes seemed to be searching mine for an answer. I knew Jake had feelings for me I just never thought he would act on them. My thoughts were caught short because it seemed Jake had found the answer he was looking for and he closed the distance between us.

Kissing Jake was so different from kissing Booth. Jake was gentle and sweet where Booth had been firm and kind of demanding. I found myself leaning into Jake and I felt him wrap his arms around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I felt a sense of well-being as Jake held me securely in his arms that I usually only felt with Booth.

All comprehendible thoughts seemed to disappear as Jake added a little pressure to my lips. I returned the kiss matching his pace not wanting to make a fool out of myself. I hoped this is what Jake wanted because if Jake rejected me like Booth did I didn't know what I would do. Jake was my only life line and even though it was Booth who had severed ours I wish one day it will be fixed.

After what seemed like an eternity we pulled away. The thing was that when I was with Jake I wasn't the scientist I was Temperance the woman and that vulnerability was all right with me for the time being. Jake rested his forehead against mine as we tried to catch our breath. His arms were still wrapped tightly around me.

"That was an enjoyable payment," I breathed out.

Jake's laugh filled the air and I never had heard him sound so light and free.

"Temper, god you're the best," Jake said quietly.

"Thanks Jake. I know I am," I laughed as I pulled away from him. I felt the absence of his warmth instantly. But, I pulled myself fully from his arms. Jake looked at me confused and a little hurt.

"We're at work Jake," I reminded him before I turned back to the bones in front of me.

"Oh yeah I forgot," Jake said sheepishly.

I looked up at him and gave him a sly grin.

"Sweetie," I heard a voice screech behind me.

"Angela," I asked confused.

The next thing I knew I was falling away from the examining table as I was tackled in a hug. I quickly shifted my weight so Angela and the baby would feel none of the fall and I would take all the damage. When my back hit the hard marble floor the air spilled out of my lungs and I involuntarily groaned. I already knew that my ribs were going to be severally bruised but not broken.

"Angela," I wheezed out.

"Oh Sweetie I missed you so much. Don't ever leave me like that again! Do you hear me," Angela demanded.

"Angie, you're hurting her," Jack said from behind her.

"I'm sorry Sweetie," Angela apologized.

Hodgins and Jake lifted Angela carefully off me and I forced myself to sit up. But, I couldn't stop the wince of pain as I jostled my ribs. Hodgins reached down and helped me off the ground even though I protested stating that I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. But, as soon as I was standing Hodgin's arms surrounded me in a very tight hug. I was shocked at first because Hodgins and I did not show our affection for each other with outward displays. But, we both knew it was there, ever since the grave digger. I hugged him back after a moment.

"Dr. B it's so good to see you," he said as he pulled away from me.

"It is pleasing to see you as well Dr. Hodgins and you as well Angela," I told them.

Jake came over to me and without warning lifted my lab coat because he wanted to see my injuries. I automatically grabbed his wrist to stop him. Jake froze and he looked in my eyes to remind me that it was only him.

I slowly released his wrist and let him continue. I heard Angela gasp and I looked at her. She was practically beaming at me and I couldn't figure out why. Jake applies pressure to my ribs gingerly and I stiffen my body against the pain and Jake's hands stilled on my body as he felt it.

"Bren did I hurt you," Angela asked worried.

"No Angie," I replied trying to take the guilt away from my best friends face.

Jake pulled my lab coat back down and silence filled the air.

"How about we take Angela and Jack out to lunch? That sound okay Temper," Jake asked me trying to break the silence.

"That is a good idea. Are you okay to be on your feet Angie? The diner we usually go to is just down the street," I asked concerned about my friend's well-being.

"Sure I can Sweetie and if I can't I'll have Jack carry me," Angela said jokingly.

At the look of horror on Jack's face Jake and I started to laugh. We settled down and Angela wrapped me in another hug.

"Oh Sweetie I am so happy to hear your laugh," Angela was becoming emotional. I wanted to tell her she was being irrationally emotional but, I kept that thought to myself.

With that we joked all the way to the dinner and we found a table in the farthest corner. Jake and I usually sit at the counter. Angela drags me to the bathroom and I tell Jake to order for before Angela yanks me from the table.

"So Sweetie what's up with you and Jake," Angela asks as soon as we are in the bathroom.

"I don't know what the means," I say impassively even though I know exactly what she means.

"Sweetie yes you do. You let him touch you and order your food for you."

"Angela, I'm just comfortable with Jake," I say stubbornly.

"Okay Sweetie whatever you say."

When we return to the table our food is there and we all eat in comfortable silence. I see the looks Angela and Jack keep giving me so I put down my fork and turn to them.

"How's Booth," I ask because I'm curious.

"He's seen better days that's for sure," Jack says because he is the first to recover from his shock at my bluntness.

I lift an eyebrow in a silent question and Jack studies me for a minute before continuing.

"Hannah and he broke up," Jack says simply.

The bite of salad I had just put into my mouth gets caught in my throat as I gasp and I start coughing, trying to clear my air ways. Jake slaps me on the back and I wince as he hits a sensitive spot from my fall earlier. His hand turns gentle as I slowly stop coughing and take a sip of my water to wash the salad down and soothe the burn in my irritated throat. Jake wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulders but, I turned back to Jack for an explanation.

"Hannah was cheating on him with her boss. She defended herself by saying that it was getting her a raise."

I sucked in a surprised breath as I thought about how much that must have hurt Booth. Even though Booth had crushed my metaphorical heart I still wished no pain on him. He had turned away from me for Hannah and she had thrown his heart away.

"Is Booth all right," I asked concerned.

Jake hissed beside me and I looked at him for a reason why but, he refused to meet my gaze. I could see the muscle of his jaw twitch and I knew that meant he was upset and angry.

"He hasn't been around the lab since you left Bren," Angela told me.

"Oh," I said and I placed my head on Jake's shoulder seeking the comfort he gave me.

Jake's arm tightened around my shoulders and I leaned into him more and I struggled to sort through the emotions and thoughts that clouded my mind as soon as I heard that Hannah and Booth were no more.

"He doesn't know where you guys are does he," Jake asked after a minute or two of silence.

"No, he knows we left but, that's it," Jack said with confidence.

"Good," Jake breathed and again his arms tightened around me.

"So Sweetie how have you been," Angela asked.

With that the conversation turned light and fun. But, the knowledge that Booth was probably upset and along was always in the back of my mind. I was so focused on staying in the conversation with Angela and my thoughts of Booth at bay that I didn't noticed that I had stepped into the middle of the street and a car was coming at me fast.

Angela shouted at me and moved towards me but Jack pulled her back and I was thankful in the short second I had to think. I stood shocked as the car speed toward me. I felt familiar arms wrap around me and we rolled out of the way of the car.

"Jake," I gasped out as I laid my hand his cheek.

"Temper when I can breathe again you're getting a talking to missy," Jake wheezed out as he put his hand over mine.

Cautiously Jake and I got to our feet and we limped back over to Angela, who decided she could hit me because I had scared her so bad.

"Brennan, you scared 8 lives out of me," Angela yelled.

"That is not possible Angela," I wheezed as I fended off her attempted to beat me with her purse.

"God Sweetie that was scary," Angela whispered as she grabbed me in a rough hug. I was careful of her belly and a pain filled groan escaped me as Angela hit sensitive spots.

"That's twice in the past month that a car has nearly ended my life," I thought to myself not noticing I had said it out loud.

"What," Three different voices yelled at me.

I cringed at the volume but nodded my head and answered, "The night I left a car almost ran me over but, Booth saved me. I left soon after."

"Care to explain Bren," Angela asked gently.

"Not right now Angie maybe later," I said with a sigh and I leaned into Jake for support.

"Want to go home Temper," Jake asked quietly.

I nodded my head and we all started towards Jake's house. I still lived there since I hadn't found a place to live yet. Jake and I leaned into each other both of us supporting the other. When we finally reached the house I told everyone I was going to take a shower and that I'd be down in an hour.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. I let the hot water assault my tired muscles and I stood there for a while just letting my skin take the punishment. After I had been in the shower for a half an hour I went and got dressed in a pair of sweat pants and my college sweater. I heard my friends talking in the kitchen and I quietly made my way to them.

"So how is she Jake," Jack asked.

"She's great. The first few days were rough but, she's better now. I make her laugh and smile whenever I can. How is he," Jake asked he hissed the last question.

"He's a wreck man. He won't eat or sleep and he stays at her old apartment. I guess Hannah cheating on him woke him up. He's been looking for her but, Cam, Angela, and I have been covering what tracks she missed."

"Are you guys sure we are doing to right thing. I mean if he wants to find her so much and Bren is worried about him, shouldn't we just let them work it out," Angela asked.

"You didn't see her Angie. She was broken. She wasn't the Brennan you know or the Temper who I am so used to seeing. She was a broken woman. I won't let him do that to her again," Jake said.

"I won't either," Jack declared.

I made my presence known by walking into the room I saw guilt looks spread across their faces but, I pretended I hadn't heard a thing. I went over to Jake and sat in the seat next to him and let him put his arm around my shoulders. We all talked late into the night and then we all headed off to bed as I considered what I had heard my friends say.



Angela (POV)

"Booth I have to tell you something," I whispered.


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